The 9 Best Baby Bath Seats For Your Squirmy LO

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Anyone who has ever tried to bathe a wiggly, squiggly baby knows that it can be a challenge. Bath water is flying, and when you add some squeezy bath toys to the mix, well, get ready to dodge streams of water coming right for your eye. Cleaning your LO can feel like a high-intensity workout. But thanks to the best baby bath seats on this list, bath time just got easier.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Baby Bath Seats

First things first, it’s important to note that while bath seats can help your baby stay upright, you always need to be closely supervising your baby in one. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against bath seats because they can be a drowning hazard.

If you decide to use a bath seat, be prepared to monitor your baby as closely as you would without a seat. You’ll also want to make sure that the bath seat you’re using is a current model that’s in line with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) infant bath seat safety standards, which require that there are suction cups on the bottom for grip and, if it’s a model with leg openings, that they are appropriately sized to prevent baby from sliding out or getting stuck in the seat. To know that your bath seat meets these standards, look for the ASTM F1967-19 standard label.

With that in mind, it’s time to find the best bath seat for your baby. Here you’ll find everything from infant tub models that recline for smaller babies to bath seats that secure to the side of the tub for older babies that are more on the move.


The Fan-Favorite: A Baby Bath Seat With Side Suction Cups

Boasting more than 11,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the popular Summer My Bath seat is sort of like a highchair (without the legs) for the bath. It has two leg openings that keep baby in a seated position and three strong suction cups that attach firmly to the tub. Since it’s not a baby bath tub, it drains right into the big tub but can quickly be removed, too. The adjustable suction arms are sized to fit most standard tubs (21 to 24 inches across), and it conforms to ASTM F1967 safety standard.

Choose from four colors, from blue and pink to neutral gray and pretty mint.

Helpful Review: “We really love using this with our daughter who is now 9 months. We of course never leave her alone in the bath, but with this seat, I can reach for toys and shampoo without my hand gripping her leg because she moves around so much! She cannot get out of it or tip over enough to put her head in the water. The plastic arms are great, keeps the seat firm in its spot.”

Age Recommendation: 5 to 10 Months


This Affordable Reclining Baby Bath Seat

This baby bath seat is perfect for placing right into the tub or a large sink. It features three different reclining positions, folds flat for easy storage, and dries quickly thanks to the mesh seat (that’s machine washable). It’s the ideal baby bath seat for infants and for small spaces and traveling. Not surprisingly, it’s earned nearly 4,500 ratings on Amazon.

Helpful Review: “I love this baby bather. My baby seems comfortable and you can adjust the back. The mesh material dries easily so it doesn’t smell or hold water. The color hasn’t faded yet and it’s used everyday. It fits my bathtub but didn’t sit down completely in the kitchen sink. It’s easy to assemble, you just snap the back into place.”

Age Recommendation: birth to sitting up unassisted; maximum weight limit is 25 pounds


A Convertible Bath Tub From A Trusted Brand

New moms have come to appreciate the thoughtful product designs that Frida Baby is known for, and this versatile baby bath seat is no exception. It’s designed for use from the newborn phase all the way to 2 years old. Now that’s a lot of bath for your buck! It goes from hammock to recliner to seat, and even a mini bathtub. The easy-release drainage plug and drying hook make clean-up and storage a breeze.

Helpful Review: “I love that this tub actually has a "seat" with room for the legs for my baby! It is also quite big so I can see how it can be used for my baby in the future. In fact, I even used it for my toddler! I wish I would have found this tub a long time ago.”

Age Recommendation: 0 to 24 Months


A Wildly Popular Convertible Bath Tub In A Sweet Whale Design

With more than 11,000 ratings and counting, this whale-shaped baby bath tub is popular for its versatility. It keeps infants comfortably in place with a sturdy mesh sling, but then can be used as a supported seat, and ultimately as a freestanding tub as your LO grows. The sling removes completely once baby is ready to sit up on their own and even has a non-slip interior surface so they don’t slide around.

Helpful Review: “This bathtub beats every other tub we tried for our babies. The adjustable mesh seat lets them sit in different positions and it holds the perfect amount of water. You don't have to wash in a tub or near a sink. The hangar on the back lets you put it aside on a wall hook when you're done. It's sturdy, doesn't rock, and easy to clean. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Age Recommendation: 0 to 6 months and up; maximum weight recommendation is 25 Pounds


A Cushy Baby Bath Seat With A Cute Steering Wheel

BLANDSTRS baby bathtub seat is ideal for little ones that are in between the baby bath and big bath phases. The bath mat bottom sticks to the tub with powerful suction cups, while the curved back and adorable steering wheel provide added support and something to hold on to. The seat cushion is made from soft imitation leather to make it an extra comfy bath experience too. Note that this one doesn’t have the added support of leg holes.

