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This Mom's Denial Over Her New Minivan Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

"It's an SUV. It's just got sliding doors."

One TikTok mom went viral for her hilarious denial that her new car was definitely not a minivan.
@the_brick_house / TikTok

There is something so monumental about the switch over to the minivan. Minivans have somehow become synonymous with settling down, becoming a soccer mom, and making that decent into total suburban life.

There’s no question that minivans are convenient, multifaceted, and an affordable option for a big family. So, why are we so often embarrassed by such a smart and practical transportation choice?

One TikTok mom is poking fun at this all too real phenomenon after buying a new car that she swears is not a minivan.

TikTok account @the_brick_house went viral after posting some hilarious snippets of the mom and her utter denial when it comes to her new car.

“She’s finally a van Mom and doesn’t know how to feel 😂,” says the caption of the viral clip.

In the video, the new car owner gives a tour of the new car that is more certainly not a minivan, but just so happens to have sliding doors on the sides and look like, well, a minivan.

“You like my new SUV? Not a van. It's an SUV. It's just got sliding doors,” she jokes in the video. “2024 SUVs. They make them different these days.”

After showing off some of the interior features of the new car, she walks outside to show off the sliding doors, claiming that SUVs just come with those now.

“You know these new SUVs, they be opening doors a little differently. So, don't get it twisted. This ain't a van,” she says as she presses a button to make the sliding doors open just like a van.

The irony is not lost on us.

After the video went viral, gaining over 3.5 million views, over 20k TikTok users commented on the video. Some wondered why minivans get such a bad rep while others totally related to that sinking feeling that a minivan purchase means you’re entering a new phase of life.

“it's a SPORT UTILITY .......van,” one user joked.

The OP replied, “Ultimately you’re right. So sporty 😅”

One user questioned the hate behind minivans and wrote, “Why do people hate vans so much😭 I only have one kid and my mini van is LIFE”

“We’re learning to love them lol,” the OP replied.

In another follow-up video, more features of the car are shown off, including the roomy backseat, keyless entry, and more.

“Welcome to my SUV, camper, limousine thing ... not a van,” she says deadpan into the camera.

The actual car in question is called a Kia Carnival, which is marketed as “multipurpose vehicle” or an “MPV,” offering versatility and flexibility for a family's needs including built-in sun shades, pop-up third row seating, camera, and yes, sliding doors.

Though the new car may share a similar appearance to a minivan, this mom can rest assured that by carmaker standards, she is the proud owner of an MPV.