The Best Toy Storage For Living Rooms — Go Ahead & Reclaim Your Space

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by Lauren Beach
Side by side of a toy storage box and a woman kneeling next to an oval toy storage box
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Your guests arrive in 15 minutes. If you’re among the 99% of us that have a floor strewn with toys and a couch covered in books and building blocks, it’s a scramble. One of my biggest lightbulb moments as a parent was realizing how much time I spent ferrying toys to and from my kids’ bedrooms and playroom. Having ample hidden toy storage right in the living room can save time that would be better spent watching Bridgerton. The best toy storage ideas for living rooms not only look surprisingly stylish but also make it easy to declutter a space in a flash — hopefully with the kids helping put away their own toys.

Whether you have a big space or just a corner, there are so many clever ways to hide the trucks, dolls, and Legos. There’s never been a better time to reclaim your living room! From ottoman poufs that can be filled with blankets to chic cube organizers that even the Home Edit team could get behind, there’s a storage option here for every kind of kid toy and parent aesthetic.

Sixteen of the best toy storage ideas for your living room can be found below — and they’re all conveniently on Amazon, so you can start enjoying a clutter-free space (and the zen that comes with it) right away.


The Lidded Basket That Hides All The Things

Woven rope baskets are a kid-friendly way to corral the chaos in your living room. What makes this one the best? The included lid conceals the clutter within and protects your eyes from that creepy doll your preschooler is obsessed with. It’s made with 100% cotton and stands up by itself when empty. It measures 20 inches tall and 16 inches wide, and one shopper said it held more than expected. Choose from three color options to fit in seamlessly with your decor.

Helpful Review: “It’s sturdy, even though it came flattened [...] it stood sturdy and upright. Well made, nice stitching, tightly bound cotton rope like material. Nice and smooth to the touch. The lid is pretty nice too and fits well. Love the basket. I’m storing off season clothes in them, but they can be used for anything, stuffed toys, pillows.”


The Roomiest Faux Leather Storage Pouf

No one will suspect this luxe vegan leather pouf houses your kids’ extensive Squishmallow collection. Designed to seat up to 220 pounds, the round ottoman pouf comes as an empty shell that you get to fill with whatever blankets, stuffies, and clothes you wish to get out of sight. It all seals closed with a durable invisible zipper that won’t damage hard floors. Plus, it makes a great footstool or perch for movie night.

It’s available in six chic colors, from the featured brown to a more vibrant blue. The portable pouf has a diameter of 23 inches and it stands 14 inches tall.

Helpful Review: “I purchased this to hold my son’s stuffed animals. It holds a TON! We previously had 6 storage cubes of stuffed animals and they all fit inside this ottoman cover. He sits on it, throws it, jumps onto it from his jungle gym, and rolls it all over the place. It’s held up perfectly while taking a beating every day. The fabric is also really soft and looks much more expensive than it cost. The zipper is smooth and holds well.”


A Spacious Toy Organizer Kids Can’t Dump Over

If your kids love dumping out baskets and bins of toys, this sturdy (immovable) organizer is for you. Standing 35 inches tall, it’s the perfect height for younger kids. With three cubbies and two open bins, it keeps beloved toys and books handy and easy to reach. Don’t worry about them pulling it over either: It comes with an anti-tipping safety kit.

Choose from three furnishes: greige, white, and rustic brown (featured).

Helpful Review: “The color is great, blends in with the rest of our decor. The size is perfect, ideal for people with smaller homes…It’s sturdy and easy to set up. Really good value. Comes up to about my hip (I’m 5’4”) and my 10 month old can pull herself up and help herself to the toys. I’d 10/10 recommend this product.”


The Genius 2-In-1 Bin Playmat That Makes Cleanup A Cinch

Never want to step on a Lego again? Parents rave about this storage bin that is also a large play mat. The mat means kids don’t have to noisily sift through bins (we hate that too) and the 3-inch lip keeps small toys from getting all over the floor. When they’re done playing, the drawstring on the play mat lets you funnel everything into the bin quickly and easily. The bin doesn’t take up much space, measuring 12 inches tall and 15 inches in diameter, but it can hold a shocking nine pounds worth of toys!

It’s available in four neutral colorways to match your space.

