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Baby Name Expert Lists Top Girl Names Parents Might Regret Choosing For Their Child

They're going to rise in popularity very soon!

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A personalized baby name consultant warns parents that they might regret certain baby girl names if ...
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For parents looking to name their child something out of the ordinary or ensure they aren’t addressed by their first name and last initial for their whole life should know which baby names are rising in popularity.

A personalized baby name consultant and TikTok creator Colleen is warning parents that they might regret certain baby girl names if they’re looking to be different.

“These are some of the fastest-rising girl names from the 2022 Social Security data,” she says, noting some of the most popular themes she is seeing amongst the list.

“The trends I'm seeing here are so many feminine names ending in A, vintage names and nicknames as names, virtue names — so like nouns used as names — nature-inspired names and popular names spelled differently.”

The name with the biggest jump in popularity was Wrenlee which, according to Name Berry, was the fastest-rising girl name of 2022, jumping 708 spots.

Second up was the name Neriah, which shot up 690 spots to 993 from 1683. The name Neriah can be used as both a boy's name and a girl's name and is the Hebrew origin word meaning "light of Jehovah.”

Colleen also lists Amaya and Inaya as names parents might want to avoid since there will be tons of kids running around with those monikers soon.

The French name, Arlet, went from spot 1226 to 741 in America. However, in France, this is a top 100 name.

Colleen moves onto what she calls “virtue names” or using nouns as names. She includes the name Love (Um, did these parents not watch Season 2 and 3 of You? No thanks!) and Jream (pronounced like “dream”).

“Jream being spelled with a J instead of a D...Microsoft Word is not going to like that,” she jokes.

Next up is a more old-school name that surprised the baby name expert — Carla. “This has been falling out of fashion for the last 40 years, and now it's trying to claw its way back in,” she says.

The name Zendaya jumped up 200 posts, according to Colleen, which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise considering one of the most popular actors and singers right now has that very name same.

One name that might be hard for some parents to swallow as one to avoid is Sylvie. Besides being so adorable, the name Sylvie (typically short of “Sylvia”) is a “vintage name” as well as a nickname used as a full name. The sweet title jumped over 200 posts in 2022 and now sits in the top 500 names for girls.

Also, to really prove the power and influence the Kardashian/Jenner family has, the name Stormi (Kylie Jenner’s first daughter’s name) jumped over 100 spots. We work hard, but Kris Jenner works harder!

Lastly, Alisson with two S’s jumped up in popularity as well, showing that traditional names with a different spelling are becoming more and more popular.

After the video went viral, several TikTok users weighed in with their opinions on not only these names, but other names they plan to avoid or stick with if they have children.

First, most people couldn’t get on board with the name Jream.

“JREAM IS SO FUNNY,” one user wrote.

One doctor weighed in on the name and said, “As a neonatologist I can confirm babies named Dream but especially Jream always have the rockiest hospital stays 😂”

Others found the idea of avoiding certain names because they are popular to be a bit extra, noting that parents should just go with their heart when naming a child.

“hey y'all as an Amanda Marie born in the 80s, my life has been super ok with a common name so go with what you love!” one user wrote.

The OP replied, “Love this input!”

In another video, Colleen lists off another bunch of girl names that “might feel unique” now but are actually some of the fastest rising names of 2022.

She includes Georgina, Winona, Scottie, Marigold, Elowen, and Lottie in the list.

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