9 Biker Shorts That Are Back From The 90's But Better

by Michelle Sparks
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Women wearing biker shorts
Aerie / Fabletics / Bandier

If you had asked us last year what the biggest trends would be— Crocs, overalls, and face masks would not be our answers. Yet here we are, sliding our feet into tie-dye clogs, strapping on overall dresses as adults, and never leaving the house without a face mask (although that last one isn’t at all by choice). And now to add to the list of things everyone’s obsessed with? Biker shorts.

The nostalgic 80’s and 90’s trend has made a major comeback—but these aren’t the bike shorts you remember from your mom’s Jane Fonda exercise video. These are techie, comfortable, and, most importantly, the stylish solution to thigh chafing (i.e. what every woman suffers through thanks to summer heat). To help relieve the burn, and help you jump on the biker short bandwagon, we’ve rounded up some of the best pairs you can buy in every print, color, and style imaginable. Whether it’s a budget-friendly basic from Amazon or a “designer” pair from Bandier, these are the biker shorts you’ll want—or rather, you need—in your closet right now.

Best Biker Shorts

Best High Waisted Biker Shorts

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