60+ Viking Boy Names That Guarantee They'll One Day Have An Impressive Beard

by Team Scary Mommy
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viking boy names

When selecting a name for your soon-to-arrive baby boy, you’re probably taking all kinds of things into consideration, like family names, names you just like the sound of, names with a specific meaning or originating in a certain part of the world, names with a quality you’d like your child to eventually possess — like musical talent, warrior spirit, fiery personality, elegance, and charm. That kind of thing.

Which brings us to Viking boy names. On the one hand, most of them sound pretty cool and some are still kind of unique. Like Viking names for girls, Viking boy names convey strength, and courage, and the spirit of exploration. On the other hand, much of what we know about male Vikings (at least from pop culture) doesn’t leave them coming out smelling like roses, with all the pillaging and arson, and whatnot — not to mention their treatment of women. (Though, in fairness, that criticism could apply to any group of boy names from any time period, including this one.)

Are we saying that Vikings should be canceled? No, that would be ridiculous…although pirates would be right there with them. But according to Viking tradition, babies are given names based on their association with certain qualities and personality traits, and/or the Norse god or animal that represents that quality. Of course, there’s no reason you have to take Viking naming tradition into consideration for your own child. Maybe you just really love the name “Leif,” or want your little guy to play hockey, or one day be able to grow a lush beard. Another Viking tradition involves naming babies after a highly respected relative or a local hero, so you can always go that route too.

In case you missed that day of history class, Vikings were seafaring Norse people who had the run of much of Europe, Northern Africa, and the Arctic between 793–1066 A.C.E. They also made it to the Middle East and North American (specifically, parts of Canada). They lived in the southern parts of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Today, the term “Scandinavian” is typically used in place of “Norse,” unless specifically referring to something that happened a long time ago.

Anyway, without further ado, here are popular Viking boy names, including their meaning and origin.

  1. Aesir

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: A god

  1. Alf

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Elf

  1. Alvis

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: A dwarf who was to marry Thor’s daughter Thrud

  1. Aren

Origin: Danish Meaning: Eagle

  1. Bjarke

Origin: Danish Meaning: Bear

  1. Bjarne

Origin: Ancient Scandinavian, Faroese Meaning: Bear

  1. Bjoern

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Bear

  1. Ebbe

Origin: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian Meaning: Wild boar

  1. Erik

Origin: Scandinavian Meaning: Eternal ruler

  1. Fenrir

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: A giant, monstrous wolf

  1. Frey

Origin: Norse Mythology: Meaning: Fertility, sunlight, and rain

  1. Gandalf

Origin: Old Norse Meaning: Wand elf

  1. Gisli

Origin: Icelandic, Faroese, Ancient Scandinavian Meaning: Pledge

  1. Helge

Origin: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish Meaning: Holy, #blessed

  1. Herleif

Origin: Norwegian Meaning: Warrior descendant

  1. Hrafen

Origin: Ancient Scandinavian Meaning: Raven

  1. Ivar

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Bow warrior, archer

  1. Leif

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Descendant, heir

  1. Loki

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: Trickster

  1. Magnus

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Great, mighty

  1. Njord

Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Strong, vigorous

  1. Odin

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: Art, war, wisdom and death

  1. Olaf

Origin: Norwegian, Danish Meaning: Ancestor’s descendant

  1. Thor

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: Strength, thunder, war and storms

  1. Tyr

Origin: Norse Mythology Meaning: War and justice

More Viking Boy Names

We won’t Leif you hangin’ — here are more Viking boy names:

  1. Åge
  2. Arne
  3. Aric
  4. Asbjorne
  5. Arkyn
  6. Audor
  7. Birger
  8. Björn
  9. Bo
  10. Bragi
  11. Erling
  12. Espen
  13. Freyre
  14. Frode
  15. Gorm
  16. Gunnar
  17. Harald
  18. Kåre
  19. Njal
  20. Ødger
  21. Ragnar
  22. Rune
  23. Sindri
  24. Skarde
  25. Sten
  26. Storm
  27. Sune
  28. Svend
  29. Toke
  30. Torsten
  31. Troels
  32. Trygve
  33. Ulf
  34. Ulrik
  35. Vidar
  36. Volund

Viking Gods

A great way to dive deeper into the Viking culture is to learn about their god. The story of their deities is filled with interesting events and history. So, if you’re in need of a name with an exciting story behind it, see below for a few options.

  1. Odin

Odin is considered one of the strongest gods and is the Allfather of the Aesir. He rules over Asgard and is constantly on a quest for wisdom. He is the god of war, poetry, and magic.

  1. Loki

Loki is a god of trickery and mischief. He can shapeshift and is responsible for killing Blader, Odin, and Frigg’s son.

  1. Vidar

Vidar is the son of a supreme god and a giantess named Frid. He is just as powerful as Thor.

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