Mulling Over Monkey Names Got You Going Bananas? Try These!

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Raise your hand if you’ve been obsessed with the idea of a pet monkey since you first “met” Pippi Longstocking’s squirrel monkey Mr. Nilsson when you were growing up. Or maybe it was Marcel the capuchin monkey — the memorable companion of Ross Geller from Friends — that led you to harbor dreams of having this kind of pet one day. But here’s the thing: Just as it’s true of foxes, many places in the world don’t allow monkeys for pets. And for good reason, of course; there are plenty of arguments to be made against it. However, if you have kids, you’re almost definitively going to need to come up with some monkey names over the years so your little animal lovers have something to call their beloved plush toys. Plus, they (or you) may need a few solid monkey names for stories you write along the way. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re still bummed out about not having an actual pet monkey, let’s walk through the reasons why that isn’t the best idea. From an ethical standpoint, monkeys are wild animals — since they nearly all come from lush landscapes like rainforest, savannahs, and mountainous terrains, monkeys don’t typically thrive in captivity. The reason is simple: Captive environments simply can’t meet the needs of primate species who have evolved to live successfully in their natural habitat. Other arguments against owning a pet monkey include legality issues, dietary concerns, communication barriers, and, well, the list goes on.

So, that all sounds reasonable, right? Still, you’re here because you need monkey name ideas for a monkey toy. Or a monkey character. Or maybe you even work with an animal rescue organization and have been tasked with coming up with something to call a new rescue (#jealous). What next? Well, aside from learning every good monkey joke you possibly can, you could have even more monkey-themed fun by printing out and filling in some monkey coloring pages.

But first, let’s focus on names! There are so many ways you can go when naming a monkey. We’ll explore all your options below.

Famous Monkey Names

Maybe you just want to name your monkey after one of the many already famous monkeys in the world. Our favorite famous monkey will always be George from Curious George. We love how toddler-like he is and how the Man in the Big Yellow Hat shows such patience. And, of course, as science-supporting parents, we also loved The Wild Thornberrys‘ choice in a monkey name: Darwin. Below is a long list of already famous monkeys — all with excellent name ideas you can use.

  1. AbuAladdin

Meaning: Old or noble

  1. AldoPlanet of the Apes

Meaning: “Father of”

  1. AmyCongo

Meaning: Beloved

  1. CaesarRise of the Planet of the Apes

Meaning: First emperor of Rome

  1. Chee-CheeDr. Doolittle

Meaning: A person who is of both European and Asian descent

  1. Chim ChimSpeed Racer

Meaning: Bird

  1. ClawBeast Quest

Meaning: Curved

  1. DarwinThe Wild Thornberrys

Meaning: Dear friend

  1. DunstonDunston Checks In

Meaning: Brown stone or a brown hill with stones

  1. FrancineArthur’s Valentine

Meaning: Free

  1. GeorgeCurious George

Meaning: Farmer

  1. JackPirates of the Caribbean

Meaning: God is gracious

  1. JakeMy Gym Partner’s a Monkey

Meaning: God will protect or supplanter

  1. JoeMighty Joe Young

Meaning: God will give

  1. KalaTarzan

Meaning: Art

  1. LazloCamp Lazlo

Meaning: Glorious rule

  1. Lucy — book by Laurence Gonzales

Meaning: Light

  1. MarcelFriends

Meaning: “Belonging to Mars”

More Famous Monkey Names

  1. Bingo — The Banana Splits Movie
  2. Boots — Dora the Explorer
  3. Fiben — The Uplift War
  4. Grape Ape — The Great Grape Ape Show
  5. King Kong — King Kong
  6. King Louis — The Jungle Book
  7. Lancelot Link — Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
  8. Moon-Watcher — 2002: A Space Odyssey
  9. Mr. Teeny — The Simpsons
  10. Nikko — The Wizard of Oz
  11. Nilsson — Pippi Longstocking
  12. Nkima — Tarzan
  13. Professor Bobo — Mystery Science Theater 3000
  14. Rafiki — The Lion King
  15. Shift — The Chronicles of Narnia
  16. Spike — Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  17. Titano — Superman
  18. Zoey — Zoey & Me

Alliterative M Names for Monkeys

If a famous monkey name doesn’t suit your fancy, maybe you want to go the silly route and be alliterative with your monkey’s name? “Maple the Monkey” is one sweet option for an alliterative name. As is “Max the Monkey.”

