The Best Boogie Boards Your Kid Needs To Surf The Waves This Summer

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by Keri Pina
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Guess what? It’s almost boogie board season! That means it’s officially time to trade in those indoor gymnastics mats for the super fun foam boards designated for summer weather. Pack your beach bag with all your beach toys and be sure to bring your kids’ boogie boards, because there’s seriously nothing more fun than going boogie boarding in the summer. If you’re not sure which ones are the best for kids, we’ve got a list of recommendations here. And if you’re looking for more summer fun in the sun, we’ve got this list of best kiddie pools and inflatable water slides, in case the beach isn’t always an option. (This is your annoying but well-intentioned reminder to watch your kids at all times when they’re in any body of water.)

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Water play is great for all of its sensory benefits, but most floaty toys have to be watched as closely as you watch your kids or you’ll lose them to the deep blue abyss within fifteen minutes of getting them in the water. One of the best benefits of the boogie board is the leash, so you can strap it right to your kid and not worry about losing it.

What is the difference between a boogie board and a bodyboard?

The only difference between a kids’ boogie board and a bodyboard is that a bodyboard is typically more expensive and typically designed for more mature riders. Boogie boards are usually meant for kids.

Boogie boarding (or bodyboarding) has been around for centuries thanks to indigenous Polynesians who hit the waves on wooden Alaia boards as small as three feet, which later became known as Paipo boards. In the 1970s, a surfer and engineer named Tom Morey put his spin on it and branded it the Boogie Board. So calling it a boogie board vs. bodyboard is the same as calling it a Xerox vs. a photocopy or BeautyBlender vs. makeup sponge. Whatever you decide to call it, when you’re picking out your board, most options come in a range of sizes. So 33″-37″ is best for smaller kids, or people under 85 lbs. Basically, anything over around 40″ is better for bigger kids, teens, and adults over 90 lbs. But whether they’re surfing heavy waves or ankle slappers, here are the 14 best kids boogie boards and bodyboards for kids of all experience levels.

Best Kids’ Boogie Boards

This boogie board is both lightweight and rigid and made from high-density polyethylene with an EPS core. It’s available in both 33″ and 41″ so you can go bigger for an older child. Amazon customer Nikki said “My four-year-old is obsessed with his board!! He’s very rambunctious and the board is very sturdy and durable!! It’s so lightweight he can carry it all on his own. This made our beach adventure so much more fun!”

This lightweight boogie board cones in three colors, but I love this seashell print. It’s 37″ but you can size up to 41″ if you have some adults that want to take it for a spin. It’s waterproof and impact-resistant so it will hold up when you’re literally hitting the waves (or if they’re straight up pummeling you). The leash and band can be worn on the ankle or wrist, and its crescent tail and rear channels make it perfect for a pool or the ocean.

This 42″ bodyboard comes with a double swivels coiled leash and has a cozy 4 mm high-density durable IXPE deck. The heat laminated bottom makes for a speedy ride, but don’t worry, the crescent tail will keep you stable. One Amazon customer said, “Exactly what I expected. I love the board and the bag it comes with has enough storage for additional things you might use like flippers. I am really impressed with the sturdiness of it and its performance. Highly recommend!”

Built for all wave conditions, the Storm Bodyboard is available in three sizes: 33″, 37″, and 44″. Made from strong HDPE to increase speed, the board also comes with a coiled leash and fin tethers so you won’t lose any gear in the deep blue sea.

This green coconut palm printed board gives us major California surfer vibes. The lightweight board is only 2 lbs so it’s easy for most kids to carry. The EPS core makes it super buoyant and the crescent tail helps the rider stay in control under the most gnarly conditions.

If you want more than one boogie board, this two-pack of 40″ boards has soft foam construction, engineered contour decks, and speed slick bottoms. And don’t worry about them getting lost in the waves. They both come with a pre-installed leash plug with a removable wrist leash.

With a strong foam core and colorful graphic print, these 40″ bodyboards have a basic leash and a contoured grip top deck. The slick and rigid bottom works great in any body of water, including ocean lake or pool.

Bodyboards for Kids

With cotton candy pink stripes, this 42″ bodyboard for beginners has a slight nose rocker to prevent nose-diving and is appropriately named Onda, which means “wave” in Portuguese. The diamond-weave plastic netting covering the HDPE bottom ensures the board can withstand some rough waters.

Great for beginners and experienced riders, this heat-sealed bodyboard is built to last and comes in both 33″ and 42″ sizes. It comes with a slick bottom and detachable wrist leash, so your kids can wipe out all they want without losing their board.

This board comes in four printed designs, but we love the bright blue shark print. The super-lightweight design comes in a 33″ size for smaller kids, but the EPS core can handle some big waves. And since it’s so light, it’s also a great option for the pool or water park.

Available in nine colors and four size options, this board has a shaka logo (the famous surfer hand gesture) and an HDPE bottom for a resistance-free performance. It also includes a coiled leash with a neoprene and velcro handle, so your kid will feel cozy and secure.

With an EPS core, coiled 5.5mm wrist leash, and HDPE slick bottom, this pretty board also includes fin tethers if you’re all about that flippy footwear. It comes in 33″ size for kids, but grab the 41″ if a grown-up will be using it, too.

If you’ve got a big group of kids under 12 (best of luck to you), then this four-pack of inflatable bodyboards will keep the whole surf crew happy. They’re made of durable polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane, and they can deflate for easy packing if you’re tight on space.

If your daredevil has a need for speed, this board’s EVA surface and HDPE slick bottom will ensure a friction-free ride. The premium coiled leash will keep the board nearby, so your kid can become one with the waves. Available in 33″, 37″, and 42″ and four solid colors. Amazon reviewer Hilbert says, “This board arrived in perfect condition, the color is exactly as described and very lightweight, I especially like that it came with a premium wrist leash, which is very easy to attach and very strong, I took the bodyboard to the beach last weekend and it spent all day in the pounding waves, it works great and definitely caught a lot of waves and just sailed into shore every time. It’s still in perfect shape and seems like it will hold up well for a long time, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would totally recommend this to anyone who wants a high quality, lightweight bodyboard.”

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