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TikTok Mom Goes Off On The Impossible Task Of Being A Working Mom With Kids In Sports

"Like, how long am I going to be able to do this?"

One frustrated mom got so real about the realities of being a working mom with kids in activities an...
@rexandmo / TikTok

The mom I am when I sign up daughter up for an activity is not the same mom who has to drive her, pick her up, wash the uniform, and provide snacks for the team. It’s the wishful thinking that always gets me, and by week two or three of whatever nonsense I’ve got her into, I am so done.

Apparently, I am not alone in this.

One TikTok mom got so real about the realities of being a working mom with kids in activities and sports.

She even goes as far as to say that being a working mom, giving 100% at a job while also making sure kids get the extracurricular activity they need is “unrealistic.” Basically, it’s rough out there for default parents and single parents with full-time jobs.

“Being a working mom with children that have extracurricular activities is unrealistic and just... It is so hard,” Mo of the popular TikTok account @rex&mo says.

“It just doesn't even make sense. It feels unsustainable. Like, how long am I going to be able to do this? I don't know. I'm going to work. I'm getting off work. I got around everybody up. I got a school-aged child. I got babies at daycare.”

She then goes into the mental workload that all moms know, that internal checklist we all keep in our heads, of all the sh*t we have to do after the workday is done.

“I got to make sure I got his stuff for football. I got to make sure I got their snacks. I got to make sure I got a portable potty ... When I'm done doing that, sitting there trying to entertain the little ones while the big one is practicing, I then have to go home, wash everybody up, feed everybody, get everybody down for sleep, and do it again the next day.”

Mo perfectly explains the never-ending cycle of being a burnt out, tired AF default parent in one single vent session.

She then spirals further, wondering how this will all be attainable once her daycare-aged children are also starting sports and activities, finally conceding that maybe it’s just better to stay home.

“I see why people stay at home. Yeah, I do. I see why because if not, your kids are now eating McDonald's and Hamburger Helper pretty much every day. This is absolutely crazy ... But it's all for them,” she jokes with a smile. “All for them. I love them. And I wouldn't trade them for nothing.”

She adds a shoutout to her husband in the caption of the now-viral video, noting that he also works a job and coaches.

“But when I get home these HIS KIDS 😂😂😂,” she wrote in jest.

Several TikTok users resonated with Mo’s frustrations and worries, confirming that the burnout is real.

“I’m over here fighting for my life sis 😩🤦🏾‍♀️😂,” one user wrote.

Mo replied, “I’m losing the fight 😩.”

Another tired mom wrote, “Band. Football. Soccer. Pom Squad. Cheer. Basketball. And I still cook full meals at least 4 days M-F. I'm mf'n tiiieeed!!”

Another made a fair point and said, “Girl it’s exhausting 😂 but then when they’re not in sports they’re running around being destructive monsters, so I do what I gotta do to survive 😂💀.”

This one goes out to every default parents and single parent out there going the extra mile so that our kids can find their passions.