The 12 Best Toddler Guitars For Family Jam Time

Strum, strum little one.

by Katie Bond
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Best toddler guitars
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Whether you are looking for a legit instrument or a guitar-like toy with *all* the buttons, you’ve come to the right place for the best toddler guitars. And here’s some good news: Toddler guitars are more than just cool toys to play with. After all, music is a language toddlers understand way before actual words, so musical gifts are often a hit with the little ones. These kinds of presents and playthings help with child development in creativity, language, memory, and emotional intelligence. Not to mention, it entertains and occupies your LO when you need a B-R-E-A-K.

Wondering how to choose a guitar for a child that won’t immediately get tossed aside or broken? We looked at all kinds of models to find ones that are equally engaging and durable. Below we have tried-and-true wooden ukuleles, a toddler guitar reimagined for little hands and minds, and even 3-in-1 options for them to start their own BB band. There’s no doubt they’ll jump out of their toddler chairs with excitement after they unwrap this gift. So moms, grab one for your 1-year-old (or 2- or 3-year-old …) stat!

Rock on, mamas and kiddos! (You know you’re officially part of the band, right?)

1. A Wooden Magic-Touch Ukulele For Tiny Music Lovers

This magic-touch ukulele is designed with younger toddlers in mind but it will last for years — and it’s a great pass-me-down for other kiddos. Our favorite part? It features two instrument sounds (ukulele, banjo) and two animal voices (cow, duck). Plus, the wooden toy helps introduce cause and effect and develops motor skills all through the magic of music.

Helpful Review: “Bought this for my daughter when she was able to sit up. She loves music so that was the perfect gift. At first I wasn’t sure about toys that make music. But I was happily surprised that even at the loudest, it’s not that loud and also not annoying haha! So far so good, it’s a cute gift for music lover baby.”

Recommended Age: 6 - 36 months | Batteries: 3 AA required, included | Number Of Melodies: 6

2. A Toy Electric Guitar With Interactive Lights

Let the whole family rock on with this magical interactive music light show. Perfect for small hands, this interactive toddler guitar has a hand motion-detecting pad in the center that starts playing when activated. It has three musical modes that play rock, drums, and electronic sounds. And with over 20 interactive buttons and controls, it is guaranteed hours of fun. There are also volume and tempo controls, demo buttons, and eight music notes. A durable design and shoulder strap make hands-free playing a breeze.

Helpful Review: “My 2-year-old daughter wanted a guitar for Christmas and I found this one. I didn’t realize how cute it would be! I love that it has sensors where you strum it so it makes different sounds as you move your fingers. Definitely recommend!”

Recommended Age: 3 years and up | Batteries: 3 AA required, not included | Number Of Melodies: 8 notes, 3 musical modes

3. A Strum Guitar, Piano, & Drum All in One

This Strum and Jam toddler guitar can technically transform into two other instruments – a piano, and drums – meaning your child will be on their way towards becoming a one-man band. Or more importantly, it will, according to one reviewer: “Keeps kids entertained for long periods of time.” Twelve popular songs and melodies can be played, and there are two modes for play: freestyle and play along. The guitar comes with strings, a whammy bar, and star buttons that play cool guitar sounds and fun effects like audience cheering.

Helpful Review: “I got this for a three year old boy who loves music. It has everything! Strings to strum, keyboard keys to push, and a drum and cymbal to hit! To my delight, not only did he play with it, but at different times I found his 6 year old sister playing with it and his 5 year old brother. I even found the adults tinkering with it too! Very cute and very versatile. It's also well made and feels durable. The plastic is thick and I think it will last.”

Recommended Age: 36 months to 72 months | Batteries: 3 AA batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use | Number Of Melodies: 12

4. An Animal-Inspired Light-Up Toddler Guitar

As a parent, there comes a day when your secret promise to allow zero colorful and loud toys into your home goes out the window. Let this fun animal-themed toddler guitar be the one to break the seal. Eight light-up buttons and strings give your kiddo the opportunity to play to their own tune or play along in acoustic or electric mode.

Helpful Review: “Bought it for my 2-year-old nephew as his first guitar. He loved it instantly!”

Recommended Age: 18 months to 48 months | Batteries: 2 AA batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use | Number Of Melodies: 8

5. A Cute Avocado-Shaped Guitar For Little Hands

Holy guacamole! Yep, exactly what your little cutie patootie needs: an avocado toy guitar. We digress. Pair this Skip Hop Baby Guitar alongside their cheekiest onesie for the cutest sight you’ll ever see. We hate to be that mom who posts approximately 1,456 videos of baby crawling or saying da-da for the first time to IG Stories, but this is too good. Besides, they grow up SO fast.

