The 9 Best Toddler Pillows For A Safe & Restful Night In Their “Big Kid” Bed

When they sleep better, you sleep better.

by Anna Baboval
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Toddler pillows are must-have additions to your LO’s new ‘big kid’ bed right alongside toddler bed rails. (That said, no judgment if the plan is to keep them safe in a baby crib until college! Just kidding … kinda …) The best part of a ‘big kid’ bed — aside from trying to keep them in said bed all night — is accessorizing it. Toddler pillows really are a thing, as well as right-sized sheets, blankets, and kids’ comforter sets to personalize their room. Upgrading their space to include a pillow will make your newly appointed big kid’s bed look just like your bed (which they’ll inevitably jump into at 5 am … you might want to check out toddler sleep training alarm clocks while you’re at it).

Got questions? We’ve got answers below. We also curated a list of the best toddler pillows on the market according to reviews, ranging from super cute to extra comfy. These options are so great, your little-big-kid might actually go to sleep in their own bed.

When Can A Toddler Have A Pillow?

When deciding to make this massive change, safety is the most important thing to consider. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends not using pillows or loose blankets before the age of 1 to avoid risk of suffocation. And according to pediatric sleep expert Judith Owens, there’s really no need to add a pillow until the child is ready for a ‘big kid’ bed.

What Kind Of Pillow Can A Toddler Use?

Verywell Family noted the ideal size for a toddler pillow is around 13 by 18 inches (FYI, a standard-sized adult pillow is 20 by 26 inches).

After making sure to secure the right size, other factors to consider are material, firmness, and durability (they are totally going to throw it around!). We may love a soft down pillow, but super-plush picks aren’t yet safe for little heads. Try to pick a pillow that is firm enough to support without sinking in too deep, but also soft for a little bit of comfort. According to Healthline, fiber-fill (like cotton or polyester) and memory foam are two good options. Organic toddler pillows are all the rage because they offer a nontoxic sleep surface, and they’re also made with hypoallergenic materials.

With that in mind, it’s time to find the best toddler pillow for your little one.

1. This Cult-Favorite Toddler Pillow Available In Tons Of Sweet Prints

Boasting a near-perfect 4.7-star rating on Amazon after 32,000 reviews, this pillow is a clear fan favorite. Not only is KeaBabies organic cotton, machine-washable toddler pillow the perfect size for little ones ages 2 to 5, it also comes in a variety of fun designs. Kiddos have the option to pick the pillow case that best matches their personality, from dinos to princesses to butterflies and beyond. The ergonomic design and 3.5-inch thickness offers optimal neck support for growing toddlers.

Helpful Review: “We introduced this [todder pillow] at 19 months. Prior to that our kid hadn’t used a pillow. She LOVES this thing more than anything. Takes it downstairs with her every morning. Hugs it as she falls asleep. I feel sort of badly for not introducing it earlier!”

Available Colors: 24 | Fill Material: Polyester Fiber | Dimensions: 13 x 18 inches

2. This “Not Too Fluffy, Not Too Flat” Toddler Pillow

Little Sleepy Head’s toddler pillow is another Amazon sensation with nearly 10,000 five-star reviews. It’s perfect for bed or even naptime at daycare. We love that it’s 100% hypoallergenic and designed for little heads — not too thick or fluffy. At 4-inches thick, it has shoppers calling it “just the right size.” Best of all, it’s machine washable — because when this quickly becomes their favorite thing, carried from place to place, it will need some freshening up. Just note that pillowcases are sold separately.

Helpful Review: “I love this toddler pillow – it’s the perfect size for small children [...]. I was able to throw it in the washer and dryer and it maintained its shape perfectly. I ended up buying a pillow protector just so I wouldn’t have to wash it frequently.”

Available Colors: 1 | Fill Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 13 x 18 inches

3. This Memory Foam Toddler Pillow With Adjustable Fill

Earning Green Guard Gold certification is no easy feat. Products must go through rigorous testing to prove they are chemical-free. This hypoallergenic toddler pillow not only earned that title but also has the unique ability to grow with your child. The adjustable design allows for access to the memory foam/microfiber blend filling by simply zipping open the inner liner case so that you can remove (or add back) however much you like to create the ideal pillow size for your child’s needs. The washable outer cover is made from super-breathable Lulltra fabric for an added layer of luxury, and the entire pillow is also machine washable.

Helpful Review: “My toddler is a belly sleeper, so I love that you can adjust the filling on the pillow to make it thinner. After removing some filling, airing it out and tossing it in the dryer for a bit, it was perfect.”