Helpful Review: “Really well constructed...The giant flap unfurls into a very large play area for the legos to be spread out. The brilliant part is once the kids are done, there are two solid handles on the play area flap that you can easily lift up and funnel all the legos back into the container. Not having to spend 20 minutes picking up legos after the kids are done playing is amazing, this has already saved a few hours of clean up in the 2 weeks we've had it. Another plus, it looks nice when sitting out.”


A Flexible Cube Storage Organizer That Looks Chic

This cube organizer is the Swiss army knife of furniture: It can be placed vertically or horizontally, and can be used with or without bins. It’s a blank slate that can blend in with your living room by using cube storage bins that match your decor. Shoppers raved that it was easy to put together, holds a ton of stuff, and is a great value — especially for how polished it looks. It even comes with little caps to hide the screws.

Choose from three-, four-, six-, eight-, and nine-cube options, as well as four different finishes.

Helpful Review: “Great, we use it to hold toys in the living room. We have 11.5 inch baskets, they fit perfectly. I was worried about the kids pulling it over, they haven't; it's very sturdy.”


A Storage Bench That’s An Amazing Deal

This small but mighty padded storage bench allows you to stow lots of toys, making your living room feel larger. The kid-friendly height means it will get used as a play and snack space too. It’s so affordable, you may find yourself buying a couple in different colors. It’s available in a faux leather or polyester textile finish, and it can hold 500 pounds as a seat and 50 pounds of storage items.

Helpful Review: “I'm obsessed with this ottoman. It's so gorgeous and high quality. I bought it as a ‘toy box’ for my kids toys/footrest for my living room. I took a chance because the price was low but I loved it so much I bought another one for my kids bedroom. The quality is amazing, it is multipurpose and it folds flat for easy storage.”


A Coffee Table With Hidden Storage And Mid-Century Vibes

This beautiful coffee table has a massive secret compartment perfect for keeping puzzles, games, coloring books, and other toys out of sight. The top lifts on sturdy hinges, offering a raised surface for coloring and snack time (and laptop time for you). It also has a shelf on the side for more storage. Reviewers noted the rich wood-grain finish looks even nicer in person and assembly is easy. Choose from retro brown (featured) or charcoal black. With the tabletop down, it measures 39.4 by 19.7 by 17.4 (L x W x H) inches, for a compact table that would look good in any room.

Helpful Review: “This mid-century modern coffee table is awesome! It's easy to assemble, sturdy…it lifts and adjusts at a higher height so you or your children can work more comfortably. You can also store a bunch of stuff in the hidden compartment. It's a huge hidden compartment that can store around 8+ large board games…Overall, I would highly recommend this table!”


Some Easy-Open Stackable Bins That Save Floor Space

With this set of two ample bins, you get a unique storage solution that uses magnetic lids to tuck toys away. The magnets also keep the lid open so kids can easily find what they’re looking for. Hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to stack them, saving floor space. Even better, they fold flat for storage.

Each bin is 19.7 inches long and 9.8 inches high. When stacked, the fabric bins are just under 20 inches.

Helpful Review: “We have a 3 year old who has a lot of toys, but our main-level family room doesn't have a designated "toy area" - these boxes are extremely useful for hiding everything. We put these on the bottom shelf of a shelving unit; they are so easy for our 3-year-old to open and I love that the magnets make them shut so easily.”


The Minimalist Book Rack That Makes Reading Time Easy

Kids are more likely to pick up a book if it’s in plain view, which is where this small book rack comes in. Its neutral colors are perfect for a living room and it’s designed for kids up to 8 years old. The forward-facing display allows the “me do it” crowd to easily (and safely) find their favorites, encouraging more frequent reading. It’s available in five colors and when assembled, it measures 25 by 11 by 24 inches (L x W x H).

Helpful Review: “This is a great little bookshelf for my 13 month old daughter. I am so happy to have found a nice little bookshelf that doesn't scream KIDS LIVE HERE lol. It blends in nicely with everything else in the living room, so my house doesn't look like a baby-stuff-explosion…Overall, this is a great piece, and I know my daughter will get lots of use out of it. She loves her little reading nook, and I am thinking of buying another one or two for her bedroom and/or basement.”


The Sleek Ottoman Bench With Hidden Storage

Not only does this ottoman sport a high-end look, it also offers extra seating and another secret spot to stash toys. Made with a solid wood frame and easy-clean faux leather, it’s durable enough for a family but doesn’t compromise on style. The padded cushion seat and soft-close hinges hide a sizable compartment for all the Barbies in the mad-dash before your inlaws arrive. It even comes with a one-year warranty. Choose from two colors: black and dark gray.

