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A Mom's "Average House Tour" Goes Viral For Being So Damn Relatable

She's keeping it real.

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A mom on TikTok is going viral for her "average house tour" which includes tiny closets, chipped bas...
@steph_murphy / TikTok

There’s no question that there is something so aesthetically pleasing about those TikTok moms who show those “day in the life” videos in their perfect white kitchens, organized toy rooms, and matching workout sets. And while those videos can be a great escape, that’s not how the majority of the world lives. Not even close.

My house has chipped baseboards and dog hair tufts in every corner, along with the constant annoyance of crumbs sticking to the bottom of my feet no matter how many times I vacuum. Turns out, I am not alone in any of this. In fact, I’m in the majority of moms who are living in average, middle-class houses with junk drawers and that one DIY project that just never got finished.

Content creator and TikTok mom Stephanie Murphy decided to give her followers a special glimpse into her everyday by taking them on an “average house tour,” showcasing that, yes, she lives a pretty modest life in a house that’s not staged to look a certain way with messes and stains and broken furniture.

“Let's take a tour of my average middle class house,” Stephanie Murphy begins.

First up in the “omg so relatable” house tour is a pantry door that never got painted or finished because, well, life! Next, she shows a broken blind that she and her husband have fixed with a hilarious solution.

“Some of our windows have paper shades and if we can't find the clip, we use binder clips,” she explains.

Like most homes, her fridge is not free of fingerprints or juice drips. Instead, it’s covered top to bottom with her children’s artwork and school pictures. The fridge looks like it came right from the set of Full House and into her kitchen. That is what a family fridge should look like!

“The drying rack — a permit fixture on our countertops because we don't have a dishwasher,” she continues. “We have window air conditioners in all the windows that yes, it's held on by fancy duct tape. We only have one bathroom in the house and it has a two-in-one shower tub combo.”

In the master bedroom, Murphy shows off that she and her husband sleep with separate blankets, which are proudly displayed on the bed. This is honestly genius and will curb any sort of blanket-hogging accusations in the morning. In the master bed, Murphy and her husband also share a very small closet.

As for the universal phenomenon of junk drawers, Murphy not only has one in the kitchen (standard) but another in the living room.

“Let’s normalize ‘average’ because there is nothing wrong with it,” Murphy wrote in her caption on the now-viral post.

“Everywhere you look on social media, you see big gorgeous houses in perfect condition and it’s hard not to compare yours to them. But it’s not the norm and half the time its staged. Our house is lived in, and it’s filled with love and tons of memories and at the end of the day thats all that matters.”

So very true! Comparison is the thief of joy However, when we’re constantly inundated with spotless homes filled with beige accessories worth more than a car, it’s hard not to get down on yourself. We need more honest and transparent takes like Murphy!

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