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Moms Are Warning Parents Not To Buy Their Kids The Viral Fluffie Stuffiez Toy

“This needs to come with a vacuum, lint roller, and bottle of vodka.”

Parents can collectively groan because there’s a new, popular viral toy that every kid is going to b...
@emilyjeanne333, jmadigan96 / TikTok

Annoying toys just kind of come with the territory of being a parent — astronomically loud Paw Patrol trucks that play the theme song over and over, that “Bubble-Gum Tree” baby mat, and the terrors of Kinetic Sand — just to name a few.

Parents can collectively groan because there’s a new, popular viral toy that every kid is going to be begging for this holiday season: Fluffie Stuffiez.

And they are apparently a complete nightmare.

Fluffie Stuffiez are marketed as stuffed plushes that come in cute little shapes like Rainbow, Unicorn, and Bear. Each plush has a surprise character hidden underneath the first layer of fluff. Then, once you’ve pulled out all the fluff, you stuff it into a plastic bag for another little stuffy friend.

So, how do you get to that underlying layer to reveal the surprise? Kids have to pull out all the tiny little pieces of “fur” themselves! What could possibly go wrong besides a giant mess all over your house?

TikTok user @jmadigan96 shared a clip that will surely strike fear into the heart of any parent as she pans her living room, completely covered in Fluffie Stuffiez fluff. She then pans to herself, also covered in fluff. There is no vacuum or broom that can totally clean up that disaster.

Just burn it all down or move out!

“I have made poor choices as a parent before, but pretty sure this one takes the cake because this is the dumbest toy ever,” she says.

“If your child asks for a Fluffie Stuffie, don't do it. Don't ... don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. It's everywhere. All through the house. I’m a poodle. Oh boy. Bye.”

She captioned the post, “#fluffiestuffiez #dontdoit #lookinlikeapoodle #poorparentingchoices”

After the video gained over 1.7 million views, other parents thanked the OP for taking one for the team and showcasing the mess this “must-have” toy brings upon a household.

“Note to self: no fluffy stuffy and they have been asking!!” one user wrote.

“I saw these and thought who in their right mind would come up with this 😂,” another said.

People who do not have kids, obviously!

Another wrote, “My daughter asked if she could have one after seeing an ad. I said, ‘oh sorry baby they’re all sold out’.”

One user joked, “It's the quiet drum set!!! 😆😆😆”

“I can't thank you enough for educating me BEFORE the holiday season goes into full swing. also, I want to buy you a coffee now. or maybe a new vacuum?” one user wrote.

Another popular TikTok mom and content creator, @emilyjeanne333, also warned parents do never buy this viral toy.

“Okay. We already see what's happening,” she says as fluff is flying all over her kitchen. “Do not buy this. That fluff is gonna end up all over your house. It's not worth it at all. And are you telling me there's enough fluff on there to fill that entire bag?”

Mom and fitness coach, Lauren Hunter, also begged her followers to steer clear of the disastrous toy, noting that if you do buy this toy, “prepare to get carpal tunnel.”

“My wrist is cramping ... It's not for the weak. Oh my gosh,” she vents.

If multiple warnings from downtrodden moms wasn’t enough to convince, you to avoid this nightmare fuel of a toy, the Amazon reviews should do the trick.

“I succumbed to my daughter’s pleas to get her a fluffy stuff… friends, it was a terrible mistake,” one reviewer wrote. “And the mess. So very messy. The fluff fibers are very fine and they get everywhere. Putting the fluff in the bag is insanely messy, especially for a kid. Just no. This needs to come with a vacuum, lint roller, and bottle of vodka.”

Duly noted, and thank you Fluffie Stuffiez parents for your sacrifice and service!