The Best Toddler Underwear For Those Potty Trained Tushies

Undies for the smallest set.

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The transition from diapers to underwear can be a pretty grueling process for both kids and parents (if you’re currently going through it, bless you and stay strong). Toddler underwear is a must-have during and after potty training. The best toddler underwear can help get your child excited for the big-kid potty skills that they’re working on — and since many underwear options come with fun character designs, your kiddo might be even more motivated to put them on.

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There’s obviously nothing cuter than a toddler tushie in undies, but aside from the cuteness factor, they also have to be comfortable and durable. Comfortable because, duh, kids. Durable because accidents are going to happen, so underwear that’ll withstand it all is key. (Although sometimes undies reach the point of no return and need to be tossed.)

If your toddler is still transitioning out of diapers, training pants are a great pull-up alternative since they look and feel like regular underwear but have an absorbent lining to help catch leaks.

Since there is an overabundance of toddler underwear options on the internet, we narrowed them down to the cutest, coziest, and highest-quality options to make your online shopping life a little easier. And even though we sorted them into boy and girl categories, we believe in choosing products that suit each child’s needs and preferences.

Best Toddler Girl Underwear

Some 100% Cotton Underwear Available In So Many Cute Prints

These breathable 100% cotton undies will keep your toddler feeling as fresh and dry as possible. And guess what? More than 6,500 Amazon shoppers have weighed in, giving them an impressive 4.8-star rating overall. The leg holes feature covered elastic to reduce pinching, adding to their comfort level. With tons of prints and solid choices, there’s one to meet every toddler’s style.

Helpful Review: “When you’re accustomed to buying children’s undies at local chain stores, these by Cadidi are the BEST! Adorable designs and excellent quality; they haven't frayed or hardly faded at all after tons of washes. I'll be buying more as my daughter outgrows these. Highly recommend!”

Available Sizes: 18 Months — 12/14 | Available Colors: 20+

Another Value Pack Of Cotton Toddler Underwear That Shoppers Love

If comfort and reliability are your top concerns, don’t pass up these soft cotton undies from Boboking that have amassed 4,600 perfect five-star reviews (and counting). They feature smooth bands and a high rise, which is big in the world of toddler comfort. Reviewers say they are super easy for kids to pull up and down on their own and are made from cotton fabric that holds up wash after wash.

Helpful Review: “These are the softest and most durable underwear I have found so far for my toddler. I have actually reordered these three times! They fit great and stay up well, but are still easy for her to pull off- we are still potty training. Quality fabric and cute too!”

Available Sizes: 2 — 12 | Available Colors: 20+

The Cult-Favorite: Some Classic Toddler Underwear Available in Brief Or Hipster Cut

Tagless underwear for kids is really the only option — unless you don’t mind hearing constant complaints about itchy undies. These come in either a 6-pack or a 12-pack with the option for hipster or briefs, and there are several fun designs and colors. They’re available in sizes 2-3T and 4-5T, and parents are digging the fact that they’re made by a trusted brand and that they hold up well in the wash. Not surprisingly, they’ve racked up 17,000+ ratings from happy Amazon shoppers.

Helpful Review: “My daughter loves these undies. They are so soft and they wash easy. I've washed these over 20 times and they still look good! Better than the other brands.”

Available Sizes: 2-3T — 4-5T | Available Colors: 10

These “No-Pinch” Waistband Underwear

These toddler underwear are actually made to fit kids wearing sizes 6 and up, but since they run a little small and will shrink a little after the first wash (as 100% cotton tends to do), they’re a great option for toddlers too. The no-pinch waist is super comfy for toddlers and parents will appreciate that they are made to last. And who can resist the cute prints?

Helpful Review: “My girls love these underwear and I do to. They're thick, comfortable and cute. Compared to the sizing of Fruit of the Loom brand underwear we switched from, they run a little small. I ordered a size 14 for my 8 year old because the 10-12 size didn't fit as the other brand did. Great quality!”

Available Sizes: 6 — 14 | Available Colors: 20+

This 10-Pack of Disney’s Frozen Toddler Underwear

If your kid is all Frozen all the time, these are the underwear to get. They feature characters from the movie and will likely make getting dressed a little more exciting for your Elsa-fanatic. And since they’re made of combed cotton, they’re breathable and only get softer with each wash. Reviewers say that the elastic waist and leg bands add just the right amount of stretch.

Helpful Review: “Bought for my grand daughter who is smaller and they fit great. She loved them. They didn't dig into her legs and helped with going to the potty.”

Available Sizes: 2-3T — 8 | Available Colors: 6

Best Toddler Boy Underwear

These 100% Cotton Toddler Boxer Briefs

These Fruit of the Loom toddler boxer briefs come in mixed packs that include both solid colors and sports-themed designs that your kids will love. They’re 100% cotton with an elastic waistband that makes them comfortable and easy for toddlers to pull up and down on their own. With a 4.8-star rating, there’s a reason these are a top choice by parents.

