The Best Potty Training Seats In 2021, According To Mom

The Best Potty Training Seats That Help Make Toilets Seem A Little Less Scary

September 30, 2020 Updated May 10, 2021

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Shit happens. And with a toddler in diapers you are up to your elbows in it daily — which is why toilet training with the right toddler potty seat is mission critical. Yes, potty training can be just as hard as weaning your baby or teaching your little to read. We think potty training success is all about timing — make sure they really want to tinkle and two it in the toilet before anything. The other secret to success? Finding the right potty training seat so your little one will actually use the toilet. Wearing accident-proof pull-ups won’t hurt either.

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Nothing halts the potty training momentum like a startling slip in the toilet (those little buns sure can make a big splash). Make your giant adult-sized toilet more approachable with a potty training seat (some even come with built-in ladders or screw directly into the toilet). Or buy your little diaper machine a perfectly sized free-standing potty all their own and you’ve just made toilet training a whole lot easier on yourself.

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The Best Potty Training Seats

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

There is something to be said for sturdy and dependable. The Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat is just that. A thoughtfully designed classic white potty seat that fits snuggly in a standard toilet. The contoured seat securely holds your toddler on the toilet while they grasp the handles to steady themselves (or push out a big one). Plus the non-slip rubber edging prevents the Munchkin Potty Seat from slipping around, giving your little one confidence on the pot. One parent reviewed on Amazon We love these seats. They fit snugly on our toilets, no wiggling or wobbling, so our son feels secure. The front guard is plenty to prevent pee going everywhere (and) the seat is easy to pop on for those ‘gotta go now’ moments.” And with almost 8,000 unique ratings on Amazon, you can rest assured it’s one of the most popular toddler potty training seats out there.


Summer Infant My Size Training Potty

Is your little potty trainee scared of being sucked down the big adult toilet? Summer Infant My Size Potty is a realistic- looking potty training toilet that looks like the real thing, just perfectly sized for a toddler. Teach your toddler proper hygiene with the built-in wipes dispenser on the tank and a rewarding flush sound when your little pushes the handle. “Everything about this is perfect” reviews a potty training parent on Amazon. “We love this. My son loved this from the beginning because it looks just like the adult toilets. It’s also easy for him to take out the basin and dump the contents himself. It’s sturdy and easy for him (he’s small) to get on and off.” Easy to clean, this lightweight, one-pound potty training toilet has a removable basin and a splash guard perfect for those potty training boys.  


Disney & Nickelodeon Character Soft Potty Seat

A toddler’s favorite character can be the most powerful parenting tool when it comes to doing new things — like their 1s and 2s in a toilet. If you have a Mickey lover or a Paw Patrol enthusiast in your bathroom, look no further than the Disney & Nickelodeon Character Soft Potty Seat. These cushioned seats are soft on little tushies, but also come in so many different character varieties you are almost guaranteed to find one your toddler loves (think Blaze, Pooh, Minnie, and Peppa Pig). Outfitted with patented easy grip handles and a removable splash guard, your toddler will sit soft and secure on this potty training seat. Avoid bathroom buildup and remove the cushion from the frame for an easy deep clean. One Amazon customer reviewed, Really cute and exactly what we were looking for! Our little loves Paw Patrol so it’s encouraging him and an incentive at the same time.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Baby Bjorn Smart Potty Seat

Suffer a heart attack every time your toddler scales a ladder or climbs a stool? Avoid all that unnecessary bathroom climbing with the ergonomically designed Baby Bjorn Smart Potty that rests firmly on the floor. The clean lines and petite footprint of this Scandanavian potty seat is perfect for smaller spaces and minimalist design aesthetics. But most importantly, it’s comfortable for your tinkler to use (with a rubber edging to prevent sliding about) and cleanup is a breeze. One parent reviewed on Amazon, Love this potty! My 2 year old son potty trained in a week on this thing and it is the perfect size and design! He recently used a different potty at his cousins house and got pee everywhere because of the poor design.” Avoid that dreaded potty splash while training your little guy with the floor- saving splash guard on the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Potty Seats For Toilets

Jool Folding Travel Potty Seat

Sometimes ya gotta go when you are on the go — and it is almost guaranteed that your potty training toddler will have to the minute you leave the house. Kid-proof those germy public toilets with the Jool Folding Travel Toddler Potty Seat (because your little will grab onto that dirty toilet no matter how many times you tell them to put their hands on their knees). The lightweight travel potty seat folds to easily fit in a medium-sized bag and has 8 suction cups so you don’t have to worry about your bathroom beginner slipping and sliding around. This potty seat is the best!” raves one Amazon customer. “I have tried them all and have wasted a lot of money on other seats. It folds for travel and most importantly, it doesn’t move around the seat when your child is using it. This is a must for everyone with small kids.”

