Guy Imagines Moira Rose As His GPS Voice

by Madison Vanderberg
Amy Sussman/Getty and Michael Judson Berry/TikTok

Ever wanted Moira Rose to narrate your GPS directions? Well now you can imagine it

An actor and Schitt’s Creek superfan just came up with the best new addition to app-based GPS software and it’s a GPS voice that sound like Moira Rose, the iconic Schitt’s Creek matriarch played by the genius Catherine O’Hara. Ever wondered what it would be like to hear someone wax poetic about their turn as “Dr. Yachty in a rib-tickling production of ‘Noises Off’ at the Walnut Street Theater” as you turn right onto Walnut St, then boy do we have the video for you.

New York City-based actor and social media influencer Michael Judson Berry told Huffington Post that he’s been doing Schitt’s Creek impersonations on his social channels throughout the pandemic, but it’s his “What if Moira Rose was the voice of your GPS” that put him on our radar.

Berry nails Moira’s hyper-specific regional dialect and did a pitch-perfect job writing imagined direction dialog as well.

“No, no, I said ‘right,’ not ‘straight,'” Moira says with a sigh. “Why must you be such a churlish ninnyhammer? Now we must reboot. Do you feel my directions are but trifle humbuggery? I’m not doing this for my health, you know. Ugh, the cheek!”

Also, a quick right turn is “turn right at a swiftly forthcoming intersection” in Moira-speak.

It seems Berry was inspired to make the video when prominent voice actor Laura Bailey tweeted out, “I want Moira Rose as my GPS voice.”

Her tweet went viral, because who doesn’t want Moira Rose as their GPS voice, so Berry actually made it happen.

“To casually quote Homer, ‘Night has fallen and night’s command must be obeyed,’ so you’ll see the screen has adjusted accordingly,” Moira says when the map goes dark in “night mode.”

Berry doesn’t just do Moira-GPS-Voice videos, he has a whole series.

As he told HuffPo, he started an online series called “QuaranTeaTime,” in which he impersonates Moira as if she had her own social media morning show. “My friends and I are [Schitt’s Creek] fans,” Berry explained. “And I would do all characters, and I just consistently heard that my Moira was pretty good.”

In this clip from “QuaranTeaTime” posted on April 25, 2021, “Moira” discusses the Oscars, saying, “even though I’ve never been nominated, I have attended on several occasions and even hosted the un-televised portion with my vegan friend Kim Basinger.”

This guy also does impressions of the entire Rose family (David, Alexis, Moira, and Johnny), and he does a damn good job at that too.

His David Rose is giving me real big “Ew, David” energy. I mean, look at the David Rose posturing!

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Anyway, can Google, Waze, and Apple Maps look into this? Because it’s…**Say it with me**…simply the best.