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This Mom Shows How To Handle “Gender Disappointment” At Her Baby’s Reveal

You can be disappointed and still celebrate.

A mom went viral after she recorded her reaction to the gender reveal of her second child, noticing ...
Kailyn Bennett / TikTok

Every parent, at the end of the day, just wants a happy healthy little bundle of joy. Let’s just get that out of the way first and foremost. Despite this fact, parents also can have raw reactions (good and bad!) to learning the sex of their child.

When expecting, parents usually hold some sort of hope or idea of what they’d like their family dynamic to look like, this includes the sex of their children. Some moms dream of all boys while others may hope for one of each.

Recording reactions to “gender reveals” have become a quite popular trend on social media, and when Kailyn Bennett recorded her reaction for her second child, she noticed a stark difference in her reaction compared to when she found out the sex of her first child.

In the first clip, a hopeful Bennett and her husband pop a giant balloon before blue confetti falls around them — revealing their first child to be born a boy. The couple kiss and hug to applause from friends and family.

The next clip, a much more low-key and humble reveal, shows the family, now with an extra little addition, biting into a cupcake presumably filled with a frosting that will either be blue or pink.

Bennett takes a big bite and proceeds to wail in agony. She yells something unintelligible with a mouthful of cupcake before throwing the treat on the floor.

She buries her head in her hands while her husband laughs, knowing that his wife is surely having a brief moment of gender disappointment.

After a deep breath, she looks at her son, smiles and said, “We’re having another baby boy! Woo!”

Bennett captioned the post, “Our first gender reveal vs. the second 🤣 In my BOY MOM era 💙🥰 the shock has settled in and we’re getting so excited to meet our little man”

Her viral video was flooded with comments from others moms who resonated with that initial gender disappointment while soon embracing whatever kind of family they end up with.

“I love your authenticity. It’s totally ok to be disappointed. Doesn’t mean he won’t be loved!!!” one user wrote.

“Mom of 3 boys. I threw my phone when we found out I was pregnant with our 3rd boy & cried for days. Now, I wouldn’t change it for anything!! 💙,” one wrote.

One user admitted, “Me wanting to be ONLY A BOY MOM but then have two girls lol 😂 gender disappointment is real and your feelings are valid mama”

One user commented on her husband’s quiet but telling reaction and wrote, “Your husbands face 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭”

“Right 😒🤣 I’m just thinking wait till I have both my boys AND HUSBAND and they are all smiling/laughing at me seeing blue again the third time 😂😂,” the OP replied.

Bennett’s raw reaction resonated with so many moms who may have dashed expectations when it comes to their baby’s sex, however, unlike a lot of dad’s viral reactions at gender reveals, she took a second to have her moment, collected herself, and celebrated the news with her family.