115+ Harry Potter Trivia For The Biggest Potterheads

Is it leviOsa, or levioSAH?

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There’s a special camaraderie between Harry Potter fans that starts the minute you meet another Potterhead. What house are you in? Have you taken the patronus quiz on Pottermore? Has a wand picked you yet? The questions come fast and no matter the differences, they instantly bond you to that stranger. Can you say, “Accio, instant best friend”? Unless, of course, that stranger is a Slytherin. In all seriousness, though, the whole wizarding world is so in-depth and enchanting that Universal was actually able to build a theme park around it. And in addition to that Wizard World, there exists an entire world of Harry Potter jokes out there.

But, with depth comes minutia and with minutia comes the chance to confuse your facts. How well do you know the wizarding world? These Harry Potter trivia questions ought to sort the experts from those who are still on the first book. No matter how good or bad you do on these Harry Potter trivia questions, though, you know you have friends at Hogwarts and you’re in for a fun game night.

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Harry Potter Trivia About the Stories

  1. Name the four Hogwarts Houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin.
  2. What house is Harry Potter sorted into? Gryffindor.
  3. Why was Harry put into that house? He asked to be put there.
  4. What other house did Harry almost get sorted into? Slytherin.
  5. How are students sorted into their houses? By the Sorting Hat.
  6. What is Harry’s position on the Quidditch team? Seeker.
  7. How does Harry get the lightning bolt scar on his forehead? He got it as a baby when Voldemort tried to kill him.
  8. Who lives at 4 Privet Drive? The Dursleys (and Harry, for a while).
  9. Why does Snape protect Harry? He was in love with his mother, Lily.
  10. Where does Harry go to teach Dumbledore’s Army? The Room of Requirement.
  11. What’s the name of the three-headed dog that guards the door to the Sorcerer’s Stone? Fluffy.
  12. What keeps the three-headed dog asleep? An enchanted music box.
  13. Who does Scabbers the rat turn out to be? Peter Pettigrew.
  14. Name all the Weasley children. Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie, Bill.
  15. Who is the Half-Blood Prince? Snape.
  16. How many staircases does Hogwarts have? 142.
  17. What does Felix Felicis do? Gives the person who drinks it good luck for 12 hours.
  18. What are the three forbidden curses? Avada Kadavra, Imperius, Crucio.
  19. What’s the name of the dance that takes place in Goblet of Fire? The Yule Ball.
  20. What is a Horcrux? An object that contains part of someone’s soul.
  21. Name all seven of Voldemort’s Horcruxes: Tom Riddle’s Diary, Nagini, Harry Potter, the giant ring, the Hufflepuff cup, Slytherin Locket, Ravenclaw diadem.
  22. How do you close the Marauder’s Map? “Mischief Managed.”
  23. What does the map do? Shows you the location and movement of everyone in Hogwarts.
  24. What are the real names of the four marauders? James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin.
  25. How was Hermione able to take extra lessons? A Time-Turner.
  26. What does the Sorting Hat list as two characteristics of most Ravenclaws? Wit and learning.
  27. Where are the Slytherin common rooms located? The Dungeon.
  28. Where are the Hufflepuff common rooms? Next to the kitchen.
  29. How does Harry catch his first snitch? With his mouth.
  30. How many points do you get when you catch a snitch? 150, game over.
  31. What’s the name of Ginny’s Pygmy Puff? Arnold.
  32. What does it mean to be a parselmouth? It means you speak parseltongue — you can speak to snakes.
  33. Why was being able to speak parseltongue especially troubling to Harry? Voldemort was also a parselmouth.
  34. What magical creature pulls students the carriages that take students from the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts? Thestrals.
  35. What are thestrals? Invisible winged horses.
  36. What kind of dragon does Harry fight during the Tri-Wizard cup? A Hungarian Horntail.
  37. What wizards are trained to catch dark wizards? Aurors.
  38. What sort of power do Dementors have? They’re able to drain people of their happiness.
  39. What does Prof. Lupin offer Harry to make him feel better when the Dementors try to attack him? Chocolate.
  40. What does the Mirror of Erised do? It shows a person their deepest desires.
  41. What does Harry smell when he sniffs Amortentia? Treacle Tart.
  42. Harry’s patronus is a stag. What other person also has a stag? Harry’s father.
  43. What is Hermione’s patronus? Otter.
  44. What’s the name of Hagrid’s giant half-brother? Grawp.
  45. Which Hogwarts professor was rumored to be dueling champion as a student? Prof. Flitwick.
  46. Who poses as Mad-Eye Moody and teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts to Harry and his friends? Barty Crouch, Jr.
  47. Who is the seeker for the Bulgarian Quidditch team? Viktor Krum.
  48. Why does Ron decide he hates Krum? Krum takes Hermione to the dance.
  49. How does Rita Skeeter learn secrets for her sensational articles? She turns into a beetle and goes where she’s not allowed.
  50. Why does Rita Skeeter eventually get in trouble? She’s an unregistered Animagus.
  51. Why was the Whomping Willow originally planted? To help Remus Lupin escape Hogwarts when he needed to turn into a werewolf.
  52. How do you free a house-elf? By giving them a piece of clothing.
  53. Who said, “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” Dumbledore.
  54. Who goes on to become a professional quidditch player? Ginny Weasley.
  55. What does R.A.B. stand for? Regulus Arcturus Black.
  56. What do Remus and Tonks name their son? Teddy.
  57. Who tells Harry he’s a wizard? Hagrid.
  58. Who tells Harry he’s a Horcrux? Dumbledore.
