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Viral TikTok Shows Kids Calling Mom While Dad Is Literally Right There

“Moms can never get a minute of peace lol,” she captioned the video.

A mom is going viral on TikTok after sharing Ring footage of her kids seeking her out about their de...
TikTok / @tinyann22

If I had a nickel for every single time my child asked me for something while my husband was literally right there, I’d have a pretty nice chunk of change in my bank account.

Maybe it’s because kids just find moms to be more reliable or it could be that finding mom is the default setting in most families where moms take on the majority of the household/childrearing labor, but kids just seem to always gravitate towards mom when they need something — even when they’re not physically home at all!

A new viral TikTok video shows just how far kids will go to ask their mom for help— even if dad is right there.

TikTok user Toni Ann (@tinyann22) posted the video — which now has more than 3.1 million views — showed Ring footage of her kids ringing the smart doorbell to get access to their mom remotely because their tablets are dead.

First, we Toni’s young son, dressed in a Spider-Man costume, walking up to the front door of the house with his tablet in hand.

Mom immediately hops on the Ring’s chat feature while out grocery shopping, presumably from her phone, and asks if he’s OK.

“My tablet’s dead! I need Mommy!” he says.

As the toddler groans about his dead tablet, the mom repeatedly asks, “Where’s Daddy?”

Soon, a second child appears — seemingly the boy’s older sister — holding her own tablet.

“Mom, my tablet’s not working!” she says to the camera. Mom just keeps asking here dad is.

“Where even are you right now?” the little girl asks with a frustrating tone.

Soon enough, mom reveals in the video that — while her children were hunting her down via Ring camera —dad was steps away in the garage.

“Moms can never get a minute of peace lol,” she captioned the video.

Hundreds of moms flooded her comment section, empathizing with this mother’s woes of never getting a moment to herself. “The way I would’ve of blown my mans phone up so fast 😤” one user wrote.

“Dad was two feet away lol if you see in the beginning he walks up from the pathway because he was right by dad lol,” she replied.

Another mom of teens wrote that the future doesn’t look much brighter for the always-needed mom. “Just letting you know even when they are teenagers they are still looking for mom,” another user wrote.

In follow-up videos, we see that dad eventually comes to the rescue to help the kids with their tablet woes.

The final video shows the parents joking about her kids learning how to use the doorbell.

“Well, I guess he figured out how the Ring doorbell works,” she says as her husband fiddles with the tablet.

“Yeah, I guess he did!” he replies. “That’s how he gets ahold of mommy!”