13 Best Waterproof Watches For Kids To Splash And Swim With All Summer

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by Kyle Schurman and BDG Commerce
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Kids are constantly learning, whether they’re in school, at home, playing sports, or enjoying their screen time. (Limited screen time, we should say.) One new skill they’ve been learning over the past several weeks and months is how to wash their hands properly.

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When a child washes his or her hands, it’s often a full-contact sport. Water and soap foam go everywhere. Pair that with all of the sprinkler and water table activity they’re doing in the yard now that it’s finally summer, and watches are usually NOT allowed. Unless, that is, your kid’s watch is waterproof— as they all probably should be. At a minimum, these watches are resistant to hand washing and water balloons. Some of these waterproof watches are even tough enough for running through sprinklers and swimming in the kiddie pool. There are many colors and styles of these youth waterproof sport watches, as well as a mix of digital and analog watches (… even if the kids can’t read an analog watch).

Something we should mention: Quite a few of these waterproof watches for swimming for kids specifically tell you not to press any of the buttons while the watch is underwater, or the watch could fail. F***ing great design. Tell a kid not to do something, and you have a 99.9% chance of having the kid do it within 13 seconds. Hell, there’s even a popular kids book called Don’t Push the Button. (Spoiler alert: The kid pushes the button in the end. Hugely surprising twist.)

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We see this as a great opportunity to help the kids learn about time AND about self-control. Heck, it might even work better here than it works for screen time. (What possesses a kid to use up all of his or her screen time for the day by 9:15 a.m. and spend the next 12 hours begging for more screen time? Just one of life’s mysteries.) From Disney characters and Hot Wheel flames to solid, vibrant colors — ahead are the best waterproof watches for kids that we know they’d love.

Best Waterproof Watches For Kids

If your kiddo isn’t into the cartoon characters (because they’re “a big kid”), this waterproof watch is a great option for your youngster. It has a sleek look and bright color that kids will love. If blue isn’t their thing, you’ve got over 20 other options to choose from.

One Reviewer Says: “We've only had this for a week, but I'm very impressed with the quality of the watch of the money. And my 8-year-old daughter loves it. I found a Youtube video on how to set the time (it's the lower left button), and it was really easy to set up. The upper left controls the lighting, which is my daughter's favorite feature, especially since it changes color.”

This dynamic purple waterproof watch will be a hit with kids who want something bright and colorful to help them tell time. It’s good for swimming and surfing, meaning it’s a top choice if your kids are involved in water sports this year. It has a digital display and a rechargeable battery. But since the battery has a life of 24-36 months, you won’t have to worry about it for some time. If purple isn’t your thing, you can buy it in one of six other colors. It also has an alarm, making it great for kids who need to take medication.

One Reviewer Says: “My 8-year-old son received this watch from Santa for Christmas and it was his favorite gift. He loves the color effects! He also suffers from anxiety while at school so having it on his wrist so he knows the time at any moment has helped him feel calmer. The alarm is loud and works great. He also loves the fact he can shower with it on! Great product.”

It’s important to know that yes, many adults are able to wear watches made for kids. Since this A ALPS waterproof watch has cat ears, it’s important to get that out of the way. Aside from the level of cuteness this watch brings to the table, it’s also great with counting steps and as a stopwatch. It charges with a USB, and is waterproof outside of being submerged. Rain, sweat, and handwashing won’t hurt it. It’s available in a ton of colors, both with and without ears.

One Reviewer Says: “My 8-year-old has a cat obsession despite never owning a cat, lol, and she loves this watch! It is super cute, light weight, and comfortable. She loves that it can track her steps just like her parents warches does. It's easy to charge and she can do that herself. It also has an alarm function as well. Definitely recommend!”

This CKV watch is 30M/98ft waterproof, meaning that it can withstand a decent amount of water — but, at the end of the day, it’s still a watch and can’t be submerged forever. This watch is also a great stopwatch and has an alarm, so your kids can use it to work on punctuality.

One Reviewer Says: “We used it at the water park all day long without any issues.”

One problem with picking youth waterproof sport watches is that the average kid is likely to change his or her mind regarding favorite styles and colors every few days. The AXSPT waterproof watch for swimming solves this problem by allowing kids to change the background LED color of the watch face. With seven choices, matching the kid’s mood is easier than ever. This model is made for playing in the water, as it maintains its water protection to a depth of 50 meters (about 160 feet). It’ll remain safe during hand washing, bathing, or showering too. It has a stopwatch function, a day of the week calendar, and shock resistance properties. It even has an alarm clock, so maybe the kid will remember to come to dinner on time. Of course, then the kid would have to remember to set the alarm. We know, we know. It’s asking a lot.

One Reviewer Says: “We bought this watch for my son, and he was thrilled. Because of the cost, we weren't expecting too much, but we were pleasantly surprised. The plastic is a little cheap feeling, but it has held up to my son's heavy wear and tear, so no complaints. He especially loves the multicolored lights that flash when you push the light button.”

Anna and Elsa fans rejoice! There’s a watch featuring your little one’s favorite Frozen characters and yes, it’s water resistant too. Although it can’t be submerged fully in the water (no showering with it!) it can handle rain and splashes, and look good doing it. The velcro band also makes it extra easy to adjust.