  59. Name one of Dumbledore’s middle names. Brian (Literally, everyone says Brian. But, if you want the whole name, it’s: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore).
  60. On what day were the Weasley twins born? April 1, April Fools Day.
  61. What house did Tonks belong to? Hufflepuff.
  62. What are the last three words in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows? “All was well.”
  63. What is the name of Harry’s owl? Hedwig.
  64. What about The Weasley’s Rat? Scabbers.
  65. And what’s the name of Hermione’s cat? Crookshanks.
  66. What is Harry’s wand made of? Holly, with a phoenix feather core.
  67. What is Honeydukes? It is the candy store (“sweets shop”) in Hogsmeade Village.
  68. Where does nearly every Hogwarts student go to get their wand? Ollivander’s.
  69. What magical creation can people use to view other people’s saved memories? (Hint: There’s one in Dumbledore’s office.) A pensive.
  70. Who killed Dumbledore? Snape.
  71. Which two people gift Harry with broomsticks for Quidditch? McGonagall (The Nimbus 2000) and Sirius Black (The Firebolt).
  72. Where does Arthur Weasley work? The Ministry of Magic (Bonus point: What department: The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department).
  73. How many presents did Dudley get on his 11th Birthday? 36.
  74. How is Bellatrix Lestrange related to Draco Malfoy? She’s his aunt (his mother’s sister).
  75. What is the password given to the fat lady to enter into Gryffindor tower? Pig Snout.
  76. In which House did Sorting hat originally want to include Harry? Slytherin.
  77. What is the name of Hagrid’s pet, a giant spider? Aragog.
  78. What is Harry Potter’s date of birth? 31st of July 1980.
  79. What’s the full name of Nearly Headless Nick, Gryffindor’s House ghost? Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.
  80. How many staircases are located in Hogwarts? 142.
  81. Dumbledore bears a scar on his knee that is a map of what? The London Underground.
  82. Who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films? Robert Pattinson.
  83. What is the visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic shaped like? The iconic red telephone booths of London.
  84. Who is the headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic? Madame Maxime.
  85. Which is destructive enough to destroy a Horcrux when exposed to it? Basilisk venom.
  86. Who becomes Lord Voldemort’s trusted snake and Horcrux? Nagini.
  87. Ron Weasley had a phobia for which insect? Spiders.
  88. Harry, Ron, and Hermione help save the Sorcerer’s Stone from being stolen. How old was its co-creator, Nicholas Flamel, when he decided to destroy it? 665.
  89. Monkshood and wolfsbane are the same plants. They are also known as what? Aconite.
  90. Name every ingredient contained in Polyjuice Potion. (Hint: There are seven.) Lacewing flies, leeches, powdered Bicorn horn, knotgrass, fluxweed, shredded Boomslang skin, and a bit of the person you want to turn into.
  91. How many possible Quidditch fouls are there? 700.
  92. In “The Sorcerer’s Stone,” Harry and his friends are awarded last-minute House Points, putting Gryffindor ahead of Slytherin by just 10 points. What was the final tally? 482 to 472.
  93. This one is a two-parter. Where does Vernon Dursley work, and what does the company produce? Grunnings, a drill manufacturer.
  94. For Harry’s 17th birthday, what color did Hermione turn the leaves of the Weasley’s crabapple tree? Gold.
  95. In which book do Harry and Ginny share their first kiss? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  96. What does the acronym S.P.E.W. stand for? Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.
  97. What happened to Voldemort’s parents? His mom died during childbirth and he killed his father.
  98. What is Hermione’s patronus? An otter.
  99. What does Romilda Vane ask Ginny about in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Whether or not Harry actually has a tattoo of a Hippogriff.
  100. What does O.W.L. stand for? Ordinary Wizarding Level.
  101. What does Dumbledore tell Harry he sees in the Mirror of Erised? Socks.
  102. What three things are scattered on the floor of the Knight Bus when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are heading back to Hogwarts?
  103. What was Voldemort’s mother’s name? Merope Riddle.
  104. Who hosts the radio show Potterwatch? Lee Jordan.
  105. Where does Dudley go to school? Smeltings Academy.
  106. What is Harry Potter’s birthday? July 31.
  107. What is J.K. Rowling’s birthday? That’s a trick question, she shares her birthday with Harry Potter, July 31.
  108. What does the Mirror of Erised’s inscription read? Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi” read backward says, “I show not your face, but your heart’s desire.”
  109. What does the Hogwarts’ motto — draco dormiens nunquam titillandus — mean? “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.”
  110. Whose name appears on the “Service to the School” trophy next to the quidditch trophy? Tom M. Riddle.
  111. Who are the only known characters to receive all 12 O.W.L.s? Percy Weasley, Bill Weasley, and Barty Crouch Jr.
  112. During their first trip to Diagon Alley, what flavor ice cream did Hagrid get for Harry? Chocolate and raspberry.
  113. What is Aragog’s wife named? Mosag.
  114. Who is the first character to take Voldermort’s name in the series? Ginny Weasley.
  115. Who teased Moaning Myrtle about her glasses? Olive Hornby.
  116. In the first movie, how does Hagrid describe his job at Hogwarts? Keeper of keys and grounds.
  117. How fast can a firebolt broomstick reach? 150 mph.
  118. Fill in the blank from this line said by Cedric Diggory: “So… We’re______ each other again!” “playing against”
  119. Fill in the blank from this line said by Cedric Diggory: “You know that golden egg? Does yours ______ when you open it?” Wail.

