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A Mom Is Going Viral For Her Husband’s Mother’s Day Fail

Why can’t men just get it together for ONE DAY?

A pregnant mom posted to TikTok to vent about her husband on Mother's Day.
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Mother’s Day has come and gone. For some, the holiday was surely filled with sweet cuddles and homemade cards and maybe even a solo trip to Target. For many others, the day may have been spent at the in-laws’ house, wrangling children and feeling totally exhausted.

Mother’s Day is definitely a hit or miss for moms all over the world, and most of this comes down to the fact that husbands just cannot get it together for one day to make the woman in their life (who literally makes the world go ’round) feel special and appreciated and noticed.

A pregnant mom posted on TikTok the frustrating reality that can come with a husband who has good intentions but just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to Mother’s Day.

The mom posted a funny and relatable TikTok video venting about how her Mother’s Day morning went totally south with her husband. As she tested his ability to take initiative, she soon realized that he probably wasn’t going to pass with flying colors.

While spending the weekend in a hotel on a non-Mother’s Day related trip, she wakes up on Mother’s Day morning ready to be treated like a queen.

“You’d think on Mother’s Day, you’d wake up in the morning to breakfast in bed,” she begins.


She had to tell her husband she was hungry “to incentivize him to think about maybe ordering a room service.”

She continues, “OK, finally he gets the point. So, he gets up, and he goes, ‘Hey I’m gonna get room service. What do you want?’ I go, ‘It’s Mother’s Day. I want breakfast in bed. Surprise me with what I want. You know what I want.’”

He gets her order right (avocado toast with the poached eggs), but then it’s time to order some coffee and, again, the mental load gets put back on the mom for her own treatment. “And he goes, ‘I’ll also have a hot coffee. What type of milk do you want?’ I go, ‘The type that you know that I want. It’s Mother's Day,’” she says in jest.

He, once again, gets her order right.

While he nailed her breakfast and coffee order, when it came to her Mother’s Day gift — he kind of dropped the ball. “OK, I go, look here, there better be a flower or a balloon at some point or some gift from my kids,” she said. “He was like, ‘The gift I got under control, but it’s not here today.’”

“Of course not because he ordered it yesterday.”

The clip ends with the mom explaining that her husband also forgot the keys to their car in the hotel room when he went to go pick her up, which resulted in mom grabbing all their luggage, getting in an Uber, and delivering the keys to him.

“I did everything. I always do everything, and my husband is just a rescue dog,” she joked.

While she surely found the humor in the flub of a morning, other moms in the her comment section did not. After gaining over 2 million views in one day, her video went viral with a flooded of TikTok users sending their sympathies to the poor pregnant mom while also thanking her for her realness.

“I love that married women are no longer pretending everything is pic perfect & they deserve better. Helps woman realize it’s not just their marriage,” one user wrote.

Another said, “You’re not alone. Rescue dog is an accurate description!!!!”

“That sounds exhausting. I’m so sorry,” one user wrote.

This is exactly why so many women absorb the bulk of household chores and parenting tasks — because their husbands truly lack initiative, and it’s “easier” for women, like this mom, who take this all in stride, to just do it all themselves because at least it will be done right the first time.