8 Best Pool Alarms For Kids To Keep The Family Swimming Safely 2021

Get A Pool Alarm To Help Keep Your Family (And Pets!) Extra Safe

May 4, 2021 Updated June 2, 2021

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Take (some of) the worry out of owning a pool with the best pool alarms for kids. As a Mama Bear, you are all over safety for your kiddos. You routinely check your smoke alarm batteries, always have the littles in approved car seats, and helmets are not negotiable on bikes and scooters. So why wouldn’t you take those same precautions with your backyard? Pools, even inflatable ones, can provide endless hours of family water fun, likely being the epicenter of some of your best family memories. However there is no denying they can be dangerous. Which is why finding the best pool alarm for kids can be incredibly important and may prevent tragedies from happening.

Sadly, over three thousand people die each year from accidental drowning, with drowning being the number one cause of death in kids between 1 – 4 years of age. As if this statistic isn’t heart breaking enough, most of these fatalities are totally preventable. So now is the time to prevent terrible accidents: get your kiddos in to swim lessons, fence in your pool if possible, and purchase one of the best pool alarms for kids to keep everyone swimming happy all pool season long.

What are pool alarms & how do they work?

A pool alarm system will alert pool owners when someone (or something) has made contact with the water when you’re not expecting it. The alarm’s sensor is generally triggered by the waves created by the person — or sometimes animal — who’s fallen in. While pool alarms are a great addition to your pool’s safety features, it’s important to also be prepared by implementing other safety measures, like a pool gate. With the increased protection of a gate alarm, floating sirens, or a water motion sensor nobody will be getting wet in your pool unless you allow it.

Best Pool Alarms for Kids

Pool Patrol Floating Pool Alarm

The super versatile Pool Patrol motion censored pool alarm is made to protect any shape or size above ground or inground pool — heck, it is even perfect for a hot tub or spa! Featuring a dual siren, this baby emits a powerful alarm heard from up to 200 ft. Got a larger pool or spa? Pop two of the floating alarms in the pool to cover a larger surface area. And with adjustable sensitivity, every rain drizzle won’t trigger the siren (unless you want it to). One Amazon customer reviews, “We have a 2 1/2 year old boy who is always getting into something as soon as our back is turned for a second. We purchased this for peace of mind and an extra means of protection. This really works great!” Extremely easy to set-up and use, the Pool Patrol floating pool alarm is also portable. An easy way to keep your littles safe while vacationing, since those Airbnbs with pools don’t always have the safeguards you want for your family.

$199.99 AT AMAZON

Lifebuoy App Controlled Pool Alarm System

The only smart alarm on our list, the Lifebuoy system pairs advanced sensors with modern technology for supreme safety. The app controlled dual alarm system blares from indoors and the pool area when a person or pet falls in the water. The combination of a state of the art microprocessor with multiple sensors seamlessly protects your pool area. These detectors are so accurate they can even alert you if the pool cover is removed. The only pool alarm system that can be effectively used with a pool cover, adding another layer of security. “Great for peace of mind,” reviews an Amazon customer. “The alarm is LOUD and very sensitive and the app is a nice convenience and worked well for us. I really love how everything is so compact and there was no need to actually physically install it in the pool. It is worth it to know our little one is safe.”

$299.00 AT AMAZON

PoolEye PE14 Above Ground Pool Alarm

Keep the kiddos (and fur babies) safe and unwanted swimmers out of your pool with the PoolEye Alarm. Specially designed for above ground pools, the PoolEye PE14 is a battery operated wave detection alarm. The water motion sensor emits a loud siren when activated that is so loud anyone in proximity of the pool will be alerted. “According to our state we need an alarm for our above ground pool. This was easy to install, and when you enter the side of the pool it emits a high pitched siren sound. It’s easy to turn off and it’s easy to reset.” reviews one happy pool owner on Amazon. The PoolEye protective technology features an underwater ruddered wand that is activated when something enters the pool — only triggering when there is something or someone actually in it. 

$60.61 AT AMAZON

Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

“If you have a pool; you must purchase this item.” reviews one Amazon customer. “I have two children (1 and 2 years old) and although pool alarms are not required where I live; it was a must for my household. We have a gate around the pool and sliding door locks (another must have), this item is that extra piece of security you need —especially if you live in a neighborhood with other children.” Swim easy knowing your family is safe with the Poolguard Alarm. Completely made in the USA and NSF certified for superior safety, the Poolguard alarm features effortless installation — just place it and go. The dual alarm system features a battery operated in-pool motion sensor combined with a receiver that alarms as well. That means sirens will sound in the pool as well as wherever the receiver is. Created to keep kids and pets safe around your pool, the Poolguard is known for less false alarms than their competitors.

$209.99 AT AMAZON

Hendun Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm

This little black pool gate alarm from Hendun packs a punch with a booming 140 dB siren. Nobody is getting through your pool gate without your permission, and if they do, this baby will let you (and possibly the whole neighborhood) know immediately. The fully waterproof alarm features a remote control to easily switch between chime, alarm, and off mode as well as a number pad to key in your unique access code manually at the gate. “This alarm is great!” raves one happy customer on Amazon. “We had it figured out and up in less than 20 minutes. My kids had it figured out just from using it one time. If the gate alarm goes off we can hear it inside of our house. Easy to shut off by inserting the code or pressing the button on the keychain.” Easily attach the alarm using super strong self adhesive or the screws and straps included, adding another important layer of pool safety for your family.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Wsdcam Wireless Door Alarm With Remote

The simple peel and stick installation of the wireless alarm works just as effectively on a sliding door or window as it does on hinged ones. Perfect for added pool safety with little ones in the house, install this on the slider out to the pool and keep your family extra safe. “Great for toddlers who can open doors,” reviews one mom on Amazon. “A friend has a similar device for a doorwall that leads to her pool area, I liked the idea of being alerted to dangerous doors being left open and got one too. It is simple to install (seconds, really) and LOUD. So loud I feel bad for my neighbors. But this also means I can hear it anywhere in the house, so I know if the toddler has escaped or someone has let the dog out.” 

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm

Regardless if you are looking for the best in pool alarm systems or need to pass a city inspection, the Poolguard alarm system is for you. To pass city inspection most pool home owners are required to have a UL 2017, water hazard entrance door alarm for your personal pool. Ideal for living with small children, the pool alarm will sound seven seconds after the gate is opened and will blast for 5 minutes or until an adult resets it. It even sounds if the child closes the gate behind them. And deactivation only requires a simple press of the pass through/reset button. One parent on Amazon reviews, “I bought two of these to alarm both of my sliding glass doors that access the pool area. They were very easy to install and have been great to help protect my young daughters from opening the door!”


Techko S189 Ultra Slim Safe Pool Alarm

Suitable for use both indoors and out, the clever Techko ultra slim door alarm is created for indoor outdoor use on sliding glass doors and screens. This means that even with the glass sider open your alarm will still be armed while the screen door is shut. “This is the best pool door alarm” reviews one Amazon customer. “In the world of pool safety this is the GOAT door alarm. Easily the best product I have found due to the bypass feature which allows the adults and tall people to open the door and close it without setting off the alarm. I lost my nephew on the 4th of July, 2020. If they had had these he might be alive today.” The UL 2017 safety certified pool alarm from Techko features a versatile super slim patented design that is just as effective on pool gates as it is on sliders.

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Now your family is safely pool ready, check out all the other amazing home products for your busy family here!

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