The Best Piggy Banks To Get Kids Excited To Save

Coin collections just got a whole lot cuter.

by Jessica Booth
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It might seem premature to teach a child the value of a dollar, but trust us: it’s never too early to start preaching about financial responsibility. One fun way to broach this topic is to buy your LO one of the best piggy banks for kids on the market today. They may not be able to open their own savings account, but they can start to practice with a cute piggy bank made with their curious brains in mind. Coin banks are a great way to show them that saving up every small coin can lead to an exciting reward.

Buy your little one a piggy bank that they’ll think is adorable, or one that plays on their interests, so that they’ll want to start using it. Teaching them how to put their money into the bank and then letting them buy themselves a little present after some time will help them learn how beneficial saving can be, which is a lesson they will take into the future.

Money banks don’t have to be boring, either: You can find really cool options out there, whether you want something classic and simple, or something a bit more interactive and modern. And you can really buy these at any age. If your child is too young to use a piggy bank, it can act as a cute piece of room decor until they’re ready. Check out some options below for the perfect piggy banks for kids.

The Best Piggy Banks

This Classic Piggy Bank

If you want something simple and classic, this piggy bank is a great choice. It’s the cutest room accessory with a friendly face, and this glazed ceramic bank gets the job done by being the perfect spot for loose change. Color choices include blue, pink, gray, and silver, and the rubber stopper at the bottom is easy to remove to access coins.

Helpful Review: “This piggy bank is perfect for my son's first piggy bank. It is a great size, and has the rubber plug at the bottom to empty if needed. It is heavy ceramic so it is teaching him to be careful with his "treasures.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Popular Friendly-Faced Piggy Bank With A Head That Moves

This rubber piggy bank gives off major Charlotte’s Web vibes, so if your kiddo is a fan of the story, they’ll love this vinyl piggy that has the sweetest smile and a chic gingham scarf around its neck. It’s a popular pick with over 5,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. The head even rotates for added fun.

Helpful Review: “My 4yo asked for a piggy bank for Christmas and this one is awesome. It's perfect. It's durable and won't break easily, the piggy's head turns, which he loves, and the scarf is ADORABLE. So many piggy banks out there have cheap paint that chips easily, but you don't have to worry about that with this piggy bank. It's just so stinkin' cute, even my 4 boys think so.”

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

Blast Off With This Rocket Piggy Bank

This rocket-shaped piggy bank is the perfect piece of room decor for a space-themed room. Because it’s made of high-quality glazed ceramic that’s been hand-painted, it’s definitely not meant to be a toy and may not be the best for small children. Still, it’s detailed, can hold a good amount of coins, and is super cute for the kid who loves anything related to outer space.

Helpful Review: “Perfect size for girl or boy to start learning about saving money. Colorful and makes a nice display.”

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

A 3-In-1 Piggy Bank That Teaches Kids To Save, Share & Spend

There’s nothing wrong with a classic piggy bank, but this innovative trio bank stands out because it’s specifically made with teaching in mind. There are three different sections: one to set aside money for spending, one for saving, and one for sharing. Each box has space to write out dates and balances to keep track of everything. It helps kids learn basic financial concepts and will get them organized.

Helpful Review: “The piggy bank is very well made of premium construction in quality and design. The pretty design quickly captured the attention of my 2 kids and the 3 distinct boxes allowed me to have a conversation with my kids on budgeting and on the needs to save and share. With easy access to the money, my daughter has already figured out that she would like to set aside more money from 'spend' to 'save' and 'share'. I think mission accomplished.”

Recommended Age: 4 years old & up

This Personalized Piggy Bank

Any gift that’s personalized is always a little more special. This piggy bank features polka dots on the ears and feet, along with the option to add a child’s name on the side. Like most OG piggy banks, it’s ceramic. But it does have a removable rubber stopper underneath so kids won’t have to smash it open to retrieve their savings.

Helpful Review: “It was a little bit smaller than I had anticipated it being, however it is so cute and so pretty I would never ever think of getting rid of it or changing anything about it at this point! I love the personalization, the font, everything was absolutely perfect spot on and beautiful.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Super Soft Plush Piggy Bank

Ceramic piggy banks are beautiful and will last for a long time when taken care of properly, but if you’re looking for something for a younger kiddo you don’t need to keep tucked on a shelf, opt for this plush coin bank. It’s soft and cuddly and when kids drop a coin in, it makes a cute little elephant sound. A great, friendly way to introduce young kids to saving.

