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Mothers-to-be, we need to have a chat. It’s probable that you’ve stocked up on cute onesies, a few variations of baby nail clippers, and those little signs or stickers to mark the months through your baby’s first year. Perhaps you’ve even posted on a forum somewhere, asking other mothers what must-haves they recommend for the hospital bag. Essentially, you’ve thought about what you need prior to birth and what your baby needs post-birth. Allow me to hold your sweet head gently in my hands and tell you this: You are what your baby needs most post-birth. That means you will need a whole lot more than a push present and a sushi order to care for yourself once the baby arrives. And to get you started with the most essential essentials, Healthybaby’s thoughtful and safe products for new moms have you covered.

About Healthybaby

Healthybaby’s mission is to create the safest pregnancy and parenthood essentials on the market. And when it comes to creating products that are the best for mom, that often means ones that are also best for baby. From pregnancy planning all the way through raising (and cleaning up after) that tiny human, Healthbaby has thought of every last detail. Mother and founder Shazi Visram is passionate about neurological safety which is why every product is free from common chemicals that may be harmful to baby’s brain and body. And when you’re a new mom, finding a trustworthy brand that does the research for you is an absolute game-changer when it comes to your peace of mind.

Healthybaby’s Must-Haves For New Moms

When you’ve given birth and are in the throes of the newborn phase (aka the never-sleep time), little things can seem like big things. Will you cry when you can’t figure out how to use the breast pump, yes. Will you wonder how you ever had time to dry your hair? Also yes. That’s why postpartum essentials shouldn’t be complicated. Healthybaby’s mantra is “fewer, better things,” and that feels incredibly in tune with what a new mom needs.

Whether you’re preparing for birth or you want to support another mama who is, here are a few must-have items, and spoiler alert: They make incredibly thoughtful shower gifts.

1. A Natural Deodorant For Worry-Free Snuggling

Did the “a-ha” light just come on? If you’re like me, you can file this one under “things you didn’t think about before” because all those baby snuggles and late-night nursing sessions mean your deodorant is prone to absorb into baby’s skin — without you even realizing it. Essentially, if you’re checking the labels on baby’s diaper cream, baby wash, lotions, and salves, then add deodorant to the list. Healthybaby’s Our Deodorant was developed to be safe and effective for mothers throughout pregnancy and after, for all that close contact with baby. With key ingredients like soothing manuka honey, organic tapioca starch to reduce odor and absorb sweat, and prebiotics to protect skin’s microbiome, this is a deodorant that truly lives up to its promise.

One satisfied shopper reported, “The best ever! This was my last foray into clean deodorant before giving up all hope after countless other brands either left me stinking worse than going deo-free, staining the pits of my tops, or just not being as clean as they were marketed as. This healthynest stick turned all hope around and I’ll never use another.”

2. A Postnatal Vitamin To Support Healing & Recover

If there is any time to turn to single-day vitamin packets, it’s after you’ve had a baby. Your brain is foggy 100% of the time and I promise you this: You will get three hours into the day and forget if you’ve swallowed anything, let alone vitamins. This yellow pouch will save you. (Plus, each one has a sweet little affirmation to keep you going through those long fourth-trimester days.) In addition to the ease of use, these easy-to-digest, non-fishy, gluten-free postnatal vitamins are formulated to give your body the nutrients it needs to heal after building and ejecting a baby from your body. Each breastfeeding-compatible sachet contains 27 essential and bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and DHA for optimal nutrition levels for both you and baby based on 350+ research studies.

“Love the results after a month's use! I’ve been exclusively purchasing vitamins from another clean brand for over 6 years but am now switching to healthybaby for my postnatal!” raved one mom. “Over a month of use I’ve not only noticed an improvement in my skin, nails and hair but also my general mood. I did run out and switched to my previous postnatal and noticed my nails breaking and a decrease in my mood.”

3. Award-Winning, Safe, & Organic Diapers

Finally, you might think that a safe and high-performing diaper is solely for the comfort of the baby. It is not. It is also for the parents. And particularly, the exhausted ones who do not need to add “wash the sheets” and “buy stain remover” and “soak this onesie plus my entire outfit” to their to-do lists.

That said, when you consider the consistent close contact diapers have with that precious brand-new baby skin, you do want a diaper that’s going to be free of any nasty chemicals. Healthybaby’s Our Monthly Diaper Bundle lets you conveniently stock up on five packs of nontoxic, sustainable, and organic cotton diapers that you’ll go through shockingly fast. (You can also add wipes to the bundle order). You can take comfort in the fact that the diapers feature thin, breathable material that’s totally safe for baby’s brain and body. (But the diaper's proprietary “magic channels” that keep everything from spilling out? Definitely for the tired mommas.)

One reviewer noted: “This is the only diaper brand that my son has ever known and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I have so much [peace] of mind in using these diapers. They are also the most durable, never had a leak or a blow out. Perfectly designed, thank you Healthybaby, for making these incredible products for our little humans!!”

Final Thoughts

The fourth trimester isn’t easy. A daily shower becomes something covetable but unobtainable. Leaving the house without baby to go grocery shopping (or gasp, to Target!) becomes thrilling. And eating a full meal without interruption becomes something you literally salivate over. So, if you can make one part of your day easier (aka not questioning whether an ingredient in the product you or baby is using is harmful), it’s a huge win.

The fact that Healthybaby is creating research-backed products that are simple, clean, safe, and easy to stock up on — well, that is something to celebrate.

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