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15 Middle Names For Noah, From Traditional To Just Plain Cool

Little Noah Bodhi is destined to be a little rockstar.

Written by Deirdre Kaye
Toddler with red hair smiling, wearing striped overalls and an orange shirt, sitting on a grey sofa.
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Hop on any parenting board or join any parents' group on Facebook, and at least once a week, you'll see the same dilemma: someone needs help finding the perfect middle name for their little one. And if you've already picked Noah for your babe, you're probably one of those parents. Because the name itself is so short and carries that unique long -o sound, a lot of parents struggle to come up with middle names for Noah.

Most parents (though certainly not all) know exactly what they want their baby's first name to be, but there are so many factors at play when picking a middle name. How do the names sound together? Do the initials spell out anything undesirable? Does the middle name need to have a special meaning, such as honoring a loved one?

While the first name is undeniably significant because it's the most used, that middle (or "second") name is the one parents often ponder the longest. You know this battle. It's why you're here. So, to prevent you from stressing too much about this naming combo situation, here are a few ideas to get the baby name ball rolling.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Noah

Derived from the Hebrew name Noach, Noah means "rest" or "repose." Of course, many people associate the name with the Bible, in which a pious (and ultimately heroic) patriarch by this name leads animals two by two onto a gigantic ark before an apocalyptic flood.

Today, the name enjoys widespread popularity, receiving high rankings in all English-speaking countries.



If you're into biblical names, stay on theme by using David as your little one's middle name. In the Bible, David served as the second king of Israel or, as you may better know him, the boy who killed Goliath. Derived from the Hebrew name Dawid, this name means "beloved."



Middle names that start with vowels can be problematic: It's suddenly a lot easier to spell a word with your new babe's initials. Still, Isaac feels worth the calculated risk! Another biblical name of Hebrew origin, it means "he will laugh."

Also worth mentioning: In the Bible, Isaac was the long-awaited son of Sarah and Abraham, making this a potentially meaningful choice for a rainbow baby's name.



"Noah James" has quite the ring to it, doesn't it? A classic Anglo-Saxon option, this name — which means "supplanter" — is the English derivation of the Hebrew name Jacob. Not only is it a biblical name, but it's also shared by several kings and presidents throughout history.



Simon means "the listener," and what mom doesn't hope for a kid who'll do precisely that? Of Hebrew origin, the name means "he has heard" or "flat-nosed." Bonus: It's not as overused as many other biblical-rooted names.



Although attributed to the Greek form of the Aramaic name Ta'oma, meaning "twin," Thomas has (you guessed it) biblical ties. In the New Testament, Thomas was an apostle who famously didn't believe in the resurrection. Accordingly, he earned the name "doubting Thomas." Don't let that deter you, though; Thomas the Apostle had a redeeming arc, and many great people have since proudly carried this well-established name.



There's something so pleasing about the repetition of the long -o sound in Noah Bodhi. A Sanskrit name, Bodhi means "awakening, enlightenment," and how cool is that? The founder of Buddhism reportedly sat beneath a large fig tree and received enlightenment. That tree became known as the Bodhi tree, thus inspiring this spiritual moniker that makes for a very chill middle name.



Here's a homophonic name for you: Cole literally means "coal black." It's of English origin and, although short, it packs a big punch of character. It's also not too trendy in the United States, so it pairs well with the more popular Noah.



If you're a bookworm, this name immediately makes you think of one thing: Holden Caulfield from J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye. But it also bears the sort of mysteriously cool meaning of "hollow valley."



The meaning of the name Logan isn't too far off from that of Holden — instead of "hollow valley," though, this Scottish name means "small hollow." Interestingly, Nameberry cites it as the number one gender-neutral name in the United States.



Maybe you're going for a middle name that's a little less... austere. Look no further: Nash could be just the ticket. Of English origin, it means "by the ash tree." More importantly, it just sounds like something you'd call a total rockstar.



Of Hebrew origin, Nathaniel means "gift of God," and yes, you can find it in the Bible (both Old Testament and New). If you're not particularly religious, it's still a great option to pair with Noah. Not only does it sound great, but it's also a name with strong literary roots — from Sir Nathaniel in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost to Natty Bumpo in James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales.



Bolster the solid sound of the name Noah with a name equally solid in meaning: Oak. Meaning "tree from the genus Quercus," Oak is considered a symbol of strength and longevity. So, it’s great for nature lovers or anyone looking to imbue their kid with some substance. The alternative option, Oakes, also pairs well with Noah.



Between the repetition of the long -o sound and the letter -n, Ronan couldn't be a better fit for Noah. Of Irish origin, it means "little seal" — how cute?! And if you want to lean into your nerdy side, you can acknowledge that Ronan is the name of the centaur from Harry Potter who lives in the Forbidden Forest.



Destined to have a little ginger-haired babe? Try pairing Noah with Rowan. Of Scottish origin, it means "little redhead" or "rowan tree" (which sprouts distinctively bright red-orange berries). It's also a fantastic earthy choice for you crunchy mamas out there, as the rowan tree is revered as a symbol of protection and life in folklore and mythology.



Want your little boy to grow up with a name chock full of charisma? You should consider Noah Stone. Flinty and bold, Stone means "dweller by the rocks." It obviously conjures up images of the natural element, too.