where's the limo?

Celebrity Kids Take On Prom '22, And The Photos Are Classic

Hollywood’s favorite teens are stepping out and showing out for this year’s school dances.

A corsage being placed on a teenagers wrist for a prom date.

Signs that spring has reached the final stretch: extravagant corsages and pimped-out limos. It’s that time of year, and even the most wealthy teens are partaking in the prom fun, and celebrity parents are showing they’re just like us — embarrassingly proud and photo obsessed.

To start off the parade, Reese Witherspoon, who shares 18 year-old-son Deacon with ex Ryan Phillipe, took to Instagram to share a pic featuring him in a dapper suit, captioning it “Love this guy,” with his handle and a pink heart at the end.

Kate Hudson, among many other celebs, commented on the post, saying “What happened to our children?!?!?!”

The actress and mom of three isn’t wrong — time sure does go by fast.

Leah Remini also shared her daughter Sofia’s prom day, gushing “Last night was Sofia’s senior prom. Senior year is filled with exciting milestones but it doesn’t make it any less sad for parents when we wonder how time flew by so fast. Angelo and I couldn’t be prouder of the young woman Sofia is becoming. But I need this process to slow down.”

The post featured a picture of Sofia, in her emerald silk gown, in between her proud parents, Leah and Angelo Pagan, in front of a festive balloon wall that said “Prom 2022.”

Angelo shared his own thoughts on the event, posting a reel of him in front of the same black and red balloon wall expressing his “overwhelming emotions that his little girl is graduating and off to college.” He captioned the post, saying “So proud of my beautiful little sweet angel [Sofia Pagan], mama killed it with the festivities ! Nobody throws a party like [Leah Remini]! #off2college.”

Leni Klum, 18, pulled a Kim Kardashian by wearing a vintage, iconic dress, and the legend that wore it is her mother, Heidi Klum. The model debuted herself in a sleek strapless silk dress and paired it with a simple necklace, saying on Instagram, “Prom night in mamas dress.”

Heidi also commented on the post, writing a “heart eyes” emoji.

Kevin Hart and ex-wife, Torrei Hart’s oldest daughter, Heaven, 17, also went to prom this month, with her mom posting the most nostalgic reel of all time, the ride in the limo. The video was a compilation of front lawn pics and teen excitement, and she captioned it, “Junior Prom 2022.”

Heaven wore a fitted brown mini dress with spaghetti straps and was all smiles on her big day.

Life may always be moving and changing, but one tradition remains the same, and it’s clear that reliving prom the second time around, as a parent, might be even sweeter than the first time.