Choose from two colors: green (featured) and blue.

Helpful Review: “This bath seat is a great invention for babies who love the bath yet need extra support. The product is the perfect size for babies six months and up and has great suction on the bottom, so it stays nicely in your tub. It has a waterproof cushion on the bottom so it is comfortable as a handle so babies can pretend play, as if they were sitting in a car, etc. It feels durable, and I like that it is easy to install and can be a safe way for babies to take a bath with parental supervision. It is lightweight and large enough to be used for several months until your baby no longer needs extra support. It is a good quality product, and I recommend it. Five stars!

Age Recommendation: not specified by brand, reviewers say that it’s great for 6 months+


A Collapsible Baby Tub With *So* Many Features To Love

The collapsable feature on this baby bath tub is pure genius — turning a generously sized tub into a nearly-flat, easy-to-store baby essential. Two folding legs keep the tub upright and the center bump keeps baby upright, too! The bump design also makes this pick usable from newborn through the toddler years. Plus, the plug drain actually turns color to indicate if the water is too hot for baby. To top it all off, there’s a hanging hook to keep it out of the way when not in use.

Helpful Review: “Switch to this tub for my 9 month old son and he loves it! He can sit up on his own and play with his toys and enjoy a bubble bath. It’s also great for younger ages since it has a seat type cushion just in case your child doesn’t sit up on their own yet. Great product! & storage to put away is great!”

Age Recommendation: 0 - 18 months; maximum weight recommendation is 25 pounds


This Countertop Baby Bath Seat That’s Great For Travel

A bath seat can be used on your kitchen counter and even on the grass for an al fresco bath, making it super versatile. No matter what reclining position you choose (there are three), the water continuously flows out, which is especially great for babies that don’t enjoy being submerged in water yet. And the little bump ensures they don’t slide out. Fans especially love the it folds flat for storage.

Helpful Review: “If your looking for a tub that is easy to use and store, this is the one for you! The tub has a softer rubber plastic that the baby nestles in while you bath them. This was much better than the hard plastic I found on the tubs I had used with my previous babies. Another great feature is the seat that helps keep the baby in place with both the bottom design and also the ease of reclining back. I like the options of how you can use this tub (sink, counter, bath) it allows me to not be tied to the bathroom.”

Age Recommendation: From birth to sitting up unassisted; maximum weight recommendation is 20 pounds (13 pounds if used on countertop)


This Lightweight Baby Bath Tub With A Secure “Bump” Seat

Because of the near-vertical back and sides, this baby bath tub by BEABA requires less water to fill and cover baby than typical baby bath tub products. The non-slip, foam backrest and bottom “bump” keep even the littlest ones safely in place. Fits in most sinks, too! There’s a hand plug to drain into the sink, but even with some water in this tub, it’s lightweight to carry.

Choose from four cute colors.

Helpful Review: “This bathtub is so simple but works so much better than the other infant tub I was using. The one I had previously worked great for the newborn stage with the sling attached but now at 4 months, he is too tall for the sling but couldn’t sit up on his own so we were in an awkward transition. I purchased this one and I love it! He’s able to sit up and doesn’t slide down because of the bump in the bottom and it lays back just enough for me to wash his hair and neck easily. Just don’t fill it up too far, obviously.”

Age Recommendation: 0 - 12 months; maximum weight recommendation is 24 pounds


Also Nice: This Parent-Approved Bath Kneeler & Elbow Pad Set For Making Life Easier

With more than 1,700 perfect five-star reviews, this kneeler and elbow pad set has parents saying the wish they would have bought this “game changer” sooner. The floor kneeler is made of thick foam and then conveniently folds up for easy storage. The elbow pad comes with four pockets to store bath time essentials so you don’t have to look away to grab the shampoo or your tot’s fave bath toy. It’s even machine washable.

Helpful Review: “This item is definitely worth purchasing. It’s a gamechanger for bending over [...] It’s convenient and functional, it makes bathing your little one in the tub easy and painless. The elbow rest is awesome you’re able to lean over and bathe your kid without the pressure on your knees and elbows or finding a towel to fold over the edge of the tub to rest on or throw on the ground for your knees. And the pockets for toy is a great touch all in one don’t need to worry about finding something separate to store toys in [...].”