Behind-the-Scenes Harry Potter Trivia

  1. Dumbledore is an Old English word for “bumblebee.” J.K. Rowling chose it because she always pictured Dumbledore as humming to himself.
  2. Some of the main characters of the book underwent name changes before print. Which ones? Draco Spinks, Hermione Puckle, Lily Moon (who ultimately became Luna Lovegood), and Neville Puff.
  3. Rowling created the Dementors after suffering from depression following her mother’s death. It was “that cold absence of feeling — that really hollowed-out feeling” that inspired Azkaban’s shadowy guards.
  4. In Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Arthur Weasley was originally supposed to die but his death was replaced with the death of Sirius.
  5. Rowling dedicated the first five years of writing Harry Potter to creating rules about what the characters could and couldn’t do.
  6. Tom Felton — who memorably played Draco in the films — originally auditioned for the roles of both Harry and Ron.
  7. In the films, Moaning Myrtle was 14. The actress who played her was Shirley Henderson, who was 36 at the time of filming.
  8. Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry) kept using his wands as drumsticks throughout filming. The result? He broke around 80!
  9. J.K. Rowling hand-picked Alan Rickman to play Snape, even providing him with crucial details of Snape’s backstory not revealed publicly until the final novel.
  10. To make scenes more authentic, the child actors of the films would do their actual schoolwork in classroom scenes.
  11. When Evanna Lynch showed up to audition for the part of Luna Lovegood, she wore a pair of dirigible plum earrings she’d made herself. They were so spot-on that (after she got the part) she wore them in the actual films.
  12. When the Hogwarts students were shown doing their homework, they were actually real homework. They did it to add realism to the film.

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