Product Recall Alert

More Than 2 Million Infant Swings Recalled After 10-Month-Old Dies

4moms announced that it is recalling models of the MamaRoo swings and Rockaroo rockers due to entanglement and strangulation hazards.

An image of the 4moms RockaRoo rocker, which was recalled along with the MamaRoo baby swings due to ...

Baby product company 4moms just recalled more than 2 million of its MamaRoo baby swings and RockaRoo rockers due to potential entanglement and strangulation hazards for infants. The company has received two reports of entanglement incidents involving infants, including a 10-month-old who died from asphyxiation, and another 10-month-old who suffered bruising to his neck from the product strap.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSP) said that versions 1.0 through 4.0 of the MamaRoo Baby Swing and all RockaRoo Baby Rockers have restraint straps that can dangle under the seat when not in use. Crawling infants could become entangled in the hanging strap, which poses a strangulation hazard.

The new MamaRoo launched in mid-July 2022 (model 1046) is not affected. The affected MamaRoo model numbers are 4M-005, 1026 and 1037, and the affected RockaRoo model number is 4M-012. The swings were sold from January 2010 through August 2022 at BuyBuy Baby and Target stores across the U.S., as well as online on the company’s site and on Amazon. The products retailed anywhere between $160-$250.

Parents who have affected baby swings or rockers are advised to immediately discontinue use of the product, and to place them in an area where an infant cannot crawl underneath it and get access to the strap. The company is also offering free strap fasteners for recalled products that prevent the strap from swinging while not in use. Even if a baby is past their crawling stage, 4moms still urges parents to order a free strap fastener to be extra cautious.

The recall comes shortly after the CPSC warned Americans about the safety hazards of using infant rockers for sleep, citing at least 14 deaths linked to rockers made by Fisher-Price and Kids2. In May, President Biden signed the Safe Sleep for Babies Act into law, which bans inclined rockers and padded crib bumpers. The law makes it illegal to “manufacture, sell, or distribute crib bumpers or inclined sleepers for infants. Specifically, inclined sleepers for infants are those designed for an infant up to one year old and have an inclined sleep surface of greater than 10 degrees.” Over 200 infant deaths have been linked to rockers and padded crib bumpers.

Parents can contact 4moms by phone at 877-870-7390 (8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday) or by email at with concerns or questions about the recalled swings and rockers.