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8 Pairs Of Overalls That Are Way Cooler Than The Ones You Wore In Middle School— But Just As Comfy

Overalls For Women Madewell

Things we all thought were ugly back in the day: Crocs, granny panties, and overalls. Things we all want now that they’re trending: Crocs, granny panties, and, you guessed it, overalls. (Oh 2020, we just can’t win with you.) If your feet are already clad in neon clogs and your lady bits are already covered in some high-waisted, full-coverage lace, all you need now is a pair of overalls for yourself (you’re already got the kids overalls).

The grown-up version of the classic denim jumpsuit of your childhood is basically made for moms, after all: comfortable, cute, and simple to strap on (and keep up) when you’re rushing around. But overalls for women can also be a tricky thing. You have to hit that perfect note of chic and laidback—i.e. it’s all too easy to slip into nerdy middle schooler or farm-girl vibes. To help you pull off the overalls trend the right way, we’ve rounded up some of the best pairs you can buy, from overall shorts to classic denim overalls to even maternity overalls (and of course, an overall dress or two for you pants-haters!).

Olivia Black Denim Overalls For Women

Put on these black denim overalls and a basic white tank and you’re halfway to a style influencer’s Instagram feed (bonus points if you’re carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and Starbucks tumbler while faux-candidly laughing at someone off in the distance). Made by on-trend brand Universal Standard, the slim-fit overalls have a snazzy front zipper detail, super shiny clasps and buttons, and adjustable straps so you can customize your pair to perfectly fit to your body. And while that’s all well and good, one of our favorite features is the material that the overalls are made of—Universal Standard’s famously soft denim that even has a bit of stretch for when you’ve indulged in one too many boozy brunches last weekend.


AE Striped Denim Overall Dress For women

Who said overalls can only come in blue, blue, and, you guessed it, more blue? Not us—and definitely not American Eagle, as evidenced by this adorable overall dress. The super soft white denim is striped with the prettiest pastels, including shades of sky blue, baby pink, and coral. I.e. it’s reminiscent of the fruity sherbet you love to indulge in on a hot summer day (which you can and should do while wearing this dress!). Basically begging to be thrown over a breezy tee or tank—or even a swimsuit—the mini dress is the perfect combo of function and fashion and the type of warmer weather uniform we’re more than okay with.


AvaCostume Womens' Adjustable Strap Ripped Denim Overalls

File these under: Things to wear when you want to look effortlessly cool and sexy in that “just stepped out of a country music video” kind of way. The distressed denim overalls (which come in both a light and dark wash) have over 1,400 reviews on Amazon and, most importantly, are a very budget-friendly $33. According to the hundreds of women who have bought (and loved) them, the overalls are super comfortable thanks to their slightly stretchy fit and adjustable straps. “I would order 100 more pairs and live in them if it was socially acceptable,” one woman gushes. “These overalls are a dream. If you’re looking for slouchy, ‘boyfriend’ fit overalls, these are perfect.” A.k.a. add to cart ASAP.


Soojun Women's Casual Baggy Denim Bib Overalls

The day we found out that “boyfriend” clothes were in style was one of the best days of our lives. No more need to wear skin-tight tank tops and even tighter jeans? Yes. Please. If you want to hop on “the baggier, the better” train, you can start with this popular pair of overalls. Available in four colors from light blue to black, the denim overalls are loved by hundreds of reviewers for their super relaxed fit that’s equal parts comfortable and flattering. And besides the fact that you’ll look like the chill mom who stole her husband’s clothes for the day and somehow managed to make them look sexy, the overalls also have plenty of pockets which we all know is a must.


luvamia Women's Ripped Short Overalls For women

Once upon a time, you were a teenage girl, running around in cut-off denim shorts. And while your legs might not feel exactly the same as they did when you were 16, you can still wear those frayed, bought-them-this-way ripped jeans as an adult. And the best way to do it is with these overall shorts. They fit loose around the thigh (which makes them equal parts comfortable and flattering) and have button closures on both sides—along with adjustable straps—so they’re easy to slide off after a long, sweaty day of chasing your kiddos around the playground. Perhaps the best part, though, is that these overalls come in 10 shades of blue and have not one, not two, but five (!!) pockets so you’ll never have to be without snacks again.


H&M Denim Overall Dress

Love overalls but hate pants? Meet the overall dress. This dark denim one from H&M is the answer to all your comfy-cute OOTD prayers: soft denim and adjustable straps for the comfort factor and a figure-flattering belted waist for the cute factor. Available in three different colors and both regular and petite sizes from 3XS to XL, the dress hits mid-thigh (no frumpy-ness here!) and is just the right amount of fitted to hug your curves in the right places without exposing your food baby from last night’s backyard cookout. Plus, the button-up front makes it easy to put on and even easier to take off (which we’re betting your partner will also be a big fan of…).

$25 AT H&M

Madewell Adirondack Short Denim Overalls

Ah, Madewell. Home to the dreamiest of denim, to the jeans that fit and flatter our every curve, to the shorts that hit at just the right length, to the closet staples we wear time and time again. And, now, home to one of the cutest pairs of overall shorts we ever did see. This light-wash pair has that bib style that’s so in right now along with a perfectly frayed hem so they look like you’ve owned—and worn—them for years (in the best way, of course). Bonus: For every pair of these overalls produced at Madewell’s fair trade-certified factory, the brand donates to a worker-run Community Development Fund. Win-win.


Motherhood Maternity Denim Overalls

There are a lot of things you can’t do when you’re pregnant, like drink a glass of wine (the worst), bend down to tie your shoes, and get a decent night’s sleep. But one thing you can do? Wear overalls, thanks to this maternity pair from Motherhood Maternity. While they look like your standard denim overalls, this ever-so-slightly-distressed pair sports a knit elastic side panel that allows plenty of room for your expanding baby bump. With a near-perfect 4.6-star rating, mamas-to-be love how comfortable the overalls are (and how chic they look with that trendy ankle-length crop!) and the fact that unlike regular maternity pants, they never have to pull their overalls up thanks to the straps. Praise be.


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