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Planet Fitness Will Be Free For High Schoolers This Summer

No word on whether or not the teens will also get free pizza on Mondays.

Teens taking a photo at the gym - Planet Fitness is offering free summer membership for high school ...
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Starting May 16, Planet Fitness, the gym known for its vibrant purple and yellow interior and Pizza Mondays, is starting its free High School Summer Pass. The program allows high school students ages 14 to 19 to go to any Planet Fitness gym for free. The promotion will run through August 31, 2022.

Planet Fitness first started the initiative in 2019 under the banner Teen Summer Challenge, hoping to offer teens a place for physical activity when things like school sports programs and gym classes are not in session. Sure, some families might have their kids signed up for an unholy amount of sports summer camps, but that is not always an option for lower income families.

On top of offering free access to the gym, the company is also giving away one $500 scholarship to a student in each state and will award a $5,000 scholarship as a grand prize at the end of the summer.

In order to register for the program, teens ages 14 to 17 must sign up with a parent or guardian’s permission. High schoolers 18 and over can sign up on their own. The program is also limited to one Planet Fitness location, so once you choose one of the 2,200 club locations, you have to stick with that one.

There are loads of physical and mental health benefits for teens who break a sweat with friends. Humans get a sweet boost of serotonin from both working out and from hanging with close friends and family. And, as Planet Fitness notes in its press release, almost 48% of teens struggled with mental health issues for the first time during the pandemic. Hanging out with friends and burning off some steam could be beneficial to those looking for a bit of relief from pandemic-related anxiety.

If your teen is interested in going to the gym to improve their health or to hang with their friends without breaking the bank, Planet Fitness might be the way to go.

As with all workout regimens, especially with teens who face a slew of unrealistic body standards, it’s important to make sure your teen has a healthy relationship with both physical exercise and food before letting them live their best gym rat lives this summer.

Interested teens can preregister for Planet Fitness’ program here.