  1. Mabel

Meaning: Lovable or dear

  1. Macy

Meaning: Weapon

  1. Maple

Meaning: Piece of cloth

  1. Marco

Meaning: Warlike, Mars, or Roman God of war

  1. Margo

Meaning: Pearl

  1. Marley

Meaning: Pleasant wood

  1. Martin

Meaning: Roman god of Mars

  1. Marvin

Meaning: Marrow or eminent

  1. Maverick

Meaning: Independent

  1. Max

Meaning: Greatest

  1. Mila

Meaning: Miracles, gracious, or dear one

  1. Millicent

Meaning: Work or strength

  1. Milton

Meaning: “From the mill town”

  1. Mindy

Meaning: Sweet

  1. Moby
  2. Monty

Meaning: Topographic name for a mountain dweller

  1. Mork

Meaning: Woods or forest

  1. Morty

Meaning: Dead sea

  1. Muppet

Meaning: A blend of the words marionette and puppet

  1. Murph

Meaning: Battle or sea warrior

Sassy Monkey Names

Just like humans, monkeys come with all kinds of personality types. However, a lot of monkeys tend to be on the silly or even ornery side. As such, we think these silly and sassy monkey names really take the cake. And, hey! Wasn’t Bubbles the name of Michael Jackson’s monkey?

  1. Beans
  2. Bonkers
  3. Boss
  4. Bubbles
  5. Chuckles
  6. Gonzo
  7. Goofy
  8. Loco
  9. Loopy
  10. Monkey
  11. Nana
  12. Nutty
  13. Sassy
  14. Saucy
  15. Sly Guy
  16. Sneaks
  17. Spanky
  18. Sparky
  19. Spicy
  20. Squeaker
  21. Stinker
  22. Stormy
  23. Trick
  24. Wilder
  25. Wiley
  26. Zippy

Monkey Names Inspired By Color

If you’re an artist at heart, you might already be looking for the perfect way to describe the color of your monkey’s fur. All of these names call to mind a very different shade of brown. Why not use one of these for a moniker? Similarly, if you have a black-colored monkey, there’s a whole new set of color descriptors that would work perfectly for your new friend.

  1. Batman
  2. Bourbon
  3. Brownie
  4. Caramel
  5. Coal
  6. Cocoa
  7. Cocoa Puff
  8. Cola
  9. Darth Maul
  10. Darth Vader
  11. Ebony
  12. French Fry
  13. Fudge
  14. Ginger
  15. Godiva
  16. Hazel
  17. Hershey
  18. Inky
  19. Java
  20. Kit Kat
  21. Lava
  22. Licorice
  23. Midnight
  24. Milkshake
  25. Momba
  26. Noir
  27. Nutmeg
  28. Oakley
  29. Obsidian
  30. Onyx
  31. Ore
  32. Pancake
  33. Panther
  34. Peanut Butter
  35. Pudding
  36. Pumpernickel
  37. Rye
  38. Sable
  39. Shadow
  40. Smokey
  41. Soot
  42. Tater
  43. Tux (a play on tuxedo)
  44. Velvet
  45. Whiskey
  46. Witchy

“Monkey” in Other Languages

Looking for a name that will remind your little one of their heritage? This is how you say “monkey” in a ton of other languages.

  1. Abe (Danish)
  2. Affe (German)
  3. Apina (Finnish)
  4. Biri (Hausa)
  5. Liab (Hmong)
  6. Macoco (Portuguese)
  7. Majmum (Albanian)
  8. Malpa (Polish)
  9. Manuki (Samoan)
  10. Maymun (Turkish)
  11. Mico (Catalan /Spanish)
  12. Mono (Galician)
  13. Monyet (Indonesian)
  14. Obo (Yoruba)
  15. Opice (Czech)
  16. Scimmia (Italian)
  17. Simia (Latin)
  18. Singe (French)
  19. Tsoko (Shona)
  20. Tumbili (Swahili)
  21. Ungoy (Filipino)

Monkey Names for Girls

Many of the names above lean toward male monkey monikers. So, if you’re looking for some girl names for your sweet little primate, here’s a bunch you can choose from.

  1. Alene
  2. Anie
  3. Anna
  4. April
  5. Bibi
  6. Calli
  7. Filomena
  8. Fiona
  9. Ira
  10. Isis
  11. Kiki
  12. Kila
  13. Kira
  14. Koko
  15. Kye
  16. Lami
  17. Lavy
  18. Liliana
  19. Liz
  20. Lolly
  21. Lulu
  22. Maggie
  23. Merry
  24. Mia
  25. Molly
  26. Nia
  27. Nica
  28. Oli
  29. Rose
  30. Sheila
  31. Star
  32. Suri
  33. Tisa
  34. Wink
  35. Zini
  36. Zuli

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