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Apparently Some Moms Clean The Bathtub Every Night Before Kid Bath Time

And it has sparked a raging bath tub debate.

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A TikTok mom is asking for clarity when it comes to bathtub cleanliness, sparking debate about how o...
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The internet is divided over a debate about bathing kids. And no, it’s not about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis refusing to give their kids a scrub down. This one is about giving the tub itself a scrub down before any kids get in there.

TikTok user @mama_tiktok_here posted on her account, asking her followers for some clarity when it comes to bathtub cleanliness, sparking debate about how often parents should be deep cleaning their tub. According to some moms in her local Facebook group, some parents deep clean their tub after every single use, leading the OP to be totally befuddled.

“So I just saw a mom ask this question in a Facebook group I’m in, and she asked if parents were washing the bathtub before giving their kids a bath,” she explained.

“Are we supposed to be doing this? I mean I'll do a deep clean a couple times a month, but not every night. Am I the crazy one?”

Several parents commented on the video, assuring the OP that they usually do not deep-clean their bathtubs each evening before bath time. When you’re a parent of young children, who get baths daily or every other day at least, who in the hell has the time do that?!

“Absolutely not. My tubs are clean but they definitely aren’t cleaned every night,” one TikTok user shared.

“I feel like the chemicals on the surface before the bath will taint the water and will make it a 409 bath,” another user pointed out.

“If by clean, she means to throw a few splashes of hot water before they go in the tub, then sure I clean it,” another user joked.

However, the video was also met with parents who thought the idea of a “dirty” tub was disgusting and couldn’t imagine putting their kids in a tub that hadn’t been deep cleaned prior.

“I was a mother of five. I washed the tub out after each child EVERY NIGHT,” one mother commented.

“I can’t imagine all the bacteria that is just growing and then bathing in it,” another user wrote.

“Everyone who showers before the kids have their feet in the tub and washing grime off their bodies. Why wouldn’t you wash it?” another user wondered.

The viral video was also stitched several times by parents who were grossed out at the idea of putting kids in a bathtub that was used the night before without cleaning.

One mom even showed the dirt ring around her tub from her daughter’s bath the night before. She then gave the tub a good scrub down before starting another round of bath time.

“Now, me, personally, I like the scrub the tub after bath time so that it’s ready the next day for bath time,” she said.

One user wrote on the stitch, “People on the internet are just a bunch of liars. Average people don’t deep clean their tubs daily.”

Another couldn’t believe the ring of dirt after just one child’s bath and said, “I have never ever had my tub look that way. ever. I have 3 children.”

Others totally saw where the mom was coming from. She wrote, “I just can’t in imagine ever getting into a bathtub without cleaning it before hand.”

The OP replied, “Same. It’s been deeply ingrained into me. If you use it, you clean it. If it not clean, don’t use it until you clean it. 🤷🏾‍♀️”

There is no doubt that tubs can get grody, moldy, and way too gross to serve their purpose, but an everyday deep clean seems to be a bit much for most parents.

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