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This Mom Lets Her Toddler Use The Grocery Store Self Check Out Even If There's A Long Line

Not everyone was buying her justification for doing it.

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A woman let her toddler help in the self check out line even though there was a line building behind...
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Parents have a responsibility to make sure they raise their kids to be independent and responsible humans. One of the best ways to help young kids learn the ins and outs of living in this wild world is simply letting them live it. Kids need to try new things, experience everyday life, and build the confidence to one day strike out on their own.

However, parents also need to teach their kids how to read social situations and be respectful of others. One mom on TikTok is catching some major flack after proudly admitting that she lets her young daughter check their groceries in the self-checkout, despite a long line of shoppers behind them.

“POV: the line behind you is growing and people are looking at you but you don't care because your child is learning and rushing is what gives young children anxiety,” TikTok mom, Amy Runciman, wrote in text overlay on the video.

The video features Runciman and her daughter, Texas, using the self-checkout line at the grocery store. One parent scans the groceries and then hands each item to Texas while working to identify each grocery product. Amy swears that the grocery store is meant to be for families with kid carts and lower shelving.

“Sunday mornings — this supermarket is designed for families. Kids trolleys/carts, and even checkouts that are low down ♥️ Take a step back if you think this is moving too slow, I think we make a pretty great team #toddlerlife,” she wrote in the comment section.

The moment is very sweet and wholesome in one way. However, most in Runciman’s comment section did not find the hands-on learning experience to be as endearing. Most TikTok users wondered if Runciman could have picked a better time for this learning moment instead of a busy Sunday.

“The way I would lose my mind if I was next in queue,” one user said.

“This is why they make developmental toys that they can use at home without being inconsiderate to others 🙏,” another wrote.

Another user suggested, “Next lesson is leaving him at the cash register while you go and get something and it's about to be his turn. ✨character building ✨”

“I work in a shop on Saturdays. It’s usually super busy and I don’t understand parents who don’t teach their children to be aware of their surroundings,” another said.

“I agree it’s great learning and you should not rush them. But I try to go at quiet times of the day as I know I’m not the only person who needs to shop! Also means they can walk around the shop & help,” one user said.

The OP replied, “This was Sunday morning, he had his own trolley as the shop provides kids ones 😊”

However, some TikTok users saw the lighter side of the video, praising Runciman for including her daughter in the little things.

One supporter commented, “These comments are NOT it. Let them do what they want, because as far as I can tell, he's going as fast as I DO at the checkout line. Keep it up! 💜💜”

“Unpopular opinion but this is so wholesome. That little child is so happy and relaxed. We need to slow down a bit and enjoy the little things 🥰,” they said.

“The exact messaging I intended! I think people’s personal issues and experiences are being applied to my video so they can let out some anger 🙈🙈,” Runciman replied.

This might be a situation where everyone is kind of right: having your kid help at self check out is great, but pick a time where there isn’t a big line. Or do some pretend shopping at home.

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