Helpful Review: “Great for a small child, soft, durable, makes a noise when the money is inserted. Can be played with like a toy and not worry about breaking!”

Recommended Age: Babies & up

A Small Piggy Bank With A Removable Snout

These adorable plastic, colorful piggy banks are perfect for younger kids because they’re small and so easy to open up when you want to: simply pop off the snout. They come in a set of three and in three vibrant colors (purple, pink, and blue) to please any kid.

Helpful Review: “Bought this for a two year old who loves to find coins and carry them. These are perfect! The colors are are great. It won't open easily to little hands so they can carry the piggy bank around and still not lose their coins. One was nice but three was neat.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

A Pair Of Matching Plastic Piggy Banks

These plastic piggy banks come as a set of two — one pink and one blue. They’re ideal for small hands since they’re basically unbreakable. They’re also just the right size for first-time savers — not too big and not too small, with stoppers at the bottom. And for under $20 for the set, they’re a great deal.

Helpful Review: “Very cute, durable, and easy for little hands to open and close. So glad I don't have to worry about them shattering when the minis carry them around and my kids were ecstatic. They're a good size for kids to carry around.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Stackable Piggy Bank Set

These stacking coin bank blocks are great for toddlers and big kids alike since they do everything from teach motor skills (stacking) to money concepts. The blocks are labeled spend, save, and share, and come in bright colors that little ones will love but are still transparent so they can see their money.

Helpful Review: “This is a very cute bank. We love that it’s teaching our kids to save and give money as well as spending it. They like stacking the blocks. Easy to remove the plug to get money out too. The fact that they’re translucent is great so the kids can see money accumulate.”

Recommended Age: 4 years old & up

Cool Piggy Banks

This Piggy Bank Vault With A Code To Open

This adorable coin bank looks like a tiny, kid-friendly safe. Like legit safes, it requires a four-digit passcode to open so kids can keep their savings safe. Kids have the option of slipping bills or coins in the slot or stashing money away by opening the door. Either way, they’re sure to love it and can choose from nine cool colors. And a heads-up for parents: this coin bank requires three AA batteries, which aren’t included.

Helpful Review: “Great safe, easy to operate, and the note feed is cool. Its truly an awesome bank, which once your kid has the knack, he can hide away whatever he wants. We left the default code fir it, and he has no problems entering it, opening dumping money into and out of it … if you have a 5 year old who is interested in the money around the house which ends up in his pockets … but this, he will love it.”

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

This Clever Panda Bear Piggy Bank

If you really need to encourage your kids to put their money away instead of spending it, then try doing so with this clever coin bank. After kids put their coin on top of the button and press down, the panda sticks out his adorable paw and steals the coin, storing it safely inside the box. A fun way for kids to save money. And don’t forget to the batteries — this one takes two AAs. This pick also comes in four other cat variations.

Helpful Review: “This bank is absolutely adorable! It doesn’t hold a large amount of change but that’s ok because it’s so cute to watch the little paw come out and steal the coins.”

Recommended Age: N/A

An Under-The-Sea-Themed Piggy Bank

This octopus piggy bank would look great in an under-the-sea-themed kid’s bedroom or a baby nursery. It’s ceramic with a hand-painted smooth, glazed finish. Kids can drop coins right into the slot at the top and when they’re ready to count their savings, they can just pop off the removable rubber stopper at the bottom.

Helpful Review: “This little bank was perfect for my new grandson as his parents did an "under the sea" theme for his nursery. The octopus is adorable and the bank itself is very sturdy. I definitely would recommend to anyone!”

