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Olympia Ohanian Hilariously Plays With Tampon 'Cat Toy'

Serena Williams filmed her daughter playing with tampons, and honestly, who can’t relate?

Serena Williams filming herself and her daughter Olympia Ohanian who's playing with tampons
Serena Williams/TikTok

Serena Williams is no stranger to sharing honest moments in her motherhood journey. She’s opened up about mom guilt, shared her daughter’s birth story and, most recently, has revealed plans to retire from tennis in hopes of adding to the family she shares with husband Alexis Ohanian.

So it’s no surprise then that she shared a completely hilarious TikTok of her daughter, Olympia, playing with tampons thinking that they’re a cat toy. Been there.

"What is that?" the tennis ace asks her daughter as she unwraps a tampon in the video. Olympia simply says, "A cat toy for Karma.” Karma, Serena identifies, is the family cat.

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Honestly, what adult woman hasn’t stared at a tampon and thought, “Huh, this does kind of resemble a toy for a small mammal.” Olympia is just braver than the rest of us, I guess.

To her credit, Serena did title the video: “Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a Cat Toy! Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld.”

LOL indeed.


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