The 6 Best Postpartum Leggings For The Comfiest 4th Trimester

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Written by Candace Nagy
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All moms need and deserve support. Period. For postpartum moms, in particular, the literal support of an awesome pair of postpartum leggings cannot be replaced. And those pre-pregnancy leggings won’t cut it. That’s why postpartum leggings are specifically designed with features like ultra-high waists and compression materials that help support both the abdominal and back muscles. But finding the right pair isn’t always easy, especially if healing from a C-section. Scary Mommy reached out to Nikki Greenaway, a family nurse practitioner, to find out what to look for when shopping for the best postpartum leggings.

The Expert

Nikki Greenaway, FNP-C, IBCLC, is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and an international board-certified lactation consultant at Bloom Maternal Health in Houston, Texas. She is also a mom of three with a passion for postpartum care.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Postpartum Leggings

According to Nikki Greenaway FNP-C, IBCLC, when shopping for leggings, fit is everything. “You don’t want it to be too tight. Tighter is not better and it doesn’t make you recover faster. [Instead, you may] increase your discomfort and actually do more damage than good.” Instead, you’ll want the compression to feel “like a snug hug around the abdomen.” While Greenaway recognizes that the path to healing is an individualized process, she recommends adding postpartum leggings to your routine slowly, starting with active hours when there’s increased movement and bending.

For women recovering from a C-section, Greenaway noted the importance of taking extra precautions and keeping a close eye on the incision area. “Look out for signs of infection: redness, swelling, drainage, or increasing tenderness,” said Greenaway.

Even with these considerations in mind, Scary Mommy always recommends checking in with your own doctor so that you can find the right attire for you and your particular postpartum needs.


The Best Everyday Postpartum Leggings

Affordable and lightweight, these Mama Prima postpartum leggings by Motherhood Maternity are ideal for everyday wear. The high waist provides relaxed support for those days when you just want to be comfortable. The breathable cotton-spandex construction makes them effortless to wear and care for (they’re machine washable).

Helpful Review: “These are so comfortable with very light compression. These leggings will not “suck you in” if that is what you are looking for, but are great for those first days home when everything hurts. I ended up buying a second pair!”

Available Sizes: Small — 3X-Large | Available Colors: 2


The Most Splurge-Worthy: An Ultra-Versatile Postpartum Legging

These ultra-high waist leggings feature an adjustable waistband that can be pulled up to cover your entire abdomen or folded down to your preferred height. The thick, machine-washable polyester-spandex material ensures support while keeping you warm. Most colors are available in two design options: “classic” and “with pockets.” But these leggings are so comfy, you’ll probably find yourself wanting both.

Helpful Review: “Okay, so I have been back and forth for months whether or not to buy these rather expensive leggings.. I finally caved when I decided I would feel better going home from the hospital post partum in something with some compression and not some unattractive pajama pants. Especially since I work there. I tried these leggings on and let me tell you... worth every stinking penny!! They fit like a dream, they are thick enough to add comfort but not so thick that it makes me too hot, AND they literally make my very pregnant belly feel extremely supported. You guys, if you are on the fence about these do it. [...]”

Available Sizes: Small — XX-Large | Available Colors: 8


Editor’s Choice: A High-Waisted Legging That’s Perfect For Breastfeeding Coverage

BLANQI promises that its Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings will gently hug your postpartum belly and C-section scars. The high rise means that it’s not rubbing and creating friction in that area. Plus, the waistband sits just below the bra, giving moms coverage and comfort while nursing. BLANQI’s patented 3-D knit moisture-wicking fabric is a must for milk leaks!

Editor Praise: “These BLANQI leggings were absolutely the one thing I wanted to wear during my fourth trimester (and beyond). They offer enough compression to make your postpartum belly feel supported and held, but they’re not overly constricting. I loved how the waist was high enough that I could lift up my shirt to breastfeed and feel covered, too. I’m two years postpartum at this point and find myself still wearing them, just with the waist folded down.” -Kate Miller, Scary Mommy Editor

Available Sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Available Colors: 1


The Best On A Budget

It’s hard to beat a pair of leggings that can be worn during pregnancy below the bump and after pregnancy, post bump — especially when they feel buttery soft and cost less than $20. These seamless, stretchy underbelly postpartum leggings are so comfy, you might want to spring for the two-pack right off the bat. The V-shaped cross panel waist is designed to be supportive of the back and belly too.

Helpful Review: “These are perfect! Thick enough that they’re not remotely see through, but thin enough to be comfortable. Perfectly full length to the ankle. The tops are super comfy, and don’t put any pressure on your bump. 5’6, 145lbs, 25 weeks currently and a medium fits me great with room enough to grow more. These are a must buy.”

Available Sizes: Small — X-Large | Available Colors: 9


The Best Workout Postpartum Leggings

There’s no rush to start working out after pregnancy, but when you feel ready to jump back into your routine, these are the best workout postpartum leggings for you. The four-way stretch moisture-wicking fabric is a blend of nylon and spandex that will keep you comfortable and dry. They’re a little bit on the pricey side, but some moms say they’re totally worth it. Plus, they’re machine washable.

Helpful Review: “Best maternity leggings/yoga pants EVER. These stay up and fit great even through an intense yoga class. I want 10 pairs! The cross back is so much more supportive and comfortable than normal maternity yoga pants. Don't waste your time and money on any other pair!”

Available Sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Available Colors: 2


The Best Capri-Length Postpartum Leggings

When the warmer months hit, these capri-length postpartum leggings will be a welcome addition to any mom’s wardrobe. The shorter length will keep you cool while the moderate compression waist supports your tummy. The soft, seamless polyamide-elastane fabric blend feels silky and supportive.

Helpful Review: “[This] material helps feel pulled in with after baby body. I bought these postpartum with my second. They have been a staple in my wardrobe since I received them. They crop hits [me]well for a short legged women and the tummy control comes up nice and high with a good thick material.”

Available Sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Available Colors: 1

Expert: Nikki Greenaway FNP-C, IBCLC, at Bloom Maternal Health