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

A Coin-Counting Piggy Bank

This transparent piggy bank is made of a tough and durable plastic that allows your little one to watch their money accumulate, which can encourage them to save more. And it’s high-tech too — this one automatically counts coins as they slide in and tells kids exactly how much money has been saved. It’s a large capacity bank and can hold up to 800 coins. Over 2,000 shoppers give this pick five stars. Just know it requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

Helpful Review: “This is the perfect gift for my 4 year old learning about saving money. It shows how much she has saved, she is able to see inside, and it’s the cutest little piggy! She loves it!”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Paint-Your-Own Hello Kitty Piggy Bank

This Hello Kitty piggy bank doubles as a fun arts and crafts project. The ceramic Hello Kitty bank is a blank canvas that kids will love designing. It comes complete with acrylic paints and a paintbrush. Once it’s dry, kids can start saving by popping coins into the top of Hello Kitty’s head.

Helpful Review: “The 8 year old loved it. She got to color it in too. Plus I gave her a bunch of coins to start her bank.”

Recommended Age: 8 years old & up

This Break-Open Piggy Bank

This coin bank is for serious savers. Kids can easily slip bills and coins (500 and 3,000 respectively) but if they want to dip into their savings, the only way in is by smashing it open with a hammer. Little ones might need help from an adult, but there’s no doubt that older kids will get a kick out of this stainless steel coin bank.

Helpful Review: “Kids kept getting into their piggy bank. Not with this one. Child: “Where do we get the money out” Me: “You don’t. That is the point of saving money.””

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

This Old-School Bank Box

This wooden bank box features genuine brass accents and comes with a lock and keys so kids can keep their savings safe. It’s on the smaller side and can fit in the palm of your hand, but the old-school look is great for big kids who have outgrown cutesy piggy banks.

Helpful Review: “Very well made. Good way for kids to learn how to save their money. We bought 3 for each of my kids. They have designated keys and lock for each and Tried to use one key for all of them since they all look the same and I expect that with that just 1 key it will work for all of them but I'm surprised it doesn't, which means it only work to it's designated box. Cool.”

Recommended Age: N/A

Unique Piggy Banks

This Mermaid Tail Coin Bank

This mermaid tail coin bank is made of porcelain and features a beautiful seafoam ombre tail with reversible iridescent sequins that kids will love playing with (so soothing). The slot on the side makes it the perfect spot to hide some loose change. Since it’s ceramic, it’s probably best for older kids or stored up on a shelf out of reach of little hands.

Helpful Review: “Very well made and pretty. Will go perfect with any mermaid decor.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Interactive Piggy Bank That Will Keep Toddlers Busy

This adorable piggy bank for babies and toddlers is more of a toy than an actual way to save coins, but it’s still planting the seed that a coin collection is fun. Plus, it’s a great way to work on dexterity, counting, color recognition, and cause and effect. Your little one love all the sounds, songs, and phrases, too. It’s a fave with little ones; this pick maintains an impressive near-perfect overall rating after over 4,000 Amazon reviews.

Helpful Review: “This is such a cute gift for an infant or a toddler. My niece loved it and laughed at the snorting and rumble. The coins are chubby and baby hand friendly. Love the counting. The door can be a little difficult for little hands to open, but it’s doable. Just enough interactivity for entertainment without being garish or annoying. Keeps baby entertained for a sufficient amount of time.”

Recommended Age: 6 months old & up

This Cute Unicorn Piggy Bank

This unicorn piggy bank is extremely adorable, which makes up for the fact that it’s also quite small: it’s about the size of an iPhone, and only holds up to 150 coins. Still, it’s so cute for a little one who is obsessed with unicorns and because it’s made of resin, it’s sturdier than a ceramic piggy bank. The detailed wings and stars on the toosh add to its whimsical look. Love it but want more space? This unicorn bank also comes in a larger size.

Helpful Review: “Beautiful! My daughter was so excited to get this. It looks exactly like the picture and came in a beautiful box. A great gift!”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

A Piggy Bank for Fairy Tale Lovers

This ceramic money bank shaped like a magical fairy tale castle features pink sparkles on the cone-shaped roofs and beautiful silvery-gold detailing. The coin slot is located at the back so it looks like a pretty ornament when placed on a shelf. If your child loves fairy tales or anything princess, they’ll adore this castle money bank.

Helpful Review: “So pretty, good quality, holds a lot. Great first piggybank!!”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Swan Coin Bank

This coin bank looks like a serene little swan. It’s wearing a silver crown and because its body is pure white, it can blend right in with your child’s space no matter the color scheme. It’s constructed out of ceramic with a coin slot on the swan’s back and a rubber plug on the bottom. It’s also available in two other color options, including pink.