Helpful Review: “Okay, this toy guitar is sooooo cute!! My baby loves to play with it. I love that it has an on and off button that way it isn’t randomly playing in the background.”

Recommended Age: 6m+ | Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (included) | Number Of Melodies: 6 songs and 10 guitar riffs

6. A Beginner 3-String Guitar in Multiple Colors

Meet the most deluxe (and stylish) kids’ acoustic guitar on the market. The educator-approved, award-winning design uses the first three strings of a guitar so everything your toddler learns can be applied to a six-string guitar later. Using this basic triad makes it an easier and faster learning process. Comes fully assembled and ready to play, this guitar is available in a ton of fun colors your kids will love.

Helpful Review: “My daughter and I [are] learning how to play the guitar together. Even if we don't become rock stars the quality time we are spending together is all the justification I needed to make the purchase. The strings are perfect for her little fingers.”

Recommended Age: 3 years and up | Batteries: none required

7. A Classic Kids Ukulele With An Attached Pick

This mini toy ukulele with a sweet heart-shaped soundhole is literally the cutest. Made of environmental-friendly ABS plastic and carbon nylon strings, it’s durable enough for erratic toddlers but also soft in all the right places. The lightweight design is easy to carry and great for travel. It can be tuned and comes with an attached pick because those things *always* seem to get lost. Your little one will be jamming before you know it!

Helpful Review: “Such an adorable little toy guitar, looks like a mini regular one Little pick and all. I was delighted when I opened the package and my daughter LOVES it!”

Recommended Age: 36 months - 9 years | Batteries: none required

8. A Miniature Toddler Guitar With 6 Strings

Do you have a Coco fan on your hands? This mini toy toddler guitar is the perfect toy to strum “Remember Me” for hours on end. The strings can be tuned like a real guitar so it’s the perfect introduction to musical instruments if your kiddo is showing interest.

Helpful Review: “I have two young sons who can tend to play a little too rough with toys sometimes. I purchased this for my son’s 3rd birthday and I was actually so surprised how nice this was and how great the quality is! It also came with a second set of guitar strings. I HIGHLY recommend!!”

Recommended Age: 36 months - 15 years | Batteries: none required

9. A Fully Playable Toy Ukulele From Hape

This wooden toy ukulele is nontoxic and crafted from high-quality wood. It’s made by Hape, one of our favorite classic toy brands. And it comes in three fun color options— green, blue, and red. This wooden instrument is sturdy. Plus, it’s tunable and plays beautifully. This toddler ukulele will have them making melodic memories and learning basic rhythm, strumming, composition, and musical techniques. This is a pass-down piece, younger sibs and cousins will all be happy to have it.

Helpful Review: “The best thing about this is that you get a gentle 'strummy' noise from it and not the ghastly electronic cacophony that makes you want to put children out into the yard.”

Recommended Age: 3 years and up | Batteries: none required

10. The Cutest First Guitar With Contemporary European Style

This is yet another “not officially a guitar, but worth a look” item. Because, seriously — how adorable is this wooden toy banjo? This three-string wooden mini banjo features an array of cute wooden creatures. One Amazon reviewer even noted that it was capable of surviving a little bit of rough play.

Helpful Review: “This is amazing quality for the price, and so cute in person. The design is so beautiful and the function is great. It has held up with two wild babies playing with it, dropping it, etc.”

Recommended Age: 3 - 6 years | Batteries: none required

11. A Playable Paw Patrol Guitar With Familiar Melodies

Paw Patrol will be a big hit with kids for quite some time, so this Paw Patrol-themed guitar is sure to get a lot of use. With a low price point, this is a good choice for parents who aren’t sure if their kids will stick with the hobby. Since it has tuning gears, nylon strings, and fret spacing that’s very similar to an actual professional guitar, it’ll be a good first start. But even if they’re not into learning how to play, this guitar plays music on its own, so it’ll still be a hit.

Helpful Review: “Wasn't expecting this to be as well built as it was for the price. My daughter is obsessed with Paw Patrol lately so she lit right up when it started singing the theme song! Would definitely recommend!”

Recommended Age: 3 - 5 years | Batteries: AA required, not included | Number Of Melodies: 1 (Paw Patrol Theme Song)

12. A Durable Plastic Guitar That Looks Like the Real Thing

This plastic learning guitar for toddlers resembles a real one, which might entice your kids if they’re looking for the perfect guitar that’ll transform them into rock stars. This model, which functions more as a ukulele, includes four realistic stainless steel guitar strings that’ll be hard for your kids to accidentally break — just take it from the Amazon mom below.

Helpful Review: “My kids have had these for a month. They are two. They love them and have not broken them. They have stepped on these, hit each other on the head, ran them into the wall, and thrown them, as well as [attempted] to play them. These are amazing.”

Recommended Age: 36 months - 6 years | Batteries: none required

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