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Learn A Viral Hack For Blowing Bubbles To Prevent Toddler Meltdowns

A mom on TikTok has found a way to make bubble blowing way easier for younger kids and kids with disabilities.

Is your kid a little too young to get the hang of a bubble wand? Here's a great hack for blowing bub...
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Blowing bubbles is a magical experience that many parents remember from when they were a kid — not to mention that it’s a pretty economical, safe, and low-key summer activity. But blowing bubbles can be a challenge for younger kids or kids with disabilities — the soapy liquid gets everywhere, dipping the wand takes coordination, and successfully blowing bubbles at the end of the process requires a bit of finesse no matter your age or ability.

The end result is often, at best, a frustrated kid — or, at worst, a complete toddler meltdown. Plus that sticky bubble liquid on every surface imaginable.

Enter TikTok. It’s not just for watching dance moves and pimple popping videos anymore. This month, one mom took to the video platform to share that bubble blowing does not have to be so hard or so messy. And fixing the problem only requires a couple of items that basically everybody has in their house: a straw and a bowl.

The hack? Just dump the wand and replace it with a straw of any size. And move your bubbles to a wide-mouthed bowl if that’s easier, too.

“So moms of toddlers: We all want to get them bubbles and have them be able to use [the wand] so nicely,” she says in the video. “But they never can use it and it gets spilled. Let me show you a little hack. These are just regular straws and I put some bubbles here. All kids can do this, with any straw.”

How did no one know how easy bubble blowing could be!?

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In four days, the video has gotten over a half-million views. And viewers are appreciative.

“Omg thank you!! My sons second birthdays is bubble themed and this is perfect,” said one commenter.

“Thank you so much,” wrote another. “You just saved my sanity with a straw.”

The ingenious hack comes with one big warning though: make sure your kids don’t put their straw in the bowl of bubbles and drink up. It might even be a good idea to go through a dry run where you practice swirling the end of the straw in the bubbles and then pointing it in the air before blowing. But even with the dry run, this is still easier than that god-forsaken bubble wand.

Another viewer had an extra tip: “I put tape on the “bubble end” so that we keep track of what end has bubbles on it.” Smart.

Who else is planning on trying this this afternoon?