41+ Bridgerton-Inspired Baby Names That Will Be The Talk Of The Ton

These names are all Lady Whistledown approved.

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Bridgerton names hail from the Regency Era and make timeless baby names.
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With the popularity of Netflix's hit series Bridgerton, it's no wonder people are looking to the Bridgerton and Featherington families when it comes time to name their own babies. Bridgerton-inspired baby names are all the rage right now, because the show — based on the book series by Julia Quinn — is the escape viewers need from the real world and into the romantic stories so many people wish were their own. To that point, it won't exactly be a shock if Bridgerton names start flooding baby names charts. A baby boom makes total sense if parents start tracing their conception date back to the airing of the super-steamy show. (Who *didn't* need a cold shower after those Daphne and Simon scenes in Season 1?)

Besides, Bridgerton is rife with names that are both timeless and interesting. The Bridgerton matriarch, Lady Violet Bridgerton, had her hands full in naming all eight of her children. But she handled the challenge well — her children all have beautifully vintage Regency-era names that stand the test of time. And clever mother that she was, she made it a little easier by using the alphabet in the process: Her eldest child's name begins with "A" (Anthony), her second child's with "B" (Benedict), and so on. This also makes it easier to figure out the age order when watching Bridgerton!

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Each book of the series (and each subsequent season of the show) focuses on one of the Bridgerton children's quest to find marriage. The first season followed the blazing romance between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings (Rege-Jean Page), and it was hotter than hot. Season 2 gives Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) his turn to find love — but love isn't always easy, and this viscount finds himself tangled in a mess between two sisters.

With the new arrival of the second season in March, Bridgerton is on everyone's minds yet again, which is why baby names inspired by Bridgerton are also on everyone's minds. Plus, the third season of Bridgerton on Netflix is already on its way to us and can't come soon enough. The next season will see the second-born Bridgerton, Benedict (Luke Thompson), trying to find a love match of his own. The show's first two seasons have only given viewers glimpses of this budding artist, but his charming demeanor has us convinced that finding love won't be too difficult for this dashing young man.

If you've got a new baby on the way and want to mull over all the names in the show — as well as Regency-era names to draw inspiration from — there are plenty here to help with that. Each of these names is certified Lady Whistledown-approved and will make sure your family's new addition fits right in with the elite of the Ton. Before you know it, your little one will be attending grand balls with the queen and starring in the next issue of Lady Whistledown's gossip pages. You'll have a Bridgerton baby indeed!

Bridgerton Sibling Names

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1. Anthony

This name, meaning "priceless one," is the eldest child of the Bridgerton siblings and dutiful head of the family upon assuming his late father's title of viscount.

2. Benedict

The second eldest of the Bridgerton siblings, Benedict is sensitive, artistic, and endearing. This name means "the blessed one."

3. Colin

This name is a diminutive of Nicholas, which means "people of victory." In Bridgerton, Colin is the third eldest sibling whose sense of adventure sometimes goes sideways.

4. Daphne

The fourth child and eldest daughter of the Bridgerton siblings, Daphne hit the marriage mart in Season 1 — but ended in a passionate relationship with the Duke of Hastings. Like the debutante herself, this name's meaning is elegant: "laurel."

5. Eloise

The fifth-eldest Bridgerton sibling and second-eldest daughter, Eloise is the whip-smart rebel of the bunch. Her name's meaning? "Healthy."

6. Francesca

While this name means "free one," the sixth-eldest sibling and third daughter seems somewhat restricted in manner and word. But her subversive sense of humor hints that there's more than meets the eye with this Bridgerton.

7. Gregory

The seventh of the eight Bridgerton siblings and the youngest son, Gregory can best be described as a lovable terror. However, his name boasts a more serious nature, meaning "watchful, vigilant."

8. Hyacinth

The eighth and youngest Bridgerton child, Hyacinth can't wait to follow in her older sisters' debutante footsteps. This name means "blue larkspur, precious stone."

More Bridgerton Names

1. Kathani

Spoiler alert: Kate Sharma is the new viscountess and wife of Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. But her real name isn’t really Kate — it’s Kathani, which the Viscount calls her in the last episode. In Season 2, Kate and her sister Edwina Sharma go to the U.K. from India in search of a husband for Edwina. Kathani is a Hindi name that derives from Kathan, which means “sentence” or “utterance.”

2. Edmund

This name means fortunate protector, which the Bridgerton kids’ late father lives up to well. And if you're feeling especially fancy, you can use it’s French spelling: Edmond.

3. Edwina

Edwina is the doe-eyed little sister of Kate Sharma. Although younger, Edwina is far from naïve. Although she is at the center of a lot of drama in Season 2, she maintains a level of class and grace that’s truly admirable. She does the name proud by being strong, confident, and unafraid to make her own decisions. The name Edwina derives from the Old English name Edwin, which means "rich friend."

4. Cressida

Like many of the young women in Birdgerton, Cressida Cowper is a debutant on the hunt for a husband. Although she is a minor character, she is a mean one who often frustrates some of the main characters from time to time. In Season 1, she spilled her drink on Penelope and even flirted with Colin. Despite her rude behavior, her name has a pleasant meaning. It means "gold" and comes from a medieval legend.

More Bridgerton Names

  1. Violet: meaning “purple.”
  2. Portia: meaning “an offering.”
  3. Prudence: meaning “caution, discretion.”
  4. Philipa: meaning “lover of horses.”
  5. Penelope: meaning “weaver.”
  6. Marina: meaning “from the sea.”
  7. Genevieve: meaning “of the race of women.”
  8. Kate: meaning “pure.”
  9. Charlotte: meaning “petite, feminine.”
  10. Simon: meaning “to hear, be heard; reputation.”
  11. Philip: meaning “friend of horses.”
  12. Archibald: meaning “bold, brave.”
  13. Rose: meaning “rose, a flower.”
  14. William: meaning “strong-willed warrior.”
  15. Siena: meaning “from the Italian city of Siena.”
  16. Henry: meaning “ruler of the house.”
  17. Alice: meaning “noble; light.”
  18. Friedrich: meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  19. Lucy: meaning “light.”
  20. Nigel: meaning “champion.”
  21. George: meaning “farmer, earth-worker.”
  22. Jack: meaning “God is gracious.”
  23. Harry: meaning “ruler of the home.”
  24. Joanna: meaning “God is gracious.”
  25. Peter: meaning “rock.”
  26. Celia: meaning “heavenly.”
  27. Kitty: meaning “pure, clear.”
  28. Robert: meaning “bright fame.”
  29. Thomas: meaning “twin.”
  30. Mary: meaning “beloved; rebellious.”

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