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Mom Of Infant Stirs Up Controversy By Bringing Her Baby To The Gym

She says she's "finding balance,” but many worried about safety issues.

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In a now-viral video, a mom posted a video featuring herself placing her six-month-old baby on the f...
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A new baby can hinder any sort of schedule, routine, or productivity that a mom might have had down pat before the new bundle of joy. Babies are time-consuming, exhausting, and require so much of a new parent’s attention. Things like working out or hobbies might have to go on the back burner for a bit until a new normal comes into play — or you might have to get creative at home.

One mom decided that she wasn’t going to let her role as a mom get in the way of her routine, including her workout schedule. In a now-viral video, Baby Boos Designs posted a video featuring a mom bringing her six-month-old baby to a workout facility.

The caption reads: “This is called ✨finding balance✨ as a mom... wouldn’t change it for the world!”

In the video, viewers can see the mom place her baby down on a blanket on the floor of the gym along with a small toy while she does some burpees near heavy weights and works on some calf exercises.

While the video seemingly was posted to show that women can still practice self-care and pursue their interests and passions after becoming moms, several users were nervous about the placement of the baby on the gym floor surrounded by heavy weights and dumbbells.

In another video, the account reiterates the message that just because a woman becomes a mom doesn’t mean she loses her identity.

“This is your sign to remember that having a baby doesn’t mean you lose your life. 👏🤍✨” the caption reads on another clip of the mom showing mom life at home versus lifting at the gym. In this video, her baby is in a stroller rather than on a blanket on the floor.

While, yes, this messaging is 100% on point, it’s also important to make sure everyone is safe and sound, too. No mom should have to sacrifice the things she loves just because her family grows. When moms become steeped in the stressors of motherhood, that’s when things can become heavy and dark.

Moms need outlets like working out to gain back their sense of self, socialize with a community, and take care of their overall health. The issue with these videos lies in the fact that seeing a small infant on a dirty gym floor can be a bit jarring.

Before the Baby Boo’s Design Instagram account turned off comments, several users expressed concern over the safety of the baby. says there’s nothing wrong with bringing a baby to the gym. However, there are some safety guidelines parents should follow.

“Once you’re ready and feeling up to the task, consider baby-wearing at the gym. It may appear unconventional initially, but it’s an excellent starting point for resuming your workout while keeping your baby close. Be sure to choose safe, low-impact exercises like treadmill walking, avoiding risky activities such as using the elliptical machine or weights,” the website reads.

Another option would be to place a baby in a stroller or carrier while conducting a workout at the gym while they nap or rest next to you as you exercise.

The site continues, “This strategy can be beneficial if your baby is too active or uncomfortable in a carrier during your exercise sessions.”

So, it looks like if you’re careful, and if your gym allows it (some do not) you can bring baby with you while you exercise.

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