Available Colors: 1 | Fill Material: Memory Foam, Microfiber | Dimensions: 13 x 19 inches

4. This Quilted Pillow With A Low Profile For Younger Toddlers

The Biloban baby toddler pillow offers a low profile, 2-inch design that makes it ideal for younger toddlers that still have relatively small necks, giving them the support they need. The quilted cover helps the polyester filling stay in place so the pillow can retain its shape, while the Oeko-TEX 100 certification ensures that it’s a 100% chemical-free surface. And it comes with an ultra-soft cotton pillowcase that’s machine washable too. Feel like stocking up? It’s also available as a two-pack.

Helpful Review: “This pillow is not only thin but soft and comes with its own mini pillowcase that fits it perfectly. Not only is my daughter sleeping better but this mama is sleeping better too!”

Available Colors: 1 | Fill Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 13 x 18 inches

5. This Budget-Friendly 2-Pack Of Toddler Pillows

Know what’s better than one pillow? Two pillows. Over 13,000 reviewers have given this toddler pillow set from Utopia Bedding a five-star rating. And it’s easy to see why. Aside from the budget-friendly price, these pillows come with a durable 250-thread-count cotton blend cover, and are just the perfect balance between the firmness needed for ideal neck support and the softness toddlers need to sleep comfortably. Choose from five fun colors.

Helpful Review: “My toddler loves her new pillows! The 2 pack was great as we have one at home and one at daycare. They are very soft but don’t lift her head so high that her neck is bent when she is sleeping. She loves to snuggle up on her new pillow!”

Available Colors: 5 | Fill Material: N/A | Dimensions: 13 x 18 inches

6. This Wool-Filled Toddler Pillow

Woolino’s 100% wool-filled toddler pillow is Oeko-TEX 100 certified for a safe (and comfy) sleep experience. The high-quality, Woolmark-certified grade-A Australian wool filling makes this pillow an exceptional choice for toddlers since it’s naturally odor-resistant and breathable, so you don’t have sweaty little heads at night. This pick includes an 100% organic cotton cover that is machine washable.

Helpful Review: “This pillow has added to the collection of woolino products in my home. My toddler loves it. She'll fight you for it. It's the perfect size and it's stuffed with wool which means that it's not going to cause her little head to sweat or overheat [...].”

Available Colors: 1 | Fill Material: Wool | Dimensions: 14 x 19 inches

7. This Affordable Toddler Pillow That Comes With A Cute Printed Cover

This ergonomic toddler pillow is super plush, making it a comfortable sleep surface for your child. The soft yet dense filling is designed to be ergo-friendly, offering just the right amount of support to keep a child’s spine aligned while sleeping. The 100% Egyptian long staple cotton cover is soft, durable, breathable, washable, and this pick comes with a pillowcase that’s available in four adorable prints, in addition to classic white.

Helpful Review: “Great pillow for my 1 year old. Perfect. It's just what I was wanting for my daughter to have a little something under her head while sleeping in her crib. She still sleeps in the bed for half the night with me and is always laying on my pillow so I got this for her for when she sleeps in the crib so she isn't just on a flat surface. Perfect size. I would say it's just the right thickness for what [...]toddler needs as a pillow.”

Available Colors: 5 | Fill Material: Cotton Fiber | Dimensions: 13 x 18 inches

8. This Toddler Pillow For Side Sleepers

This toddler pillow is designed just for side sleepers with a special shoulder cutout shape and contoured surface that provides the ideal alignment. The memory foam filling is responsive, which means it’s comfortable yet also dense enough to offer the right level of support for toddlers and it keeps its shape over time. It also features ventilation channels for the ultimate breathability. It comes with a washable cotton pillowcase, too.

Helpful Review: “This toddler pillow is perfect! The pillow is extremely comfortable for toddlers as it is the right softness, is contoured with just the right fit to accommodate and provide just the right amount of support where needed for toddlers head, neck and shoulders.”

Available Colors: 1 | Fill Material: Memory Foam | Dimensions: 10 x 15.7 inches

9. This Adorable Toddler Pillow That’s Offered In A Ton Of Disney Designs

This Minnie Mouse toddler pillow will surely delight little Disney fans. The cover is made with a high-quality, polyester plush fabric and features a soft polyester fiber fill. If Minnie Mouse isn’t your child’s thing, don’t worry, there are tons of other characters to choose from like Raya and the Incredible Hulk.

Helpful Review: “This was an impulse purchase to go along with my 3 year olds' nap mat and she sleeps with it every night. Its machin ewashable and very comfy.”

Available Colors: 20 | Fill Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 12 x 15 inches

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