Helpful Review: “Loved the size. Actually larger than I imagined. Quality is great and swan was delivered in perfect condition. I purchased this as a baby shower gift, something that will last years and not just an outfit they will outgrow quickly. Classic piggy bank. Love it!!!”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

A Wooden Dinosaur Coin Bank

This dinosaur coin bank is a blast for kids as they watch their coins go down the dinosaur’s see-through, zigzag throat and land in his (also see-through) belly. It’s pretty tall for a piggy bank at 14 inches tall and constructed out of wood that’s made to last. Choose from nearly 20 colors.

Helpful Review: “Super cute. My son loves it! It’s wood based with some veneer type of finish overlay on the wood. No sharp edges on ours. It does require assembly, and directions.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

A Unicorn Piggy Bank Craft

Give your kid the ability to completely personalize their own coin bank with this craft kit. It comes with a white unicorn bank, 12 paint colors, 3 paint brushes, a pot of glitter coating, and cute rhinestone stickers. There’s so much they can do with this, and then they can use it for years to come.

Helpful Review: “This product is GREAT! My three year old had so much fun painting it. Now she gets so excited when either someone gives her change or she finds change to put it right in her unicorn, or as she calls it her yanacorn bank.”

Recommended Age: 6 years old & up

This LEGO Piggy Bank

This is not just a really cool-looking piggy bank, but a fun one that kids actually get to build since it’s made out of, you guessed it, LEGOs. And it’s functional too since kids can really store money in it. When it comes time to get to those funds, kids will need to disassemble the LEGO pig. But, hey, rebuilding it is part of the fun.

Helpful Review: “My son (7) loved this piggybank!! He loves legos and easily put it together. But I love that it's also functional! It won't store a lot of money (especially if using dollars), but it's still a great little bank and fun at the same time.”

Recommended Age: 7 years old & up

A Four-Part Piggy Bank That Introduces Investing

This piggy bank doesn’t just encourage kids to save, it also encourages them to donate and invest. It features four compartments that empty individually: save, spend, donate, and invest. And it’s clear, so kids can watch their money accumulate. Note that the plastic is on the thinner side, which makes this little piggy better suited for older kids.

Helpful Review: “I have been talking to my girls about finances and purchased a bank for them as a way to demonstrate different 'goals' you can have with your money. I like that it came in a range of colors - no fighting. I wish it was a bit more sturdy.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

A Coin Bank With A Basketball Hoop

Basketball fans will love shooting their coins into the hoop of this coin bank that kind of looks like those fun basketball arcade games. In this case, the coin acts like a “ball” and with the push of the lever, kids can shoot the coins into the basket AKA the coin slot. It’s fun and makes saving exciting. Score!

Helpful Review: “I was pleasantly surprised with this bank. It was a perfect size, pretty durable, awesome looking and super fun. Grandson loves it. Asks for extra chores just to get to flip coins in. Great gaming bank!”

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

This Precious Moments Coin Bank Shaped Like A Seashell

Okay, this one is for all the 70s and 80s babies who were obsessed with everything Precious Moments back in the day. This ceramic mermaid-themed coin bank is shaped like a little clam and has a cute mermaid holding an adorable blue narwhal. The message is a sweet reminder to save up for those special treasures.

Helpful Review: “I bought for my 7 year old daughter who loves mermaids and anything ocean related. She loves this bank! It's a good size and so cute.”

Recommended Age: Unavailable

This Minimalist Coin Bank

This clear acrylic coin bank is about as minimalist as it gets, and the simple design will appear to older kids, even teenagers. And like some of the other piggy banks on this list, it’s made for serious savers. Kids might be tempted to dip into their savings as they watch the bank fill with money, but they’ll have to smash it open to start spending. It’s also available in a larger size. Either way, your kiddo will love watching their pot of money grow. And you might even want to grab one for yourself.

Helpful Review: “This is so cute and makes a great gift for a child. I gave it to my friends son who is 5 years old and added money to it to start his piggy bank with and he thought it was the greatest thing.”

Recommended Age: 3 years old & up

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