Gifts That New Moms Will Actually Want


Gifts That New Moms Will Actually Want

I don’t remember much about those early days of motherhood. Probably because that’s how sleep deprivation works.

But I do remember getting a bunch of stuff at my baby shower that was never even opened. I’m sure there are people who have actually used wipe warmers, but I am not one of them. (Sorry, kid, this was just the first of my shortcomings as an exhausted parent.)

What kinds of presents do new moms actually want? Besides sleep and gift cards to restaurants that deliver? Look no further because here’s a list of things moms actually want that won’t break the bank:

Baby Shusher

You might not be able to give that favorite new mom in your life a good night’s sleep. But you can help her get her baby to sleep, which is the next best thing. The Baby Shusher is one of the only products on the market that uses a recorded human voice to help with sleep training. Moms can keep it with their baby in the crib, car, stroller, or anywhere else.

Body Pillow

Help a new mama out by buying her a new, awesome pillow. We all know new moms don’t get much sleep, quantity-wise, so quality sleep is a gift in and of itself. This particular pillow comes in six different prints.

Plush Blanket

The perfect match for a soft body pillow? A soft plush blanket that she can use while she snuggles with her baby. Actually, it’s the perfect gift for any woman who’d like to wrap up in one and hibernate until spring.

Sleep Mask

Again, it’s impossible to know when a new mom is going to be able to catch up on some much-needed rest. This sleep mask can help her get some sleep, whether it’s noon or midnight.

“You’re the Mom Everyone Wishes They Had” Dish Towel

We moms don’t always get the credit and recognition we deserve for our badassery. This inspirational dish towel will remind her every time she uses it that she’s the coolest mom around.

PajamaMania Women’s Luxury Robe

For those days when a new mom just can’t bear to get dressed in real clothes (which let’s be honest, is most days), she can snuggle up in this cozy robe and still feel like the queen she is.

Gourmet Snack Basket

New moms don’t have a lot of time — or free hands — to sit down for an actual meal, so she’s really going to appreciate having these snacks at the ready.

“Best. Mom. Ever.” Wine Stopper

If your friend drinks alcohol, they’re probably about to drink a whole lot more of it. This wine stopper is perfect for the mom who wants a glass of wine to calm her nerves when the baby won’t stop screaming.

So maybe your friend doesn’t drink, or maybe you want to get her an adorable set of coasters to match her awesome new wine stopper. This set is chic and cute all at the same time — just like her.

“‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly” Picture Frame

In case you don’t have Facebook or Instagram, new moms are pretty obsessed with pictures of their new babies. Picture frames are just a good excuse to print out those pictures so they can stare at them even more often. We all do it. There is no shame in the new-mom-baby-picture-obsession game.

Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Most new mamas run on caffeine. This awesome single-cup maker lets her make a cup of coffee whenever she needs one, without having to brew an entire pot.

“I’m Sorry for What I Said Before I Had My Coffee” Mug

The perfect accessory for any new mom: A mug for her warm beverage of choice. It will make her smile every morning she sees it.

There are a ton of other budget-friendly options for new moms at and And an offer to babysit is always welcome. Just saying.