A Baby Name Expert Predicts The Fastest-Rising Girl Names For 2024

If you're having a baby next year, these are the up-and-coming trendiest names — and yes, a couple of them are inspired by Barbie.

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A baby name expert discusses her best predictions for popular girl baby names in 2024.
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Baby names can be so tough. You want something different and unique, so you pick a name that’s not in the top 100. Then, lo and behold, the name skyrockets out of nowhere and your kid is in a kindergarten classroom with five other girls named Freya.

Well, one baby name expert is here to help you, whether you’re looking for something trending and cute or whether you’re looking to avoid trends and truly find something unique. Colleen — @namingbebe on TikTok — owns a baby-naming consulting business and carefully tracks all of the ups and downs of the name world. She is also totally plugged into what might be coming in 2024 and beyond.

Her latest update is about girls’ names that are on the rise but not yet on the radar, i.e. names that she thinks will break into the big time in 2024.

And the first two names she wants to talk about about have to do with the Barbie movie.

“I’m going to say what we’re all thinking,” she begins her video, bringing up star Margot Robbie. “We need to look out for Margot. She has had a rapid rise and then petered out this last year and only rose one spot. There’s another spelling but that didn’t jump much either. I think Barbie is going to give it a little bit of a revival along with the name Greta.”

Greta as in Barbie director Greta Gerwig, of course.

“Greta is less universally appealing, but I do think we’ll see it start to have a rise in the next couple of years,” she adds.

What else is coming in fast for 2024 girl baby names?

“Collins is another hot name and I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

Colleen also looks at state trends to predict federal trends.

“Maeve — this is a name I love and it’s so popular in Massachusetts, and I think nationally she’s going to make her top 100 debut next year,” she dishes.

And then there’s a vintage name from the 1960s that is making a big nostalgic comeback.

“Hallie — this name has come out of nowhere for me, I honestly haven’t heard it since the Parent Trap, and now I’m seeing it on so many people’s lists,” she says. “She’s doing well and I think we’re going to see another rise next year.”

Girl names are also going gender-neutral or stealing from the boy’s column more these days.

“A few names that are not in the top 1000 that I have on my radar as potentially breaking through in the next few years: Campbell, Miller, and Lane for girls,” she shares.

She also looks at international trends in other English-speaking counties for inspiration and hints at trends. In Australia and the UK, there are a few cute options on the rise: Sienna, Matilda, Lottie, Nellie, Florence, Phoebe, Frankie, Mable, Thea, Olive, Elodie and Beatrice.

Sounds like more vintage names are coming back around again.

Colleen also had a lot to say about the name Sloane.

“This name gets so inflated on social media, and I’m wondering if that’s going to pan out in the data because it only jumped like one spot last year,” she says.

Will Sloane be the name of a ton of kindergarteners in 2029? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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