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40+ Popular And Traditional Filipino Baby Names And Their Meanings

Choices that cute and filled with culture.

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The Philippines has a long and complicated history, marked by numerous attempts from outside forces to conquer and colonize the area. With both Eastern and Western influences, Filipino names are at times both incredibly familiar and rich in their history. If you have roots in the Philippines, you might wonder how you can honor that heritage with your new baby’s name. There are two options for you. You can choose something from Tagalog history that is more traditional or look to more popular Filipino names that are just as meaningful. No matter what you choose, you can teach your baby to love their heritage simply by incorporating Filipino traditions into your home life. If you want to honor those roots with a name, though, we have an array of selections that are popular in the Philippines right now.

If you’re looking for inspiration in your search for baby names, check out our list of the top baby names for boys, girls, as well as unisex options. Perhaps you’re on the search for short one-syllable names for girls and boys, or maybe nicknames as first names for your little Ace — we got those too.

Filipino Girls Names

1. Althea

Looking for a sweet, traditional name to represent everything your new baby girl brings to your family? Althea can mean “wholesome” but it also means “to heal.”

2. Amihan

If you’re an outdoorsy couple, you might enjoy naming your baby Amihan. It refers specifically to a weather pattern that brings strong winds to the Philippines.

3. Bituin

Whether you love astrology or astronomy… or maybe just want a baby destined to be a celebrity, Bituin might appeal to you. It means “star.”

4. Sampaguita

Sampaguita is the Tagalog word for “Jasmine” which is the Philippines’ official flower. Either option could be perfect for your pretty little blossom of a baby girl.

5. Diwa

Finding out a baby is on the way can often feel like the ultimate blessing. Celebrate your “gift from God” by naming her accordingly.

6. Diwata

This word comes from Filipino mythology and folklore and refers to the guardians for our Earth. They are said to be found in places like forests, meadows and other notable parts of our geography.

7. Luwalhati

One way to always remind your baby girl just how special she is would be with a name that truly captures how you felt about her existence. With meanings like “glory” and “spendor,” Luwalhati certainly does the trick.

8. Mirikit

As your little one grows, you’ll find a million adjectives to describe her. When she’s just a little bouncy bean in your belly or a wriggling baby in your arms, though, “beautiful” might be the only word that comes to mind. Mirikit means exactly that.

9. Tala

Like Diwata, Tala calls on ancient mythology and folklore. Tala was the Goddess of the Stars.

10. Mahalia

Name your sweet girl Mahalia and every time she fusses, you can hum along to “Try A Little Tenderness.” She’ll be just a loving and tender as the song, as she grows older.

11. Chesa

Sticking with the otherworldly theme scattered throughout, Chesa means “celestial.” That’s practically perfect for your little angel baby.

12. Dalisay

Associated with the English name “Daisy,” Dalisay certainly captures the innocence of childhood — this Tagalog name means “pure.”

13. Blessica

Reasons to choose this name? For starters, it just sounds cool. It’s suspected it could be a mix of the suffix from the name Jessica and the word blessing, although the etymology is unclear. Either way, it means “to confer blessing upon,” which is pretty special.

14. Aurora

With a meaning like “dawn,” it’s no wonder this gorgeous name is such a popular pick. Another possible reason Aurora is so trendy? It’s the name of the first lady of Philippine president Manuel Quezon.

15. Darna

How much cooler can you get than giving your baby girl a name inspired by a superhero? This Tagalog name comes from a fictional Filipino superhero created by Filipinokomics icon Mars Ravelo.

16. Analyn

Could this name sound any lovelier? It also happens to be one of the most popular baby girl names in the Philippines. A combination of the English monikers “Anne” and “Lyn,” it means “gracious and beautiful.”

17. Bernila

This sweet name is a cute blend between Spanish and German culture. It comes from the German name Bernihilde and means blessed.

18. Carmelita

This Spanish-originated name comes from biblical origin. This moniker is inspired by the garden of Eden.

Filipino Boys’ Names

19. Makisig

Just like sometimes all you can think about when you first look into your baby girl’s eyes is how beautiful she is, it’s just as easy to sink into the eyes of a “handsome” boy. Make it known from the very beginning that this boy is going to be a heartbreaker.

20. Magiting

With names like Archer and Arrow floating around, you’re probably looking to put your own spin on a bold, fearsome name choice. Magiting is fantastically unique in the U.S. and means “heroic” in the Philippines.

21. Ulan

Was your little boy born during the middle of a torrential downpour? Remind him of driving 15 miles to the hospital in the middle of a hurricane (exaggerate wildly, of course) but naming him Ulan, which means “rain.”

22. Luntian

You spent thirty-six hours in labor and now you’re staring down into the bright green eyes of your baby boy. Why not honor those peepers with the Tagalog word for “green?”

23. Alon

Whether you surf or just love the ocean, Alon means “waves” and is perfect in any case. May your baby boy be as fierce as the stormy sea.

24. Bagwis

Bagwis is a Filipino superhero akin to Thor. He has a sword and shield gifted to him by the Heavens in order to fight evil. It’s also the Tagalog word for “wing.”

25. Melchor

While this name literally translates to “city of the king,” it has much more meaning than that to Christian Filipinos. Melchor was one of the three kings who visited baby Jesus.

26. Nimuel

Look at this option as a slight twist on Samuel, however it’s uniquely Filipino. It means “peace” so it could be quite symbolic to you if you’re ushering in your new baby after a more tumultuous time.

27. Jejomar

A unisex name that combines the names Jesus Joseph, and Mary into a portmanteau.

28. Bayani

Bayani is an extremely popular name for Filipinos, and we can see why! It’s easy to abbreviate into a nickname (read: “Bay”). Plus, the meaning is hero, so… yeah, it’s pretty great.

29. Alab

Maybe your future chunk gave you serious heartburn. Or maybe his parents are firefighters? Whatever your reason for choosing Alab, he’s sure to set the world “ablaze.”

30. Crisanto

While you don’t have to be religious to enjoy the sound of Crisanto, it certainly helps. It’s literally the Tagalog translation of “Christ.”

31. Agapito

This Tagalog name traces its origin back to Greek and means love, kindness, or charity. From the Greek word agape, meaning love.

32. Abel

Hebrew in origin, this boy’s name means “breath.” The story of Cane and Abel makes this name one of the more well-known Biblical names for boys.

33. Dranreb

Wondering where this unique name originated? Well, here’s a fun fact — it’s the name Bernard spelled backward!

34. Rizalino

A derivative of the surname Rizal, this name was popularized by civil rights activist Dr. Jose Rizal.

35. Hiram

Want to put good vibes out into the universe when picking your son’s name? Hiram, of Hebrew origin, means “kind and charitable.”

36. Danilo

In a family full of Daniels, add a new-but-traditional spin with Danilo.

37. Dakila

If you’re searching for an easy-to-read but deeply rooted name for your baby boy, Dakila is a “great” choice.

38. Nathanael

Are you looking for a classic name with spiritual meaning? Nathanael means, “gift of God.”

39. Datu

Does your little one look like a natural born leader. Well, Datu is an classic term for leader.

40. Gabriel

Not only is Gabriel the name of an angel, but it could also be perfect for your little cherub. It means, “God is my strength.”

41. Jacinto

This name is the masculine version of the name hyacinth, which is not only a beautiful moniker but the name of a flower.

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