Missy Elliott Brings Out Alyson Stoner For VMA 'Work It' Performance

by Valerie Williams
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Noam Galai/Getty and Missy Elliot/Youtube

Missy Elliott and Alyson Stoner appeared together on stage at the VMAs for a performance of “Work It” that you’ll be watching all day on repeat

During Monday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Missy Elliott, iconic artist and keeper of the hearts of women of a certain age everywhere, accepted the Video Vanguard Award and also, delivered an absolutely unreal performance highlighting some of her greatest hits. Of course, no Missy Elliott one-time exclusive is complete without “Work It” and instead of just singing it on her own with a crew of regular backup dancers, the rapper brought out a special guest — Alyson Stoner, who was just a kid when she appeared in Elliott’s videos for both “Work It” and “Gossip Folks.”

And for a few minutes, suddenly, things were good again.

In case you want to cut right to the chase and see Stoner’s unreal moves, here’s a clip of her dancing her heart out. She’s only gotten better with time and we’re extremely here for it.

Stoner is now 26 years old, which made her just about nine when she appeared in “Work It” back in 2002. In case you forgot how positively insanely talented she was even as a kid, here’s a little refresher.

The reacts to Stoner’s appearance were quick to roll in, and it’s official — the internet can agree on something and it’s that Alyson Stoner is epic.

Stoner herself seemed extremely pumped to have appeared in the performance.

And of course, us moms who grew up listening to this music when it was brand-new pretty much lost it seeing Elliott perform the medley of her greatest hits. Stoner showing up and proving she’s still got it (and frankly, never lost it) was icing on the cake.

This isn’t the first time Elliott’s resurfaced in our adult lives to remind us that she’s still here — and still totally amazing. After a superfan went viral hilariously performing “Work It” on karaoke, Elliott ended up tweeting out the video and then surprising her on Ellen, making all of our hearts happy.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen that incredible rendition of the timeless classic, please stop everything you’re doing and watch it immediately. Internet gold.

Basically, it seems like Missy Elliott is doing all she can to make us remember the good old days and to cement her status as one of the most iconic artists of our generation. At last night’s awards, even Lizzo, who is in the middle of her own Moment, gushed over what Elliott means to her. “She’s changed a lot of peoples lives. She definitely changed mine,” Lizzo said.

If her greatest hits aren’t enough for you, good news — she just dropped Iconology, her first music collection in 14 years, last week.

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