One Reviewer Says: “This watch was purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter, who is (of course) a huge Frozen fan. We've been working on telling time, and this watch has been a good teaching aid. The fully adjustable Velcro strap ensures a good fit, and the overall quality of the watch was even better than I expected. Easy to read numbers and easy on-and-off for my 5-year old have made this a great purchase.”

This waterproof watch for kids is made to help them learn how to tell time. The hour and minute hands on the watch face have text labels on them. The face has numbers printed around the outside to help kids figure out how many minutes it is past the hour or until the next hour. Little kids will like the style options with this round 29mm diameter watch face, as it comes in bright colorful combinations. The 16mm fabric watch band comes in great colors and prints, too, including flowers, panda bears, and teddy bears. There’s even a llama-corn!

One Reviewer Says: “This was the best thing I ever bought my 1-year-old. He is obsessed with clocks, they're the first thing he notices anywhere we go. He loves his watch and he loves to show off to everyone. I am glad it had an elastic band. It fits him well, you can really adjust it as small as you need it but it will fit an older kid as well.”

Some kids can’t resist anything with a camouflage pattern on it (some grown-ups, too). Hats, shirts, shorts, pants, socks, and shoes— you get it. This waterproof watch for kids comes in a green or dark blue camo print (as well as some great brights). This is a chunky, solid, waterproof watch for swimming, measuring 37mm in the watch face diameter and 17mm wide in the band. It will operate in up to 50 meters of water depth. The watch uses a digital time display, rather than using an analog timer. It also shows the time in the dark, so it’s perfect for backyard camping nights.

One Reviewer Says: “Beautiful watch. Looks like a G-Shock in person. Bought this as an additional bday gift for my 5 year old and it literally took his breath away. I have a few watches on rotation for myself and my son always asked me for a watch because I was always wearing one. He loved it and honestly is frequently bragging about it to other people... Quality and performance is a 10.”

Little kids can be notoriously hard on … well, everything. So if you’re going to buy waterproof watches for kids, you better make sure you find one that’s going to resist whatever the kid will throw at it, including water. This Turf Life watch is made for use around water, as it’s a waterproof watch for swimming or bathing that’s usable in a water depth up to 99 feet. Additionally, it has pressure resistant glass in the watch face, as well as resistance to various shocks for when the kid bangs the watch into rocks, trees, and every other hard object in a 1,000-foot radius of your home.

One Reviewer Says: “Great quality watch for a price you can't beat! As an added bonus, the dial around the faceplate rotates with a nice little click. It gives the watch a bit of a fidget that toddlers enjoy.”

Sometimes, a kids smart watch with waterproof capabilities may be more than you need. Does a kid living on the West Coast actually need to know what time it is in New York City or London? Not really. This Timex sport watch for boys and girls gives you an uncluttered screen, so the kid can see what time it is where you live, and that’s it. The 34mm diameter watch face has a few buttons to handle things like the alarm and a stopwatch feature. The watch is water resistant for splashing or use in the rain, but it is not recommended for swimming or bathing.

One Reviewer Says: “I've been getting this watch for my boys for the past few years. They both started wearing watches around age 3-4 and bc of this, could tell time easily. They are now six and nine. They LOVE this watch. Though, eventually the indiglo light wears out from them using it so much at night. This watch has usually lasted a year or more... and that's good, considering I have 2 very active, rough and tumble boys.”

If your idea of the best waterproof watches for kids involves fun colors, this CakCity watch fits the bill. It has multiple colors of 14mm wide bands available, including pink, light blue, dark blue, and purple. The 33mm diameter watch face has blues, reds, purples, and greens, including different colors in the hour and minute hands. This kids waterproof watch can handle small immersions in water, but isn’t recommended for diving. Still, you can’t beat the price.

One Reviewer Says: “My daughter loves this watch. Bright and cute. Loved the numbers on the outer rim of the watch which helped her understand how to read the time.”

Best Waterproof Kids Smart Watch

The Weybon smart watch is approved for handwashing and rain, as well as a few water sports, as it has IP67 waterproof capacity. It has a bright screen that can also capture the amount of steps you take every day, and charges with a USB. You can also find out your blood oxygen and blood pressure levels fairly easy with this watch, which is recommended for kids over the age of 12.

One Reviewer Says: “This watch is perfect for kids. User friendly and super easy for kids to use. Really useful features that allows kids to set up reminders like time for HW or time for bed. The built quality is amazing and durable enough that can’t be broken easily if dropped. Great gift for kids of any age.”

Looking for a cellphone alternative? This water-resistant smart watch from Cosmo JrTrack not only has call features, but it also comes with a parental control app. Set alarms, follow GPS, and schedule homework in one place!

One Reviewer Says: “We had a similar smart device for our daughter and we are in love with the watch. It is durable and dependable. The set up was easy and we are really pleased with the features. We love the live tracking and calling capabilities. Our 8-year-old is in love with the voice messaging and camera. She also loves the ability to call the 4 numbers we put in her watch when she wants to talk to family.”

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