From The Confessional: These Moms Are Still Spending Mad Cash On LuLaRoe

by Cassandra Stone
Multiple colored clothing items from the brand LuLaRoe with a caption "From the confessional"
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Even if these moms aren’t ‘LuLaRich,’ they’re still spending money on LuLaRoe

After the harrowing documentary about popular multilevel marketing scam company, LuLaRoe, came out on Amazon, people haven’t stopped talking about it in weeks. Even though viewers got to see firsthand the greed, corruption, and overall abuse that happened within the company (and still happens), these moms are still spending money on those buttery, loud-ass leggings.

Some feel ashamed, some feel zero shame in their LuLaRoe game. Either way, the Confessional is chock-full of moms who say they’re still giving LuLaRoe their money. Pyramid schemes gonna pyramid scheme.

I own a few lularoe pieces and I get compliments on them all the time. My confession is that I don't think all of it is ugly (lots, yes, but not all) and it is super comfy!

Confessional #25792393

It annoys me when my SIL calls herself a "small business owner" or "entrepreneur". You sell LuLaRoe clothing. And PLEASE STOP buying inventory. 10,000 pieces in your garage is called DEBT. I want my nephews to be able to afford college.

Confessional #25790611

My friend is so obsessed with buying LuLaRoe clothes, I am convinced she has an actual mental disorder. She sent me a pic of her closet and there must have been 300 LLR shirts. Apparently she has another closet for pants. And she's always crying broke.

Confessional #15322468

I'm not crazy about how I look in my lularoe leggings, but damn! They are so comfortable! And forgiving!

Confessional #11459400

Even moms who don’t like LuLaRoe are buying LuLaRoe ffs!

I hate that stupid LuLaRoe crap but I saw a pair of Winne the Pooh leggings and now i’ve joined two groups and ordered three pair but missed out on my “unicorn. (Original pair I wanted!) They got my money and my soul.”

Confessional #11261199

I just spent almost $300 ordering from Lularoe Going Out of Business sales. I am staunchly anti-MLM. Equal parts shamed and proud I am helping someone get out of their pyramid scheme

Confessional #11091809

I've been at work for 7 hours now and all I've accomplished is finding the LuLaRoe Disney Randy I've been on the hunt for.

Confessional #4988949

Raise your hand if you’ve lost a loved one to LuLaRoe (no, not because they’re dead or because Deanne Stidham’s hair swallowed them whole). But because they got sucked into the whole pyramid scheme thing and now you can’t ever look at them the same.

Lularoe tights are so ugly!! I can't say that IRL because my friend is a distributor I got so tired of the stupid videos and live sales I unfollowed her on FB. She doesn't know

Confessional #7726922

I wholeheartedly support my friends who love Lularoe but I personally think it looks like hotel carpet.

Confessional #5021799

I discovered Lularoe and ordered $500 bucks worth in three days. I should feel like a big loser, but I dont. I was frugal in my younger years and if I spent money it was on someone else. It is ME time now. Screw everyone else. Buy your own shit.

Confessional #4003172

Some of these moms are just making it rain for that Stepford Mormon cult.

I spent up to $2,000 on LuLaRoe clothes this year. and I don't regret it!!! Should have joined, lol. Some people buy vacations. Now I'm broke, but my closet rocks!!!

Confessional #3746818

Omg! In the last 2 weeks I spent over a THOUSAND $$ on Lularoe!! I discovered it a month ago & I'm addicted!!! I have NEVER EVER done this! It just happened!!! i think I need to give up shopping for lent. I can't stop!!

Confessional #2813385

I have to will myself to have sex. Even give myself prizes... ok you can have 3 new pairs of LuLaRoe leggings because you put out this week. Wtf has happened to me;( I used to love it, now I'm a whore for leggings.

Confessional #2348255

If you or someone you know is spending four figures worth of hard-earned dollars on printed leggings and cheap tunics, please know there is help available. (And if you’re not into actual help, please know that Amazon sells buttery-soft leggings in somewhat normal prints for under $15. Not that giving Jeff Bezos money is more ethical than giving your money to a misogynistic cult, but…the more you know.)

A week ago I thought Lularoe was stupid. I bought a pair from a friend to support her in her business venture. Now I have 9 pairs, and plan to never wear pants again.

Confessional #1783796

LulaRoe is going to make me go bankrupt.

Confessional #1768691

My DH would shit bricks if he knew how much I've spent on LuLaRoe in the past 6 months.

Confessional #1772169

And now, for the best confession about LuLaRoe in the entirety of our collection:

Every time I see the outfits in the LulaRoe promo photos, I puke in my mouth a little. I mean, those ensembles are GODAWFUL. Who wears that shit?? I know no one that does. The last thing on earth a woman needs to look is "whimsical." Fuck, it's BAD!

Confessional #22633716

LOL. Yes. So much yes.