$14.95 AT AMAZON

NextStep2 Toilet Seat With Built-In Potty Training Seat

Steer clear of more kid bathroom clutter with the NextStep 2 Toilet Seat. The seemingly standard toilet seat features a built-in potty training seat that magnetically secures to the lid, kind of like an incognito potty training seat. The toddler-sized seat is easy for little fingers to access while the magnet is strong enough to hold the potty seat in place so you can take care of business comfortably, too. The slow close hinge prevents the lid from slamming and eliminates the possibility of pinched fingers, letting your toddler safely operate the seat. This toilet seat is a freakin’ heaven sent!” reviews one mom on Amazon. “I was so tired of the clumsy toilet seat (which was) big and bulky for our small bathroom. This one you just put down and use and then put back up. Whoever invented this is a genius and you made this mom ecstatic.” The NextStep 2 Toilet Seat with a built in potty trainer can easily be removed for thorough cleaning and is available in both round and elongated shapes to fit most standard toilets.

$44.97 AT AMAZON

Angelbliss Potty Training Toilet Seat

No more sitting on cold hard plastic for you little potty trainer. The Angelbliss Potty Training Toilet Seat is crafted from high quality PU material with a soft temperature regulating cushion to keep Baby’s bum comfy on the potty. Just press a button to fully detach the soft blue cushion for easy cleaning. Most importantly, the Angelbliss Potty Seat locks securely on the toilet with its one-of-a-kind, patented anti-slip bezels and adjustable snap system so your little sits safe and snug on the toilet. One Amazon customer reviews, “This is a child friendly potty training toilet. The blue part feels soft and always remains at room temperature which makes it comfortable for my two year old to sit on. I have got other similar products but none of those my son liked. The best part about this one is that it has adjustable snaps and front anti-slip bezel which make it safer for children to sit on. Great product!”

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Potty Seats With Ladders

Alayna Foldable Potty Training Seat With Ladder

To a toddler, climbing onto a full-sized toilet is like traversing a bathroom Mount Everest. It is hard, cold, and very intimidating. Take the danger out of toilet training with the Alayna Potty Training Seat which features an attached ladder. This easy to climb ladder has wide non-slip steps and dual height options to accommodate most standard short and tall toilets. The attached handles give your potty trainer a place to hold on tight as they climb the ladder or steady themselves on the seat. And this potty seat with ladder is lightweight and foldable making it very easy to store. Great portable training potty,” reviews one parent on Amazon. “We even take it with us when we travel. Makes it so nice so he doesn’t touch the toilet because it has side handles for them to hold.” But most importantly your little one’s bum will stay in place on the contoured toilet seat with anti-slip pads.

$26.32 AT AMAZON

711TEK Toddler Potty Training Seat With Step Stool Ladder

Learning to potty like a big kid should be safe and comfortable. The 711TEK Toddler Potty Training Seat With Step Stool Ladder is not only super safe with 4 non-slip grips on the foot of the adjustable ladder but pleasant for that little tush. The ergonomically designed toddler training seat supports a growing spine but also has a padded seat cover for added comfort (don’t worry it velcros in and out for easy cleaning). This incredibly sturdy potty seat can hold a max weight of 165 pounds and will keep your little one secure with the updated smooth surface handles. “Helped my son get over his fear of the regular toilet” reviews one parent on Amazon. “I rarely write reviews, but I am just so thankful for this potty seat. My three year old son hated using the regular toilet, and we were beyond the baby potty. After 2 days, I’m so impressed. This product allows him to be independent and be like a big kid. He also likes to hold onto the handle while using it. The splash guard front is an added bonus. I’m so glad I purchased this product.” Choose a pink, teal, or blue ladder seat for your little one and get the “potty” started.

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Buh-bye diapers…hello big kid underwear. Just another milestone passed while your baby grows up. Don’t worry, we’ve researched and tested all the best stuff for each stage of your child’s life so you can focus on the important stuff – sleep. Just kidding (kinda, not really).

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