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Mom Says She’s “Unsubscribing” From All Holidays, Including Mother's Day

"Name one man who takes care of all of the holiday preparations for their family."

One mom is throwing her hands up when it comes to all this B.S., telling her husband that she is “un...
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I was over at my parent’s house when my dad turned to my mom and said, “Do we have anything going on for Mother’s Day?” My stomach dropped. I looked at my mom as she stared back at my dad. From the look on her face, he immediately knew he had made a grave mistake.

“Do you ever plan for Father’s Day?” she asked matter-of-factly.

Point made!

And it’s not just Mother’s Day, right? It’s Christmas. It’s Easter. It’s the kid’s first communion and birthday parties. It’s all the holidays and special events. Typically, moms are the default parents who have to take on the entire mental load that comes with planning and executing holiday plans. We’re cleaning and serving and cooking and ordering so much so that by the time the party or get-together comes, there’s no time to enjoy it.

One mom is throwing her hands up when it comes to all this B.S., telling her husband that she is “unsubscribing” from holidays.

“This morning, my husband reminded me that Mother's Day is coming up, and of course, he wanted to know what I wanted to do for Mother's Day,” she began.

“Even though my entire life, I'm always in charge of figuring out what we're going to do, what we're going to eat, getting gifts for everybody, and that is the exact reason why I told him: ‘I cannot handle the pressure of it anymore. All day, I feel panicky figuring out who's going to be there, who we're getting together with, what are we going to eat, what are we going to do, ‘Is everybody happy?’ ‘Is the house clean?’ ‘Do we have the gifts?,’ and it is way too much pressure and I can't do it anymore.”

“I said, ‘Do you know any men that feel like that on holidays?’”

She goes on to say that she is not going to participate in any holidays if she is the one always planning them. However, if she sees other people making plans, she’s more than happy to come along. Her husband admitted to the “role” he’s played in her absolute apathy for holidays aka doing nothing!

She continued: “Maybe that's on me because I didn't force him to be more involved, but it's like when you're doing everything and then you also have to ask your partner to participate it's just too much work ... so I'm hoping he's getting the message ... I don't want to let my kids down, but at the same time, they have another parent in the household and he can do it.”

Um, This Lady For President 2024?

Can you imagine how many family parties, get-togethers, celebrations, and just holiday magic, in general, would be totally and completely gone if all moms just went on strike like this woman? We’re tired. We’re tired of having to stuff our own stockings. We’re tired of being in the kitchen washing dishes while everyone snacks on the food we prepped or picked up during our long day of errands.

As one commenter said: “At least the bear would bring you honey.”