If Your Computer View Is A Pain In The Neck, These Monitor Risers Can Help

by Kate Antoniades
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Computers standing on monitor risers on desks

If you spend a lot of time at your computer, a monitor riser is a great solution to prevent neck and back pain as you work from home. Did you know that in an ergonomic workspace, the top of your laptop or monitor screen should be at or just below eye level? Monitor risers are an easy way to make that possible! To make your WFH experience more comfortable and less straining, you can keep your laptop on a monitor riser and use a wireless keyboard at the correct level for your hands and elbows. From experience, I know that the neck and back pain will dramatically improve once your view is upright. Those who have been raising your laptop with a stack of old books or magazines (we need that flattering angle for video calls) know the benefits of a higher screen too — but it’s time to level up to the real deal!

Monitor risers come in all sorts of materials, from wood to metal to plastic, and are available in lots of different styles to coordinate with your current desk mat or desk organizer. Most of them have handy storage space for home office essentials, so they’ll help cut down on clutter, too. Having a monitor riser is truly a win-win! Check out our top picks for the best monitor risers below.

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