11 Free Nature Coloring Pages That'll Make You Want To Get Outside

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Nature Coloring Pages
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Ahh, Mother Nature. She’s a beauty! There’s so much to love about nature: mountains, forests, the sea, all of the magnificent creatures, fragrant flowers, and towering trees. The list goes on and on, right? There’s so much to enjoy and explore around us. Curiously, the study of nature is discovering how life acts within the circle of existence. And if you think about it, that must mean we’re all connected somehow. One dynamic way to drive that point home with your kids is through nature coloring pages.

Teaching kids about nature is a huge piece of how they appreciate the world around them and identify their place within it. While kids love their screen time — they’re known to spend over seven hours on screens and roughly only seven minutes playing outdoors — research shows that spending time outdoors is both beneficial and necessary to a child’s (and an adult’s) well-being. Playing in nature helps build a kid’s confidence and promotes imagination and creativity. Not to mention it gets kids moving and allows them to connect with the living parts that exist around them.

Spark your child’s curiosity about nature with these fun nature coloring pages. Hopefully, once they finish coloring them, they’ll ask to go outdoors and see the real thing up close.

Free Nature Coloring Pages

Nature No. 1

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What a gorgeous scene this would be to experience! The snow-capped mountains! The tall trees and blooming flowers! Where do you think this landscape might be? The Pacific Northwest? Switzerland or Germany? Ask your little one as she fills in the bright colors. And just look at all those beautiful hills. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there’s no actual difference between a hill and a mountain.

Nature No. 2

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What a sweet little bird! What type of bird might this be? Maybe a bluebird? You can find bluebirds throughout North America. If you color the little fellow yellow, it could be the American goldfinch or a canary! Did you know that birds (including this little cutie above) are descendants of reptiles? The first bird was called Archaeopteryx and lived about 147 million years ago. It looked a little different because it had a long bony tail and teeth! Can you imagine?

Nature No. 3

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Evergreen trees make most of us think of Christmas trees. Fun fact, though: Any tree with green foliage year-round that can endure all weather from cold to hot is considered an evergreen tree. These trees are just as mighty as they appear in this picture. Pines can live for a very long time. They can stand tall anywhere between 100 to 1,000 years (and sometimes even more). Pines can also range from four to 150 feet tall!

Nature No. 4

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Here’s a whimsical scene to decorate — a lovely rainbow in the sky over large trees, not to mention the pretty wildflowers. The summer season is the best time when we get to enjoy some beautiful wildflowers in the U.S. What colors might these be? And did you know there are 12 times more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way? That’s out of this world!

Nature No. 5

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Look at this curious little field mouse hiding behind a mushroom. Field mice mostly eat seeds from trees, but they also like to snack on insects, fruit, berries, and fungi — like this mushroom. And if this little guy decides to visit your home, you’re going to have a hard time keeping him out. Mice can flatten their bodies and squeeze through a hole the size of a pencil. And strangely enough, mice see better in dim lighting and are usually drawn indoors during the colder months. And do you see that mushroom it’s hugging on? Did you know Portabella mushrooms have more potassium in them than a banana?

Nature No. 6

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What an elegant depiction of Mother Nature! According to Greek mythology, the goddess Gaia is “Mother Earth.” And while she was the second element in the evolution of the cosmos after Chaos, she was the first Greek god(dess), having created herself from Chaos. Here, she just looks like Grandma.

Nature No. 7

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We’d call this a happy little outdoor scene. What are some of your favorite things to do outside with your little ones? Have you planted a tree together yet? Maybe that’s something to try this summer. And there’s nothing like cloud watching on a clear summer day. They may look light and fluffy, but did you know clouds can hold millions of gallons of water?

Nature No. 8

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A windmill, a cow, tulips, and a rainbow? This could be a scene from a farm in Holland! The Netherlands has over 1,000 windmills and is known for its beautiful displays of tulips, which runs from March until mid-May.

Nature No. 9

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Where might this little path take you? Maybe this happy-go-lucky deer has an idea. Ask your little one where they might end up following this pathway.

Nature No. 10

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Another gorgeous depiction of Mother Nature. What stands out for you in this picture? Her long hair? The many flowers? Or maybe it’s the ladybug who sits next to her.

Nature No. 11

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Flies are the most traveled bugs on earth. Did you know fruit flies were the first living creatures sent into space? Also, dragonflies have been on this earth for more than 300 million years. That means they hung out with dinosaurs!

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