Helpful Review: “This is a great set of little boxer briefs for my 4-year-old. The 100% cotton really shows well here — they came through their inaugural wash super soft, and fit my big little guy just great. He absolutely loves them.”

Available Sizes: 2-3T — 4-5T | Available Colors: 10

These Super Comfy Toddler Briefs

These toddler boy briefs by Carter’s come in an assortment of prints, including trucks and stripes, and solids. They feature a comfortable elastic waistband and are made from super soft, breathable cotton. The “fly” is convenient for quick potty access. They’re also available in boxer briefs for kids who prefer a little more coverage.

Helpful Review: “These are excellent, affordable, high-quality boys underwear that I found were perfect for potty training.”

Available Sizes: 2-3T — 8 | Available Colors: 8

These Organic Toddler Boy Briefs

These underwear made of 100% organic cotton are perfect for toddlers with sensitive skin. The baby ribbed cotton design is ultra soft. And they come in classic solid colors for sizes 18-24 months all the way to size 16, so you won’t be searching for a new favorite brand for a long time. They are a little on the pricey side, but they’re durable and well-made.

Helpful Review: “I love these underwear’s for my son, they’re soft, they’re not toxic, they’re very well constructed, and they fit perfect. I highly recommend them.”

Available Sizes: 18-24 Months — 16 | Available Colors: 9

These Tagless Day-Of-The-Week Toddler Boxer Briefs

These briefs are great for kids who prefer a looser and longer fit. They’re tagless and made from extra soft 100% cotton for maximum comfort. Each pair of undies features a different day of the week, perfect for letter practice and learning how to keep track of what day we’re on.

Helpful Review: “Super cute! Vivid colors, cute designs and comfy fit. My 4 year old loves it. I think it's even teaching him the days of the week. So who needs preschool?”

Available Sizes: 2-3T — X-Large | Available Colors: 7

Some Cute Disney Cars Toddler Boy Underwear

Do you have a Disney Pixar Cars fanatic at home? Then these undies featuring Cars designs will make getting dresses extra fun. They’re made of 100% combed cotton, so they’re not just cute but made well, too.

Helpful Review: “Super cute! Vivid colors, cute designs and comfy fit. My 4 year old loves it. I think it's even teaching him the days of the week. So who needs preschool?”

Available Sizes: 18 Months — 8 | Available Colors: 8

These Unisex Toddler Underwear Made With Natural Dyes

If you’ve got a little one that’s early to the potty-training game, these unisex “baby” underwear are just what you’re looking for. Beyond the fact that they come in sizes from 6 months to 5T, you can feel good about the quality since they’re made with 100 % cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and free from harmful chemicals.

Helpful Review: “These underwear are perfect! It has been a struggle to find underwear to fit my 18 month old who is potty trained, but these fit her great and are high quality. Great, soft material and super cute!”

Available Sizes: 6 Months — 5T | Available Colors: 9

Best Toddler Training Underwear

These Thick, Organic Potty Training Underwear

When it’s time to transition from diapers to big kid underwear, this 3-pack is a great option. These trainers are certified free from 100 harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and are GOTS Certified by OTCO, meaning they’ve received their sustainable certification. In other words, they’re training undies you can feel good about buying.

Helpful Review: “These are great for training your little one before real underwear, and gives a little padding and security. I think my child feels better with these after being out of a diaper or pull up. They are soft, and comfortable, and are made well.”

Available Sizes: 2-3T — 4-5T | Available Colors: 9

These Super Absorbent Potty Training Underwear

It’s important to remember that training pants aren’t as absorbent as a diaper. That’s the whole point. You want your child to feel the wetness so they learn when it’s time to use the potty. But these unisex training pants are cute, soft, and absorbent, with a cotton outer layer and an absorbent polyester inner layer.

Helpful Review: “These were fantastic for potty training my toddler! I got them at the recommendation of a fellow mom, and they were amazing. The added absorbency helped to keep accidents under control when they happened.”

Available Sizes: 12-18 Months — 4-T | Available Colors: 22

These Potty Training Underwear Available in Tons of Colors

These are a great option for early potty trainers who need some extra absorbency in case of accidents. They won’t stay dry, but they’ll at least prevent puddles on the furniture or floor. With tons of colors to choose from, these training pants are great for boys and girls.

Helpful Review: “This is great for kids that are mostly potty trained. My almost 3 year old is 90% potty trained. He forgets to tell someone when he’s playing. During quiet time in his room he was having full blown accidents and I was tired of scrubbing the carpet. He wears these during that time he’s alone and when he starts to go he calls me and there have been no puddles to clean up!”

Available Sizes: 2T — 7 | Available Colors: 24

Some Potty Training Underwear Designed To Prevent Leaks

These might be the absolute cutest training pants ever! The designs are so adorable, you might even forget how excruciating the potty training process has been. Maybe. The leg gusset is designed to prevent leaks and the cotton body and covered waistband add extra comfort.

Helpful Review: “I bought these and they are the best training underwear I have ever gotten. My daughter is two and started potty training and these hold so much... They do not leak and are easy to clean and dry.”

Available Sizes: 2T — 4T | Available Colors: 12

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