Even a Burnt Penis Couldn't Stop This Couple From Trying to Get Pregnant


Even a Burnt Penis Couldn’t Stop This Couple From Trying to Get Pregnant

by Team Scary Mommy
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A broken pot, a burnt penis and an ovulation cycle make up this true life story from Scary Mommy. Subscribe to Scary Mommy: https://www.youtube.com/ScaryMommyTV

In our first episode of ‘Scary Mommy Stories’ we meet a young married couple trying to have a baby. However, a gesture of love turns into a horrible accident that almost keeps them from their dream of starting a family. No start comes without a hitch. And this is one major hitch.

Never fear! Apparently, an accidental penis burning is no reason to miss an ovulation cycle. What do you think they did hundreds of years ago? Miss a cycle? Well, probably so. Times have changed and so has actual time. There’s no time to miss an ovulation cycle. Sure they come once a month, but that’s no excuse.

With a supportive and creative doctor on your side giving the advice, you’ll learn that injuries in your nether regions come second and making babies come first. Sound advice if you ask me! You’ll have to watch to see what happens.

Watch how this hilarious story plays out. It’s so true, you can’t believe it, but are so shocked you know it’s true.

Come back each week for a hilarious new episode.

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