Helpful Review: “I loved that the product arrived almost completely assembled. All I needed to do was screw on the feet and it was good to go. I have 3 kids so if you’re unsure whether to get it or not….Allow me to tell you what my kids have done within the first 24 hours of the ottoman being here. Climbed and jumped on it, re-enacted Simba's fight against Scar, the usual...but it was sturdy enough to withstand them…I was hoping they at least wouldn’t spill anything on it for 1 day. But they did. They also managed to cover it in cookie crumbles…I grabbed a towel to pat dry the ottoman and it wiped off completely.”


An End Table With Concealed Storage That Fits Anywhere

What sets this side table apart is the linen storage basket in the base that comes with a wood lid to hide toys, books, and pacifiers. Just under 16 inches in diameter, it doesn’t take up much real estate in your living room, while keeping extra toys handy and undercover. It has adjustable pads for its feet to protect hard floors and ensure it sits level on uneven surfaces like carpet.

Helpful Review: “This is a sturdy little table. It doesn’t take up much space and the storage at the bottom keeps things organized and hidden until you need them.”


These Kid-Friendly Baskets That Don’t Scream “Playroom”

These deep baskets come in nine living room-friendly color schemes. The linen fabric and sturdy brown leather handles look high-end and would blend in on any shelf or bookcase. They're light enough for kids to help during cleaning time and roomy enough to hold all the L.O.L. dolls they can throw at them. Each basket measures 17 by 12 by 15 (L x W x H), and you get two baskets in your order.

Helpful Review: “This set of large storage fabric baskets [is] awesome.[They] are collapsible and easy to fold. They have a built in metal rod frame around the top to keep their shape. They were a little wrinkled at first but they quickly took their shape…They are very large and had room to spare…They seem very well constructed, feel durable and look beautiful. Very satisfied [with] these storage baskets!”


The Slim End Table With So Much Space You’ll Flip

Ending toy clutter is a matter of making every piece of furniture count. This slim end table offers three kinds of storage: a drawer, a hidden space under its flip-top lid, and a shelf underneath for books. The clean lines will complement any decor. It will stand up to your kids too: Amazon reviewers raved about how sturdy this piece of furniture is.

Choose from three finishes: white (featured), black, and espresso.

Helpful Review: “This is the perfect size and made well. Easy to assemble as well. The drawer and flip top are great for storage too.”


A Versatile Storage Trunk That Won’t Pinch Little Fingers

No worrying about anyone hurting themselves with this padded storage trunk — the safety hinge keeps the lid from slamming shut. It can function as a bench, ottoman, or small coffee table (no sharp corners for toddlers to run into!) Beneath its modern and sleek exterior, it can hold all the brightly-colored plastic toys you regret buying. It’s available in two finishes, each with a faux leather top.

Helpful Review: “We purchased this as a toy box for our living room to hide the insane amount of toys our daughter has. We wanted to make it look like a piece of furniture and not yet another brightly colored kid thing. I absolutely love it. People are surprised to find out that it is a storage chest PLUS the amount of crap it can hold is outrageous. I love the safety hinge and have tried to hurt my own fingers on purpose to make sure it would never hurt our daughter and it is perfect. I love that it is sturdy enough to be used as a bench too.”


The Cabinet That Makes Every Corner Count

Sometimes the only usable space you have is a corner. Meet your new favorite storage solution. With six cubbies, three angled shelves, and a tabletop, this corner storage cabinet offers a creative way to fit lots of books and toys into what would otherwise be wasted space. It’s available in white (featured) and gray.

Helpful Review: “We bought this to use in our living room to hold toys. It looks great as part of the room, not too childish, and is better quality than some of the cubby organizers we have tried.”


The Affordable Dresser That Will Add Tons of Storage Space

This chest of drawers in neutral colors helps keep toys under wraps while being incredibly child-friendly. The surprisingly deep drawers are sturdy but light board and fabric bins that can be completely pulled out, letting kids get their own stuff without help. Parents were surprised by how easy to assemble yet sturdy it is. The wood handles give it a more sophisticated feel than other similar pieces. Choose from three colors: gray (featured), dark gray, and espresso.

Helpful Review: “I love this small dresser. We use it for my 5 year old’s toys and it sits right under the mantle in our living room. I enjoy the colors as well…It’s small but useful. The drawers are lightweight but not cheap looking. I would recommend this product.”