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A Woman Asked Her Dad Who He Loved More: His Kids Or His Grandkids

His answer was really touching.

A TikTok mom is going vital after sharing the conversation she had with her father after asking whet...
TikTok / @finding_torrie

Anyone who needs a little heartwarming moment this morning will definitely want to watch this video of a young mom retelling a touching conversation she had with her dad.

In the now-viral video — which has been viewed nearly a million times since it was posted a week ago — TikToker @finding_torrie recalled the conversation she had with her father after she asked her parents whether they favored their children or grandchildren.

She said her dad's response was very “healing.”

“He said, ‘Not more, but different,’” she began, retelling his answer. "‘When I look at your daughter, my grandchild, I don't see her the way you see her, I see her as a whole person.’”

When she asked for him to explain further on what he meant, he said he’s already seen her grow and become a woman, so he also sees into the future of what his granddaughter will be.

“And he said, ‘I've seen firsthand you go from a baby to a woman, and I've known all of the ‘yous’ in between,’” she continued.

"When he looks at my daughter, he not only sees this beautiful baby, he sees and loves everything she is and ever will be because he's already seen it in me.”

Torrie, who seemed to be holding back tears while retelling the heartwarming exchange, ended the video by urging viewers to “ask your parents questions,” because “their answers might be really healing.”

She captioned the viral clip: “#innerchildhealing.”

Comments flooded in on the clip from thousands of TikTok users who also felt the love from Torrie’s sweet anecdote.

“What’s healing for me is knowing that there are people who have truly loving parents. Please thank your dad for me 💓,” one user wrote.

Another joked, “Where you get parents like that? Can you get that on Amazon? 😭😭❤️❤️”

Other users seemed to take a similar stance, joking that the message Torrie is sending is “not for them” alluding to the fact that the answer they would get from their dad would probably be a bit different.

"Don't worry ladies I don't need to stitch this saying 'this isn't for us' we already know," one person wrote in jest.

The video received several duet stitches by people sharing that they cannot imagine a conversation like this happening with their parents. One user stitched Torrie’s video and joked, “Nope, nope, that's not for us. It's not for us, that's for the stable side of TikTok...” they said.

The TikToker made a short video acknowledging those duets, and in a comment, wrote that just because her dad possesses emotional intelligence does not mean that their relationship is perfect. She said he's also made comments that weren't “super healing” for her to hear.

In another follow-up TikTok, the OP shared a text exchange between herself and her father, sharing that their conversation had gone viral. She told him she valued their relationship, and she was lucky to have him as her dad.

“It would be quite an accomplishment NOT to love a daughter like you to the moon and back,” he wrote back.

One TikTok user pretty much summed it up for us all and said, “Protect this man at all costs 🥰”