18 Best Nursing Dresses That Are Both Practical and Stylish AF

by Zlata Faerman
Side By Side Of Three Women Modelling A White, Black And Blue Nursing Dress
ASOS/A Pea in the Pod/HATCH

Nursing dresses just make things easier, am I right? As if planning outfits wasn’t hard enough, planning outfits while nursing takes everything to a new level. Breastfeeding mamas want the ease and convenience of feeding their baby, without compromising on fashion and style. And who can blame them? Maternity wear has vastly improved from the (stereo)typical “MuuMuu dress” to ones that flatter a woman’s figure, no matter what shape or size.

Donning dresses during the hot summer months feels liberating, so long as there’s easy access to the milk station. Being a breastfeeding mom is one of the most important missions to accomplish, and let’s face it — it’s hard AF. If we can help make things just a little easier by recommending some easy ways to “whip them out,” that’s what we’re going to do. Check out our top picks for the best nursing dresses below!

Best Nursing Dresses

Best Nursing-Friendly Dresses