The Top 25 Places Toddlers Wipe Their Noses

by Emily Gallo
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1. The hand they use to caress mom’s face.

2. The coffee table.

3. The dog if it’s not moving.

4. The dog while it’s moving.

5. A decorative throw pillow on mom’s lap.

6. Mom’s cheek.

7. Dad’s cheek.

8. Any shoulder within 50 yards.

9. Their knee.

10. A paperback book.

11. The curtains.

12. Their sleeve.

13. Your hand.

14. Grandma’s hand.

15. Mom’s black pants.

16. Their bedspread.

17. The kitchen table.

18. The sole of their shoe.

19. A rogue leaf.

20. Their car seat.

21. Somehow their elbow.

22. Their sippy cup.

23. The closest window.

24. The nearest wall.

25. The slowest sibling.

The number one place toddlers haven’t considered wiping their noses:

On a tissue.

Now, excuse me while I sanitize my face and the rest of the house.

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