No.7 Lift And Luminate Powder Went Viral On TikTok For A Reason

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Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

I’ve never been one to wear powder. Even in high school when all my friends would brush it on their cheeks and forehead and look like they were airbrushed it never worked for me. It either looked too dark, or was too light and left me looking washed out. I don’t know what it is about my skin, but a powder doesn’t work, and I steered clear of them for years.

Thanks to time (I graduated high school almost 30 years ago) and makeup technology, there are some powders that work okay with my skin but I still avoid them when I can.

It always makes me look, well, like I am wearing powder — and I am not a fan.

Of course when a makeup product goes viral on TikTok because it claims to be just as good as an expensive brand I have to try it– especially when I hear the word ‘lift”in the title. The latest craze is No.7’s Lift And Luminate Powder. Remember, I am 46 and crows feet and fine lines have found a place on my face. Also, sagging is now a problem of mine — so if someone tells me a $15 powder is going to help me out, you bet your bum I am going to run to the store to get it. Even if my past with powder has left me looking like a pale, sick, shriveling woman.

I knew I had my work cut out for me. I’ve been chasing viral TikTok trends for quite some time now and realize when it goes viral the shelves in my store will probably be bare.

I checked my local drugstore for this magical face illuminator in a compact and they were sold out. I checked Amazon and realized it wasn’t going to be here soon enough.

Then, I checked Target thinking I was fresh out of luck — but lo and behold, I literally grabbed the last one.

I ran to my car to try some on using my finger because this gorgeous compact doesn’t come with an applicator. I tapped it under my eyes, an area that has deep hollows and often looks tired.

I put some near the corner of my eyes too. Then, I got really close to the rearview mirror. I liked what I saw. I looked fresh and it took the redness away and yet, it didn’t look like I was wearing powder.

I realized I had just applied for it and not to get my hopes up. But that night, when I forced a smile in front of bad lighting in my bathroom mirror, I was impressed. No caking, no settling into the lines, and it still didn’t look like I was wearing powder.

The directions say to apply it with a powder brush, over foundation, for best results. The next morning, that’s exactly what I did.

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

Here’s my face without a stitch of makeup on and a towel on my head (you are welcome).

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

This is what it looks like after applying my concealer under my eyes, in the hollows, my eyelids and on my chin with the powder over it. The tone is evened out, the redness much less noticeable.

I also put some on my forehead about halfway through the day. I use sunscreen everyday and always get a bit shiny on my forehead and the No.17 powder took it away beautifully.

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

This is my face after wearing the powder for about seven hours. I’m smiling for you so you can see how well it stays on your face without settling into smile lines.

From a former powder-hater and a definite skeptic, this powder is probably the best I’ve tried. It’s illuminating without being shiny or too sparkly, and it takes shine and redness away perfectly.

I suggest getting a few — one for your makeup stash, one for the car, one for your purse. You get the point. It’s a must-have and you don’t want to be without it.

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