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This Mom Wants Parents To Keep Their Kids “Who Do Nothing But Scream” Out Of Costco

“Leave them home with dad.”

A mom posted a TikTok video complaining about screaming children in Costco and was met with some maj...
@thatmomtori / TikTok

My husband, 4-year-old and I go to Costco every single week. It’s a tradition. We do our weekly shopping, checking out everything from jewelry to stainless steel pans to giant flat-screen TVs.

We snack on samples and end our trip with dinner at the food court where the $8.50 total makes the $200+ bill totally worth it. Costco just has everything! It’s magical!

We go for the frozen chicken bites and leave with a camping tent, y’know what I mean?

Costco, by no means, is a quiet, relaxing experience. It’s a free-for-all. So, when one mom posted a TikTok video complaining about screaming children, she was met with some pushback.

TikTok mom Tori (@thatmomtori) filmed herself enjoying a slice of pizza at the Costco food court. In the background of the video, children are talking and, at times, yelling and screaming.

“This is why when you go to Costco, you leave the kids with dad and come by yourself,” she says in the video. “You don’t come to Costco as a family when kids scream. Leave them home with dad.”

Tori also wrote in text overlay on the video, “I will never understand why families bring kids who do nothing but scream to Costco, or any shopping experience.”

“Let one parent stay home with the kids and you enjoy your free samples and dollar pizza,” she continued.

If Tori was eating at a five-star restaurant or hanging out at the Louvre, then yeah, maybe she had a point, but she’s eating some pizza at Costco — a giant warehouse where families grocery shop. Is it fair to ask families to keep their kids out of Costco?

And aren’t you making a lot of assumptions about what families look like and how families work?

TikTok users in the comments didn’t think so.

“I barley [sic] get to see my husband during the week while he works. My kids and I miss him so we enjoy our Costco trips as a family. Eat in your car next time 🤷🏼‍♀️,” one user said.

“Who expects peace and quiet while eating at COSTCO? 🙄” another wrote.

Another wrote, “I have 4 kids 7 and under. I go to Costco and we do our best. Eat your pizza in the car.”

“I guess I forgot where I set my written schedule of when my kid would be upset throughout the day,” one user said.

“Because sometimes you’re just doing the best you can… yourself,” another person said.

The OP replied, “I didn’t say by yourself… I’m watching a family — mom and dad — shop with 2 kids screaming. I get it if there isn’t a choice.”

Another said, “Being in public, shopping, being around people is how children learn to interact and behave in society.”

“Correct! But at what point do parents take a child outside? This was the entire hour I was at Costco and both parents were present,” the original poster responded.

Maybe Tori’s messaging was misunderstood? Did she mean that she wishes more moms would leave their kids home with dad, so moms can grocery shop in peace and not have to parent while out and about?

While she is entitled to her opinion, as a mom, what are we doing if we’re complaining about the existence of kids (who are being kids) in a grocery store? How is that doing anyone a favor in a country that already makes no room for kids?